Audi S8

Audi S8

  The Audi S8 came about in 1996 and shorty after was featured in the 1998 film Ronin, powered by a 4.2 Liter V8 making 335 HP and 317 lb-ft of torque, the four door sport tuned luxury limousine was a symbol of performance and sophistication. Meanwhile the second generation S8 was introduced in 2006 with a 5.2 Liter FSI V10 under the hood that produced 444 HP and 398 lb-ft of torque and could rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.1 seconds, more then enough to trounce its 12 cylinder luxury limousine rivals despite being electronically limited to a 155 MPH top speed.

While some may argue that the Audi S8 is maybe too formal by design, no one can deny its status as a luxurious and powerful sedan. And although it is fighting a tough market, the 520 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque that lie under the hood make a very compelling case.

To some more demanding owners and potential customers that’s not enough power. But with no versions above the S8, they either have to choose a different body and go with the RS7 — rated at 560 horsepower — or take it to ABT Sportsline , the No. 1 specialist when it comes to Audi -badged vehicles, for a little extra something.

Based on the facelifted S8, the company’s latest product comes to fill the gap with a sedan that has all the luxurious standard features fitted from the factory and a hefty power increase on top. With more than 600 horsepower and tap, the S8 by ABT Sportsline has its very own combination of exterior paint and wheels, but, as with most of the tuner’s products, customers are allowed to add numerous extras before taking delivery.

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The current Audi S8 is no doubt a great car, but German tuner MTM decided the luxury sports sedan can do much more than it does from the factory. In its base setup, the S8 is powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter, V-8 engine that delivers 520 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque.

MTM went ahead and tweaked the output to a mighty 650 horsepower at 5,950 rpm and 590 pound-feet of torque delivered between 1,700 rpm and 5,500 rpm. With the extra power, the MTM S8 can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just four seconds and up to a top speed of 181 mph.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed tiptronic transmission, and a new brake system with 405-by-38 mm (15.9-by-1.5-inch) brake discs on the front axle help drag the beast to a halt.

The MTM S8 featured here is priced at €155,000 — about $200,000 at the current exchange rates — but you can buy the performnace components a la carte.

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As BMW and Mercedes keep changing their lineups in the hopes of dragging in new customers from one another, Audi Audi is remaining fairly quite. In the last few years, it has chosen to simply upgrade its lineup instead of completely changing things, and rightfully so, as the German luxury car builder has grown leaps and bounds in recent years.

Its latest tweak comes by way of the revised S8 that is set to hit showrooms in the 2015 model year.

The S8 is and always has been the precise definition of a sleeper car, as its relatively unimposing look, rounded body and large exterior give it the look of a cushy luxury sedan. However, that throaty, turbocharged V-8 under its hood has a completely different agenda than its luxurious exterior and interior.

The S8 is one of those rare breeds that allow you to talk million-dollar business deals one second and smoke a Porsche 911 to 60 mph the next. There’s really nothing else like it this side of the $150k mark. Sure, you can make claims that the Jag XJ Supersport — if you still want one after Dick Van Dykes went all "Fisker Fisker Karma" on him — or the S63 AMG are worthy competitors, but we doubt either exudes the class of the S8 as it pins your head against the headrest.

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There’s a distinct thematic change when moving up Audi’s performance ranks from A to S to RS models. This four-door super-limo sticks to the script by offering the controlled but comfortable ride of the A8 paired with extreme power and sprint performance.

How quick is the S8? What do you have to drag race it against? It’s beaten everything from the R8 to the BMW Alpina B7 . Only a select few cars on earth can beat this beast for sheer effortless pace. Just floor it and hang on tight.

The S8 is then a luxury barge with the performance potential to pass an R8 without really trying. It is one of those cars you can imagine Audi executives designing for themselves first and offering for sale second.

The S8 comes in atop the other A8 variants, including a TDI for 2014, but below the range-topping A8 L W12. After the BMW ’s shaming at the drag strip, only the upcoming Bentley Flying Spur and the brand-new 2014 S63 AMG 4Matic can keep up with this level of AWD pace. Oh, and don’t forget the crushing prowess of the Porsche Panamera Turbo .

The A8 /S8 pair is unique within the Volkswagen Group because the costly aluminum space frame and panels are not sharable assets for Bentley or Porsche at the moment. The addition of a world-beating 520 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 engine and eight-speed automatic mean the S8 is one of the most desirable super sedans available at any price.

The major downsides for the A8 – old man styling, slowness – virtually disappear when the car is packing the S8 engine and body kit. Is it enough to earn sales from the extremely capable competition?

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When German luxury meets German aftermarket prowess, the result is a car that speaks both to the consumer’s want for elegance and need for blaze-setting speed.

ABT Sportsline knows a thing or two about satisfying its consumer’s tastes, and their new program for the Audi S8 is the epitome of what people look for in a high-powered luxury limo with sports car capabilities.

“For us, the new AS8 is the best of both worlds, that is, the best in terms of both comfort and acceleration and agility“, said Hans-Jürgen Abt, managing director of ABT Sportsline.

“After all, the AS8 has to meet our premium customers’ standards when it comes to performance and luxuriousness.”

