2011 Audi A1 S-Line

Audi unveiled the S-Line package for the new A1 small hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show. And even if it adds no performance upgrades, the S-Line package adds a more dynamic appearance.

The package includes: 17- or 18-inch cast aluminum wheels, S line sport suspension with dynamic suspension tuning, leather-wrapped sport steering wheel and sport seats. At the exterior the A1 S-Line gets revised front bumper, a larger roof-mounted spoiler and a rear diffuser.

Also, if so desired, components such as the seat covers, the air nozzle housings and the inlays in the doors can be painted in fresh, expressive colors.


He reminds me of the old Honda Civics but with much more low end-gusto. I don’t see it making it across the pond though.

this special edition’s sale will depend on cost.....bcz they havent upgraded any perfomance parts n just wants to look nice... so it shud not so xpensive....???? but it is AUDI it will b xpensive....huhhhh

How can you make a sold out vehicle if there is nothing unusual about the car. No performance upgrades at all? You’re not going to make me buy that one.

well it’s just a special version of A1, like the tamura edition of speed 3.

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