2011 Audi A5 Drag Car by Eklund Racing

Looks can be deceiving, can’t they?

What looks like a seemingly ordinary Audi A5 is anything but normal when you look at what’s sticking out of its rear end. Dressed in a polished white garb, this particular A5 has been stripped bare of just about everything except for the body panels. What it now has, though, is a 1,000-horsepower turbocharged drag engine complete with a parachute on its behind and a full roll cage for safety.

The work was done by Jens Eklund and his team over at Eklund Racing, no strangers to turning Audis into 1,000-horsepower vehicles of mayhem. Apparently, their appetite for cars of mass destruction is once again being satiated by this unassuming A5.

Just goes to show how far boost junkies will go to to get their fix. We’re just hoping that they didn’t remove the seat belts like they did to just about everything else.

There are plenty of photos of this one-of-a-kind Audi A5 at your disposal. But more important than the photos is a 12-minute video of the car in action. Best be warned, this isn’t like any Audi A5 you’ve ever seen in the past.

Hit the jump for the video.


It seems that it is not an Audi vehicle on its design. Well, it really looks so different from the typical Audi. Anyway, I can also say that this is the first car from them that truly has an impressive and powerful engine.

I love Audi A5 for being a spruce drag car, but I must that I really don’t like the design on this one, so simple and boring! It seems that it doesn’t have any interesting and impressive features.

Wow! It is really a Drag Car on its powerful output of 1000 horsepower! Well, so far that it is the first Audi that I saw today which had an awesome output like that. As for its exterior, it is already very attractive for me.

I love the Standard and formal style of this car. In terms of its power engine guess that’s enough providing the speed and performance system of the car. See specification.

I love Audi A5 for being a spruce drag car but I must that I really don’t like the design on this one, so simple and boring! It seems that it doesn’t have any interesting and impressive features.

The Eklund Racing really makes an awesome boost in the power output of the car. It seems that using a turbocharged engine have helped to increase the horsepower of the car. I wonder on what its performance in 0-60 mph?

hell! The figure performance of the car is similar to a Bugatti car. The power output of the car is extremely amazing. And it seems that the team creative have made an awesome boosting power for the car.

I agree guys, this one is superbly one of a kind sportscar that I’ve browsed today. You can clearly see its detailed design and the engine is real superfast.

That is right, I got confused with its body panels. I thought it was just any car models I’ve seen. Look at its turbocharged engine; it really looked outstanding!

I think this one is more of just a study, rather than an actual track going car. If it were the latter, then I think they would already have announced the events that this baby would be participating in

So, did they say that they would actually field this one? Well, it would really be interesting to see this one on the track, since it would probably be quite outstanding.

Wow as of its looks, it really is a Drag or Drift Car. The exterior design tells us all plus the powerful drifting tyre it has, this car is really perfect for Drag and Drift Race.

Man, I would say that this one is really one crazy way to treat an A6. Just imagine that, they stuck a 1,000 hp engine on it through some horrendous operation. It will definitely go on a rampage when on the track.

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