Make no mistake; the Audi S8 is a luxury car that’s got no shortage of performance credentials, thanks to its 4.0-liter TFSI engine that’s powered with 520 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. Thanks to ABT’s power upgrades, the AS8 was able to increase its output to 620 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. Here’s the clincher: ABT still has some fine-tweaking to do, which could still increase the output of the car by more than just 20%. We like that, indeed.

Nevertheless, the current increased output allows it to hit 0-62 mph in just four seconds. In fourth gear, it can hit 37 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds while fifth gear can be hit in 3.5 seconds from 50 to 75 mph. Finally, the AS8 can also hit 0-124 mph in just 13 seconds with an overall top speed of 181 mph.

The new generation S8 just broke cover, bringing with it a new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces an amazing 520 HP. Shying away from the old 450 HP 5.2-liter V10 engine was a stellar decision by Audi , but what happens to the poor chaps that already have an S8 with the old engine? Enter Anderson Germany.

The German tuner is offering the perfect solution for an increase in power without the customer having to wait and purchase the 2012 model. Their new S8 Superior Grey Edition package is named after its slick matte gray exterior paint finish, but has been released solely for the power boost. With the help of the typical ECU and new, special exhaust system, the vehicle’s V10 can push out an extra 58 HP, bringing the total to 508 HP. Top speed has also been increased to 186 mph.

Exterior and interior additions were also provided, but with a bit more than a minimalistic approach. The exterior received an extreme body kit and a new set of 22" wheels, while the interior benefits from Alcantara and different carbon fiber elements to replace the vehicle’s typical wood accents.

Audi ’s top-of-the-line luxury model, the A8 , is getting a sports variant in the form of the newly-released 2012 S8. Together with the new S6 and the new S7 Sportback, the S8 encompasses Audi’s new S family, one that preaches sporty performance while also adding some subtle tweaks to the car’s overall look.

Changes to the design of the car aren’t all that extensive and you probably won’t even notice them if you don’t look hard enough. But where the car looks pretty similar to its A8 counterparts, the powertrain found under the hood of the new S8 is vastly different.

Gone is the 450-horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine and in its place, Audi has fitted the S8 with their new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces an amazing 520 horsepower and 479 lb/ft of torque. What makes this all the more impressive is that despite the 70-horsepower increase on the new S8, the fuel consumption rating was improved to 17.8 mpg.

UPDATE 09/07/12: A new commercial of the Audi S8 has just been released called "Suspect". Check it out by clicking on the photo above!

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The upcoming Audi S8 has been caught testing for the first time "completely naked" while cruising in the European Alps. These fresh prototypes reveal all the glory and beauty of the S8 set to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

As you can see in these spy images, the S8 will feature sportier front bumpers, four chrome exhaust pipes in the back, and bigger brakes for added stopping power. That excess stopping power will be put to good use now that Bentley is working on their new twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine. This new engine will be used for the Continental GT , but will also be finding its way to the S6 , S7 , and, of course, the S8. Once dropped in the S8, this new engine will crank up the luxury sedan’s output from the current 444 HP to about 500 HP, all while being 20% more fuel efficient than the V10 it is replacing.

Audi RS6

Audi is preparing a strong offensive line in hopes of achieving greatness in the sports car market. In the upcoming months, the company plans to reveal four new sports sedans to complete their all-star team.

The first teammate will be the S8 , which will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. The S8 will feature a new 4.0 liter, twin-turbo V8 engine developed in cooperation with Bentley. This new engine will deliver a total of 493 HP - an increase of about 50 HP over the current S8 model - but will also have a fuel improvement of about 20%. The engine will be mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox and Quattro all-wheel drive system.

About two months after the S8 has its time in the spotlight, Audi will present the S6 and the S7 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The two models will also get the new 4.0 liter V8 engine with an output of 434 HP in the S6 and 464 HP in the S7.

The true all-star on this team, however, will be the RS6 . It will also get the 4.0 liter, twin-turbo V8 engine, but with tweaks to increase the power to an impressive 572 HP. The bad news, though, is that Audi will be saving the best for last and we won’t get to see the Audi RS6 until late 2012. The BMW M5 will be able to enjoy its lead in the rankings until then.

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Apart from a recent crash while driving an Audi S8 – and an embarrassing loss to the New York Jets, too – life’s been pretty good for Tom Brady.

He’s married to Giselle Bundchen, he just signed a $72 million extension with the New England Patriots, and he’s got a new car – and one he got for free.

After crashing an Audi -owned S8 that made national headlines, Tom Brady was the beneficiary of a brand new Audi vehicle. We don’t know how somebody could crash a car that was owned by the automaker and get a free car for it, but apparently, that’s how Tom Brady rolls. Okay, so he’s partnered with the company for a number of charities throughout the years, but still, a free car for crashing another one?

We don’t know what Audi gave him, although rumors are spreading that it’s actually a 2011 S8 model, a newer – and more awesome – version of the car he crashed last week. Audi didn’t elaborate on the gift either with US boss Johan de Nysschen only saying that “we put him in a new car”.

Whatever model Audi gave Brady isn’t really important. What’s important is that being one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL certainly comes with a lot of perks.

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