Audi TT-RS

Audi TT-RS

  The Audi TT-RS was introduced back in 2009 in Geneva as the highest output version of the TT compact sports coupe wearing the appropriate aggressive bodywork. The RS is powered by a direct injected and turbocharged 2.5 Liter five cylinder engine that makes 335 HP and 330 lb-ft of torque which helps launch the TT-RS from 0 to 60 MPH in only 4.6 seconds on its way to a 155 MPH top speed.

So, you think your Audi TT-RS isn’t as awesome as you thought it was and you can’t put your finger on what it is exactly that you need to add?

Well, we’re going to spare you all the brain-racking difficulties by presenting you a new carbon fiber accessory package for your beloved Audi roadster. This new package is courtesy of the folks over at MTM , the German tuner whose expertise in Audi’s has spawned such creations as the MT RS5 , MTM S6 Clubsport , and MTM R8 GT3-2 . If any tuning house knows anything about Audis, it’s the boys over at MTM.

In any case, the package includes a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser, both of which are made from carbon fiber. Unfortunately, MTM hasn’t released a price range for their carbon fiber spoiler and diffuser package, although if you look at it attached to the TT-RS, it just might be worth the unknown sticker price it’s going to come in.

Source: MTM

It’s an invasion of Audis and we couldn’t be happier about it! After announcing last month that Audi will in fact be sending the A3 sedan over to U.S . soil, we have just discovered that the Audi TT-RS will also be speeding its way into our hearts, and our garages. Customers on our side of the world will be able to enjoy the sports car starting the third quarter of 2011. The decision was made after more than 11,500 fans expressed their enthusiasm for the Audi TT-RS in just one month.

"With performance and agility rooted in Audi motorsports success, the TT RS is truly an emotional sports car," explained Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America. "That emotion became abundantly clear as we explored interest across the country."

As with the European model, the TT-RS will make it to the US market featuring a 2.5-liter TFSI, five-cylinder engine that generates 360 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque. The car sprints from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds and can hit a top speed of 174 mph (after removing the limiter).

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ABT Sportsline’s tuning packages for the Audi TT-RS consisted of just one; the Power Package . This package debuted back in September 2009 and brought the sports coupe to a worthy 420hp and a 0-60mph time of 4.3 seconds. This was much better than the standard 340hp, but ABT knew they could do better. Now, the tuning firm has increased the number of packages by one more to include the Power S package.

The new "Power S" tuning package not only includes chip tuning and an ABT intercooler, but also gets an upgraded ABT turbocharger. The result is a total output of 501 HP and a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds flat. Don’t worry, they’ve thought about the appearance too. ABT will also be offering a variety of wheels as an aesthetic upgrade.

In the first tuning kit provided for the TT-RS, ABT Sportsline set the top speed limiter to 175mph, but this time, the tuner revealed nothing about the top speed limiter. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t expect it to be bumped up anyway.

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In its standard version an Audi TT-RS develops a total of 340 HP. That’s good, but not very impressive for a sports coupe. And since there is always a place for better, Superchips has developed a new tuning package for the TT-RS that takes the small coupe to an impressive 401 HP.

In order to do that, Superchips installed their ‘plug and go’ kit on the car’s 2.5 liter 5-cylinder turbo engine, that increased the output to 401 HP and an impressive 551 NM, with 500 NM delivered between 2,500 and 5,700 rpm. However, despite this engine upgrade, the tuner decide to keep the top speed limited to 155 mph.

"Audi TT RS owners can also be reassured that the Superchips ECU remap delivers a minimal fuel consumption penalty. Indeed if driven in a ‘like for like’ manner with the standard car, owners will experience no fuel consumption penalty, despite the extra performance."

Sportec is a tuner well-known for its customization programs for Porsche models. Their SP580 kit for the 911 Turbo was quite a hit and with that type of model in their tuning lineup, they would be hard pressed to find a different brand to exude such excellence. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are not going to try. For this tuning experiment, APS Sportec has turned their attention to another sport model from the Volkswagen Group line-up: the Audi TT-RS .

Sportec wanted to give the Audi TT-RS a more sporty look so they decided to add new carbon fiber parts, including a carbon rear wing and a carbon fiber gas cap. Combined with the usual yellow, red, white or blue exterior color, this gives the TT-RS a very cool look. All the new parts are available via local Sportec dealerships.

Most likely this is just the first step in tuning the TT-RS, but we expect to see a full program for the German sports car that will offer the same performance value as any Porsche tuned by Sportec. Why not? Maybe even updating the horsepower to incredible lengths as done in the standard 340 HP Porsche is in the cards. If you don’t remember, they were able to boost the power of the Porsche 911 Turbo to an amazing 580 HP.

Source: Audi Blog

If you went back to the past couple of years and name two of the most popular cars Audi has come out with in recent time, then the two most common answers would have to be the Audi TT-RS and the Audi R8 V10 .

