2010 Audi A1 by MTM

After ABT and Senner Tuning wrapped their hands around the recently launched Audi A1 , German tuner, MTM , decided to have a go with it as well. And even if this first kit does nothing for the hatchback in terms of power, we are pretty confident that MTM will not leave it untouched.

So far MTM has only revealed a set of images for their package, but in these images you can easily see an exterior paint job similar to the one from the MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport , along with a series of subtle modifications. These modifications include a new set of 18" MTM bimoto rims with attractive 9-spoke race design in flawless finish, a new set of MTM-Spacers 20 mm per axle with wheel screws, upgraded brakes, and a lowered suspension.

The tuner has also promised that a series of modifications will be made under the hood ranging from an optimized reprogramming of the control electronics through to the complete conversion of the engine unit.

UPDATE 07/20/2011: It may be a year after this package has debuted, but MTM has finally upgraded the engine for the Audi Audi A1, and it’s a beaut! Every year, modified supercars head on over to the Nardo test track to see what they are capable of, but this year, MTM’s Audi A1 Audi A1 decided to crash the party and show the 9FF Porsche 911 Porsche 911 GT3, MKB McLaren SLR, G-Power BMW M3 BMW M3 , and SpeedArt Porsche Cayenne Turbo just how it’s done. With the new engine upgrade in the MTM tuning package, the A1 now delivers a total of 500 HP and 442 lb-ft of torque. 500 HP! When equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox and limited slip differential, the car will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of the aforementioned 201 mph.

UPDATE 12/27/11: MTM’s 500-horsepower Audi A1 is a bonafide hatchback rocket, but how is it going to fare when you line it up against a pair of iconic sports cars in the form of the Porsche 911 and the BMW BMW M3? Check out the video after the jump and find out why the MTM A1 is considered about as explosive as any tuning program we’ve seen in a while. In a word: wow.

MTM Audi A1 shames Porsche 911 and BMW M3


To be honest I really love the paint job they did on the A1. It looks more aggressive and sporty on those paints and decals.

It looks like their clubsport but despite that I still find it very appealing on its sporty graphic design, and the color combination of it seems so perfect. I’m also satisfied with its engine output.

Yes! the paint job is somewhat similar to MTM RS6 Clubsport. But i think there’s nothing expected of this car except for some modification no more is good.

it seems that most of the modification is for the exterior only. Does it mean that they are using the same engine for RS6?I hope to read some more.

Well, whatever they’re smoking it’s making them one of the few profitable companies globally. So they must be doing something right.

Volkswagen AG is using the same strategy used by the American car makers long time ago, use the same platform to make cars of many different flavors to meet all tastes.

Audi has also planned to offer the vehicle a top spot in terms of dynamic abilities.

The 2010 Audi A1 may carry the signals of the Mini Cooper, which has a solid winner in the vehicles’ first 5 years. Mini is a subsidiary of BMW, are fairly easy to see why companies compete superior to the idea of the premium mini-cars in their own country.

nice fancy A1 tunning by MTM, I’m really amaze with the tuners hard at work an a nice upgrade for Audi’s new mini car, so stay tuned for more details as soon as they become public.

The wheels are awesome, unfortunately for MTM these look like Audi style so they should of find something else to make it more original

This car looks like it pissed someone on and it was grabbed by the face and stiffed into mud! smiley

From a girl point of view this car is not for women nor men. It’s not the fancy Fiat 500 (girl car) or the Volvo C30 (young man car). This Audi is bad looking and the paint job it’s even worse!

agree, the paint job is well detailed and well fitted to the A1 specially the orange and white linnings.

A great looking hatchback spitted with a great paint job by a well known custom shop. to be honest I really love the Paint job they did on the A1 i looks more aggressive and sporty on those paints and decals.

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