2011 Audi R8 Safety Car

We’ve seen some outstanding safety cars this year ranging from Mercedes , Porsche , and BMW , but this latest safety car seems to have come to fruition straight from our dreams. Patrolling the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 11–12, 2011 at the Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France will be a beautiful red Audi R8 . Guess the R18 race car won’t be the only Audi to star at this event.

The Audi R8 Safety Car will feature the same V10 engine found in the standard model that will deliver 525 HP and can hit a top speed of 197 mph. Some may wonder why a car of this caliber would even need to be patrolling the race instead of starring in it, but there needs to be at least one powerful and speedy model keeping everything in line.

Make sure you keep your eyes open during this weekend’s 24 Hours of Lemans to catch a glimpse of this spectacular safety car!

Source: Audi


Safety car or a police mobile vehicle? Anyway, whatever it is I must say that I’m really so impressed with its lovely exterior style and even its powerful engine output, which could truly give a nice speed on it.

Nice safety car, already similar to police mobile. But more of sporty car, definitely this will give a more trusted and fast responds for giving help.

Know what, I am not really that surprised that they would field an R8 as a support vehicle, Audi is actually quite popular in that part. And it’s really a good thing, because they are able to show off these great rides to the public.

For a safety car, this one is probably the best looking that I have ever seen. Not only because it is an R8, but also because it is simply gorgeous as it is.

It’s very interesting! I like how the design looks like. And I think this will be the most useful safety car I’ve ever seen before.

Well, this one is rather interesting. This one actually looks much better than the previous safety cars that I have seen before. I like the fact that they didn’t use a lot of stickers for this one.

I think its a good idea to use Audi R8 as a safety car. It has the speed and the looks. In this way, patrol cars can be more cooler than ever. Faster too.

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