2011 Audi Q7 by MR Car Design

It seems that the Audi Q7 is gaining popularity among tuners lately as tuning packages for the SUV are just piling up. We’ve already featured the Wide Track by Project Kahn and the Audi Q7 V12 TDI Family Edition by Anderson Germany , and now we have yet another package for the Q7. This time, the package is based on the first generation Q7 and comes from MR Car Design .

Starting with a 2008 model, MR Car Design wanted to obtain the same look as with the new generation Q7. For this, the tuner added new daytime running lights, an LED indicator strip, 22-inch alloy wheels MRGT22 in 9.5 inch width, and Icebear W300 tires. The interior didn’t receive as much attention with only a new steering wheel as borrowed from the current Audi RS6 .

The engine’s power, however, was given proper treatment with an ECU optimization and a new double-pack K & N air filter. These extra mods bump up the power from a standard 326hp to 374hp. The maximum torque also rises from 760 to 870 Nm. However, there’s no word yet as to how these increases will affect the SUV’s performance numbers.

Add the entertainment package from Project Kahn’s tuning package and we’d be just about sold!


The Cayenne Turbo can smoke this car let alone a Turbo S! Anyway you look at this thing, it’s just too big and too heavy to be a performance SUV.

well that’s for sure, remember audi q7’s blood is almost the same smell and looks as the porsche cayenne. so expect the un expected to this car.

it looks more simpler than the kahn and more aggressive than any other tuned Audi, having this one is worthy every cents.

Very nice ride! I love to own one!

The white/black trend continues. I was assuming that it reached an end last year!

Those must be the smallest back tires that I have seen on a tuned Audi! smiley Even a series BMW has wider back tires!

Sweet ride! Have you ever seen a Q7 accelerating? It’s gorgeous with all that air absorbing sound smiley

At some point any redesign of a car can be achieved with some tuning smiley

Starting with a 2008 model, MR Car Design wanted to obtain the same look as with the new generation Q7.

The black wheels don’t help either. Why waste money on black alloys when you can buy POS steel wheels, paint them black and get the same undesirable effect?

nice looking suv, I saw one last night while driving, what you see is what you get, every details are exactly the same. but wait for sure yoou can’t get this in 2 digit numbers.

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