2008 Audi R8 V8 by VF Engineering

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Audi R8 V8 owners and lovers alike please rejoice in the fact that you can now have your cake and eat it too thanks to the car enthusiasts over at VF Engineering. The Californians over at VF Engineering have made it possible to maintain your V8 engine while tuning it up to numbers that supersede that of the Audi R8 V10 . How is this possible? Well, we all know it is possible. We see tuners everyday launch tuning packages that increase the performance on a car, but usually they focus on making a faster car, the fastest as opposed to making a fast car, faster. See what we mean?

Using a Roots-type Eaton TVS 1900 supercharger and an elaborate Audi ECU restructuring, VF Engineering ran the Audi R8 through extensive dyno tests and track runs to ensure proper results were established. Use of a software “switching” facility allowed the AUDI R8 to switch from “Race Fuel” (meaning the use of high octane fuel) to “Valet Mode” to reduce power.
The engine upgrade ends up delivering 548 bhp at 7500rpm, with peak torque of 437 lb.ft. at 4800 rpm. That’s 30bhp and 46 lb.-ft. of torque more than the Audi R8 V10! The package is priced at £21,995 and APS of Brackley is taking reservation deposits now.

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Headline VF Engineering Audi R8 supercharger technical specification includes:

- GIAC custom tuned software to optimise performance
- OEM soft rev limiters and top speed governor removed
- Eaton TVS1900 satin black supercharger
- 1 year unlimited mileage limited product warranty
- VF- CNC machined 6061 aluminium bracket system
- VF- CNC machined 6061 aluminium inlet runners
- OEM Goodyear idler pulleys
- VF- Custom tuned supercharger intake
- Internal overrun bypass valve system
- OEM crank case ventilation system
- Replacement OEM serpentine belt


It looks so attractive on its aesthetic design, and I have to agree that it is really oozing with angst on that. It’s a good thing as well that it has an impressive feature, which is very admiring on it.

Audi R8 is oozing with beauty and appeal! smiley Now, I know why lots of people are so fond with this sports car. The engineering of this car, is really genius and deserves lots of compliments.

I don’t like the roof top of this car, it looks like a bald guysmiley Wait! Let’s not forgot the applauding performance of this car. The tuning package of this car is extremely awesome that it perfectly makes this car to run on its top speed! Nice work Audi!

I guess so, I haven’t tested driving it so I don’t know if he’s telling the truth. Haha.

I like it red and black to match its nice body shape.

allan_tom how can you say that this is the fastest car today? They haven’t say a word on it’s top speed does it?

Simple and elegant looking r8. The color black and white are really impressive specially when combined perfectly like the R8.

Wow, this car is the fastest car today, the first Audi R8 was fast but this model if the faster than the other models and brands like Ferrari and BMW.

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