Audi S7

Audi S7

  The Audi A7 is an recent addition to the four door coupe high luxury sports car segment alongside others like the Mercedes Benz CLS, Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide. The Audi A7 will be a sporty four passenger vehicle powered by a rang of direct injected V6 as well as super charged mills and DSG gearboxes and Quattro all wheel drive innovations. Like all Audi models, the high output S7 and RS7 models will follow later on in the production cycle and are expected to have a 600 HP variant of the twin turbocharged 5.2 Liter V10 under the hood.

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Audi launched the sportier version of the A7 , known as S7, for the 2013 model year in the U.S., giving the quirky four-door a 420-horsepower V-8 to play with after just one year on the market. In 2014, the S7 received mild updates that included blind-spot warning, power folding mirrors and a stunning Black Optics package. Heading into the 2015 model year, the S7 is set for even more updates, as Audi is giving the model a facelift that includes new bumpers, tailpipes, headlights, and a revised Singleframe grille. Also included is an extra 30 horsepower over the 2014 model.

Audi introduced the A7 four-door coupe after realizing the success of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class in this niche segment. BMW followed Audi with its 6 Series Gran Coupe in 2013.

With Audi and BMW locked in a see-saw battle for the lead in luxury car sales in 2014, the German brand is doing all it can to end the year at No. 1. This includes a revamp of its low-volume A7 lineup, which includes the S7. U.S. sales of the entire A7 line were up 7.1 percent at the end of April 2014, and this redesign should help keep that pattern.

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Okay, folks, the 2014 New York International Auto Show is in the books, and we saw more debuts than we could even keep up with. We saw all of the big boys come with at least one key addition to their lineups, but we also had a few misses. For example. we were hoping to see the Hellcat option for the Challenger and Charger , and some extra information on the next-gen Miata — not just a glimpse at its chassis — neither of which happened.

As with every year, we are set to bring you the best and worst of the NYIAS, but we’re changing things up a bit. This year, each of our esteemed staffers has chosen their favorite and least favorite of the show and let you know why they loved or hated each one — some of us even had complete opposite opinions. Included in the list below is the Dart-ized Charger, the even-more-retro Challenger, a concept from Land Rover and even a "dirt cheap" Aston Martin .

There were a lot of vehicles to choose from, and we may have missed one that you loved or hated. Let us know in the comments below what car you loved or hated the most from the 2014 NYIAS.

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What is the appeal of a really hardcore performance sedan ? There are a dozen valid reasons, and most car guys will not need much persuading to get on-board. Killer pace starts from the new Panamera Turbo ’s projected 3.2-second blastoff to 60 mph.

The ingredients for the recipe are deceptively simple: big power all over the rev dial, rear-drive bias strongly preferred, and a manual box unless the automatic is absolutely state of the art.

The last and least important part? Those rear doors. Buyers of the hottest full-size performance sedans typically do not mind a tiny back seat. After all, the best possible passengers back there will probably be adoring ladies in thousand-dollar outfits.

So, megalux atmosphere back there is more important than true comfort and versatility. After all, you cannot take three beautiful and giggling best friends for a windows-down, radio-up spin in the hills without a swanky coupe-like sedan.

Even better is a stomping acceleration soundtrack and real panache outside the hottest bars and restaurants. No longer just Euro exclusives: all the cars on this list can be bought or ordered right here in the U.S. for 2013 or 2014.

Representatives from BMW , Mercedes, Lexus , Jaguar, Audi and Cadillac are also proudly represented in this market for $50,000-plus super sedans.

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The Audi A7 is one of the latest models added to Audi ’s lineup. It was previewed by the Sportback concept in 2009, with the production version that arrived in 2010. The top version - S7 - was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show and put on sale in early 2012.

Audi decided to add a four-door coupe to its lineup after seeing the success of the Mercedes CLS-Class . Shortly after, Porsche added the Panamera and then just recently, BMW served up the all-new 6 Series Gran Coupe for more discerning buyers.

As it is still too soon to talk about any possible updates, the S7 continues to remain unchanged for the 2014 model year, with the only new addition being an available Black Optic and bicolor package that features a black optic grille with high-gloss Single-frame surround and gloss-black window surround.

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The Audi S7 Sportback is a car that holds up when compared to a car like the Mercedes CLS-Class . But once AMG gets into the picture and releases the CLS AMG , there’s no way that the S7 Sportback can compete with it.

That’s where ABT Sportsline comes into the picture.

The German tuner has just released a new performance program for the luxury Audi sedan, an upgrade that will give it enough added power to give Mercedes’ CLS AMG line a serious run for its money. The upgrade, which has been christened the "AS7" takes the S7 Sportsback’s 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged TFSI V8 engine and increases its output from the standard 420 horsepower and 406 lb/ft of torque figures all the way up to 520 horsepower and 442 lb/ft of torque. This allows it a new top speed of 183 mph, up from the standard 155 mph top speed of the stock model. Do the math and that equates to a 100-horsepower and 36 lb/ft of torque increase from the standard S7 Sportback and an improvement of 28 mph.

