1991 Audi Quattro Spyder

Audi made sensation in 1991 when they unveiled the Quattro Spyder Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept was a flat sports coupé with a V6 mid-engine and a spectacular aluminium body.

The Quattro Spyder was powered by a V6 engine, installed transversely behind the seats, with an output of 174 bhp. This mid-engine concept ensures that weight is distributed optimally.

Audi Quattro Spyder

The aluminium body is 20 - 40 percent lighter than a comparable steel body. That is why the vehicle only weighs 1100 kilograms.

Initially there were rumors that the concept will go into production and Audi dealers received hundreds of enquiries. But in the end, only two prototypes were constructed.

Audi Quattro Spyder


I want to know how fast it can go wait I know 188 or 200

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