2010 Audi S5 Cabrio by HS Motorsport

Here we go; it’s that time again when a German tuner - HS Motorsport to be exact - takes the little plaything that is the Audi S5 Cabrio and transforms it into a better machine. We’ve visited this type of project before with the kits from CarGraphic and MTM where we found that MTM’s tuning kit had a clear advantage over CarGraphic’s package. Now that HS Motorsport has entered the picture, whose kit will come out on top as the best for the open-topped sports car? Let’s delve a little deeper and make that decision.

HS Motorsport is on the same page as was CarGraphic when they skipped over making any exterior modifications to the already exquisite ride. Instead, their focus was aimed at the engine’s output. This focus produced a total of 375hp (up from a total of 333 HP) and 525 NM of torque (up from 440 NM of torque). HS Motorsport also removed the top speed limiter so the S5 will now hit a top speed of 180mph (the standard model was able to hit a top speed of 155 mph).

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The package also includes an exhaust silencer from Cargraphic with four round inclined rolled-in 89 mm exhaust pipes, a set of 21" wheels, and a brake system from Brembo with double 380x32 mm brake disks and 6-piston monoblock saddle for the front axle. It’s not surprising that CarGraphic had a hand in this little project considering HS Motorsports version of the Audi S5 looks exactly like CarGraphic’s version provided back in May.

Although both kits by CarGraphic and HS Motorsports will tickle the fancy of some Audi enthusiasts, we will have to stick to MTM as our favorite kit for the sports car. Their package not only brought the total horsepower to a mouth-watering 430hp, but they also paid attention to the interior of the vehicle with some upgrades fitting for the Audi. Sorry guys, but MTM still has our vote on this one.

Press release

The customers fairly expect over and over again something extraordinary from the HS Motorsport company from Eching, located near Munich, the more so the perfection for a valuable client is the highest precept for Bavaria’s tuner. This time Audi S5 must be exposed to intensive care of the team from Eching.

Audi S5 Cabrio by HS Motorsport

Strictly speaking, the external look of the cabriolet from Ingolstadt doesn’t need any upgrades. Therefore, the crew begins with the engine output increase which is not visible at first glance. This results in the fact that substantial 375 HP instead of standard 333 HP are now waiting for calling. The maximum torque shows 525 Nm in comparison to initial 440 Nm, which is now blasting the crankshaft without mercy. Increasing the limit of Vmax to the new value of 290 km/h is just a logical way at such performance.

Nevertheless, modifications are visible now! An exhaust silencer from Cargraphic with four round inclined rolled-in 89 mm exhaust pipes announces soon arrival of the Audi S5 Cabrio like a post-horn did in its time. At the present moment, there is only one version assigned for export. A tested version is being prepared for Germany.

Audi S5 Cabrio by HS Motorsport

Wheel disks at the front axle in 9x21 inch with 255/30ZR21 tyres and in 10,5x21 inch with 295/25ZR21 tyres at the rear axle are produced by Cargraphic also. Use of Bilstein thread suspension B16 PSS10 ensures perfect match of the wheel/tyre combination to the wheel housings.

On demand – and at this performance absolutely advisable – a brake system from Brembo with double 380x32 mm brake disks and 6-piston monoblock saddle for the front axle can be installed. In conclusion, various carbon parts for the external cover and also for the interior should be mentioned.


It really looks so cool on its pearl white body paint. I’m also glad that they use a nice engine output for this Cabrio vehicle, but I wonder if it also had an impressive interior as well?

Nice Pearl white paint but why would you use red is it for the convertible roof?

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