In addition to the engine modifications, ABT Sportsline also fitted the S7 Sportback with a new set of either 20" or 21"CR or CD alloy wheels to go with new suspension springs, an optional lowering module, and the ABT Level Control air suspension setting.

Over the course of a few days at last week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi managed to release its entire S line-up, breaking cover on the new S6, S7 Sportback, and top-of-the-line S8.

The middle of that pack is the S7 Sportback, which is the sports version of the A7 Sportback released only a year ago. With the onus on improved performance compared to its A7 counterpart, the S7 Sportback offers an entirely new engine that can also be found on the new Bentley Continental .

Aesthetic changes made on the S7 Sportback compared to the A7 are minimal, but with a new 4.0-liter TFSI engine that produces 420 horsepower - a noticeable increase from the 296-horsepower output of the top-end A7 Sportback - that hardly seems to matter. There are enough added horses on the S7 Sportback to take the A7’s performance capabilities to a whole new level. After all, that’s what Audi’s ’S-program’ is all about: take the whole line-up and ratchet up the power to havoc-wreaking circumstances.

Updated 05/02/2012: Audi has unveiled a new promo video for the S7 Sportback presenting the car in action on the streets of Munich for the first time.

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We all know that vampires have many perceived weaknesses. There’s garlic, crucifixes, and apparently, you can add the Audi S7 ’s LED headlights to that list.

Audi’s highly-anticipated S7 commercial has finally been revealed and we’ll be the first to tell you that the wait and anticipation was definitely worth it. In what could be this year’s version of "Little Darth Vader", Audi went to a popular pop culture subject these days, featuring vampires in the Twilight mold for the commercial.

One of the vampires is bringing a bag full of blood to a camp party - that’s their version of beer! - while driving an Audi S7. As soon as he gets to the site, all the vamps looking in the direction of the S7 were instantly incinerated by the luxury car’s ridiculously bright LED headlights. Heck, even the clueless driver who was wondering where his buddies went, fell to looking at the S7 and getting fried to bits himself.

Pretty hilarious commercial and an early contender for the best auto ad for this year’s Superbowl.

Check it out!

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In order to fill a car market niche, Audi has created the A7 Sportback . Although it might appear to be a new design, this actually harks back to the days of the Citroen CX.

The Audi version, the A7 Sportback is actually a decent looking car, as some companies have made right messes of their sportback models. We’re looking at youHonda with your Crosstour . The Audi is only a prototype at this point, but it’s slated to be ready by 2012 and just in case you were wondering how it was thought up, Audi has a video for you to see.

The designers created something that stepped outside of the normal sportback range. Obviously, its shape will put it in the firing line of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and the Volkswagen CC . Yet, we don’t think Audi should have too much of a problem garnering sales, as its look is quite unique, including that massive rear end.

We’ve said enough about this car’s visual appearance, now enjoy the video.

With the A7 Sportback slowly becoming a news story of the past, Audi is busying itself by preparing the Audi S7 for its coming out party at the end of this week at the Paris Motor Show. We’ve already seen one spy photo of the luxury car, but there was absolutely no harm in providing another one, especially if we can soak up as much information about the S7 before it even hits the show floor. The official debut for the more powerful version of the A7 will be in Paris with sales beginning later in 2011.

While the A7’s most powerful engine delivers a total of 296 HP, the S7 will get a new 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine developed in cooperation with Bentley . In fact, it is the same engine that will be used for the new Continental GT , next to the usual 6.0 liter W12 powertrain, and will develop a total of 550 HP. Also, like the Bentley model, the next S7 will be an all-wheel drive model.

Compared to a standard A7 , the S7 will get larger brakes, a sportier front bumper with larger air intakes and quad exhaust pipes, fog lights with chrome borders, and a set of double-spoke alloy wheels.

Stay with us for the official details!

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The countdown towards the opening of the Paris Motor Show is on its closing legs and it can only mean one thing: a steady diet of spy photos of some of the vehicles that are scheduled to be in attendance at the three-week long event.

One particular car that’s got our curiosities considerably piqued was spotted hanging out just outside the Nurburgring and best of all; the car had no exterior camouflage to shield it from the trigger-happy photographers. Yes, fellas. You’re looking at the first undisguised look at the new Audi S7 Sportback.

Granted, it’s only one photo, but from what we’ve gathered based on the tedious act of staring at this photo, the new S7 Sportback bears a few similarities from its S-line family, including the unmistakable front fascia of the car. Speaking of the front end, there are also resemblances to the A7 , most specifically the headlights and the front grille. There are also a couple of notable features with the S7, not the least of which are the fog lights with chrome borders, a set of double-spoke alloy wheels, enormous brake discs, and a quad exhaust out back with two tailpipe tips on opposite ends of the rear bumper.

Needless to say, we’ll learn more about the S7 when the Paris Motor Show opens. By that time, we’ll have a clearer picture of what surprises this Audi S-line luxury ride has for all of us.

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