And while it’s not really fair to compare the two cars – really, it’s not? – the folks over at Autocar who seemingly never run out of comparing cars decided to give it a whirl, just for the heck of it. So it stands, it’s the Audi TT Audi TT RS taking on the Audi R8 V10 in two separate testing situations: one on a twisty test road and the other on a straight piece of road.

Surprisingly, the Audi TT RS did a whole lot better than we thought on the first test in spite of the glaring differences between the two car’s overall package. But when the second run began, then that’s when things went back to normal. The Audi TT RS is a fast car, but running it up against an Audi R8 V10 in an open road is far from what we’d call a competitive race.

Source: Autocar UK

The German tuning firm MTM has released the official details about their upgrade package for the Audi TT-RS sports car. Inspired by the Ur-Quattro S1 from Group B rally racing, the MTM TT-RS combines a powerful turbocharged five cylinder engine with Audi’s patented Quattro all wheel drive system to create a compact tuner car that is capable of besting even R8 super car owners.

Audi TT-RS by MTM - official details revealed

MTM is offering the power package in three different stages. The top of the line upgrade gives the lightweight four wheel drive a total of 424 HP, 84 more ponies then from the factory. This level of output allows the TT-RS to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in four seconds and reach a top speed of 184 MPH. The other to packages offer TT owners either 404 HP or 408 HP, now we aren’t quite sure as to what makes up the 4 HP difference between the two, and MTM wasn’t getting into the specifics. Rounding out the upgrade package, MTM has also fitted the TT-RS with a set of their signature BIMOTO sport rims available in either 19 or 20 inch diameters as well a variety of spacers to get the car’s stance just right. No matter which combination of power and style you choose, it will take a very exotic 5.2 Liter V10 for any other Audi to come close to the level of performance available from this MTM modified TT-RS.

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One of the things that makes the new Audi TT-RS so great is that the double bubble shaped sports coupe is powered by a robust turbocharged five cylinder engine connected to a Quattro all wheel drive system, just like the iconic Audi Sport Quattro . Even though both boosted power plants have a total of 20 valves bouncing up and down to control the combustion of pressurized air, the modern day Audi is of the TSFI variety. This means that the stock vehicle’s 335 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque are made of the finest in turbocharger technology and fuel efficient stratified injection that Germany’s best engineers have to offer. That is all fine and dandy if you are afraid to void the manufacturer’s warranty, but for those who know about the aftermarket a significantly modified driving experience is only a simple step away.

Avus Performance squeezes a total of 460 HP out of the Audi TT-RS

Up until now European tuners have been hard at work developing more powerful engine reflashes and exhaust packages to sqeeze as much power as they can from the factory turbocharger 2.5 Liter five cylinder engine before having to crack it open. The German tuners Mcchip got the ball rolling when they got 380 HP out of a TT-RS , then it was Swiss sports car builders Sportec who upped the ante to 405 HP . Never ones to be outdone, especially by a foreign tuner, ABT managed to find an additional 15 HP from the tiny TT-RS , bringing output up to 420 HP. However this pales in comparison to what the boys at Avus Performance have come up with, a bolt on engine upgrade package that gets an additional 125 HP out of the all wheel drive turbocharged sports car.

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Audi TT-RS by Cargraphic

The German tuning firm Cargraphic have just made the most powerful version of the Audi TT a little bit meaner with their GT-R upgrade package that adds a set of 20 inch forged wheels that look especially aggressive filling the wheel wells of the 340 HP Audi TT-RS . The tuners also incorporated a few milled out air pockets that supposedly maximize the sports car’s performance.

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The German tuning house ABT Sportsline specializes in all members of the Volkswagen family, and they have just come up with another take on Audi’s factory tuned drop top sports coupe, the TT-RS . This particular styling package is inspired by the original Audi "ur-Quattro " that tore up the unrestricted Group B rally racing category back in the 1980s. Whereas the original Audi Sport Quattro from yesteryear was available exclusively as a hard top coupe, ABT is trying to bring the same level of performance and excitement into an open air roadster.

ABT tunes the Audi TT-RS to make 420 HP

After the engineers at ABT got done with the TT-RS, the turbocharged five cylinder engine was pumping out an additional 80 HP thanks to an upgraded intercooler and a reprogrammed ECU that work together to bring the TFSI power plant’s maximum output up to 420 HP. The newfound power allows the ABT TT-RS to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.3 seconds and reach a top speed that is still limited, except this time to 175 MPH.

Not ones to mess with the muscular lines of the TT-RS, ABT Sportsline simply decided to add a set of their Special Edition signature rim to dress up the Audi. The ABT BR Sport Wheel that consists of a one piece casted design with a diamond machined deep black matt finish. Hinting at what makes this particular TT so special. Audi R8 super car owners be warned.

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