2011 Audi A1 by Eibach Tuning

Audis are always constant subjects of tuning companies and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon, especially since the German automaker has no shortage of ’tunable’ vehicles.

Even Audi’s little sports hatch, the A1 , has become a tuning favorite, thanks in large part to a successful blend of wonderful styling and impressive performance capabilities. The latest aftermarket company to take a stab at modifying the beloved A1 is Eibach Tuning, which released a comprehensive modification that features added styling, a tweaked suspension and improved performance.

The first notable upgrade done on the A1 1.4 TFSI involves the addition of new B12 Pro-Kit struts courtesy of Bilstein. These struts have lowered the car’s ride height by 40mm with dampers also being added, allowing the drivers the freedom to adjust them. In addition to that, Eibach also added a new set of 18" multi-spoke Borbet XA wheels that have likewise been mounted on 12mm Eibach spacers.

Under the A1’s hood is a 1.4-liter TSI turbocharged engine that produces 122 horsepower. But thanks to an ECU remap and a new Remus exhaust system, Eibach Tuning was able to improve the sports hatch’s output to an impressive 157 horsepower.


157 horsepower? Is that already good enough for this race car? Anyway, it looks great with its style, but I wonder if what are the other great features that this Audi A1 can offer?

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