2010 Audi RS6 by Cargraphic

The current generation Audi RS6 is about to end its life in just a few months, but this doesn’t mean that tuners can’t work on improving it. The new package comes from Cargraphic and includes both performance and aerodynamic updates.

For the engine updates the tuner is offering a new air filter, a modified exhaust system, and an ECU remap. The result is impressive with the 5.0 liter turbocharged direct injection V10 engine now developing a powerful 665 hp (up from a standard 570 HP). The package also includes a stainless steel exhaust silencer and sport catalysts. There’s no talk yet on how this improvement will increase the car’s performance.

The Cargraphic RS6 sits on 21-inch five double-spoke black wheels which are 10.5-inch wide and are wrapped in 285/30 tires. The tuner has yet to reveal pricing for the new package.

This is definitely a nice way for the RS6 to say goodbye in style!


some how, some what I agree with you. v10 engine is not a good choice, specially today because of oil price hike.

Hmm, a little more customizing and tuning this car will be a piece of art.

The tuning was great, the design is simple yet you’ll have this felling that its so elegant looking

station wagon is more faster and practical than most sports cars. the audi RS6 is a masterpiece design..

For the betterment and enhancement of this model, I could wave goodbye. But they must assures the Audi enthusiast there that when they release the new-improved version , the expectation and waiting will be compensated.

I remember this, still looks awesome. Hey Ford, side exhausts on the stock Mustangs, now.

Its like a mini van to me, and I never been impress to a hunch back before, but on this concept maybe I will loved its simplicity. Great job Cargraphic.

what the heck, what in the world will I do with a wagon that has a v10 engine? better use it as a horse.

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