2011 Audi R8 Tron by West Coast Customs and Monster Cable

If anyone thought that a pink Bugatti Veyron was the best way to ruin a sports car then we think it’s high time we introduced those people to the TRON-themed Audi R8 by West Coast Customs and Monster Cable. One look at this car and one word will come to mind: sick. And we mean that as literally becoming physical ill upon viewing it. Having a special Tron motorcycle is one thing, but transferring those ideas to a car is just a heartbreaking overkill.

Having nothing to do with theE-Tron R8 , the Tron-themed Audi features glowing rims, glowing vents, a glowing back seat, and a sinfully bright chrome finish. Thankfully, the crazy antics of West Coast Customs made no moves under the hood of the R8 or we’d be in tears at this point. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that the tuning firm did a poor job on creating a Tron-like vehicle, but we do think that the exaggerated components of it would not fair well on the streets. Whoever drives this car isn’t wearing sunglasses because his future is so bright; it’s a medical necessity.


Source: Geekologie


Is it really an amazing car? Well, for me its not instead I found it over designed on its accessories. Anyway, what’s the engine specification of it? On the other hand, is it an electric motor?

Its an amazing car,Its light wheel represents a good and attractive one. You don’t have to use the light car in front of it,its light wheels is enough.

You can’t drive a light bike home from work, but if your pockets are deep enough, you can take the wheel of the new Tron: Legacy Custom Audi R8 created by California’s West Coast Customs.

I love this show!! I watch it everytime its on tv even if its a re-runn. This tron car is also so cool, how did you get the wheels to light up like that?

we all know west cost custom, making great things possible for the car, I can say that they are very professional and well dedicated to their jobs. KUDOS WCC.

wow too much neon lights but it looks great. I wonder what is the power source of the LED on the wheels. but I wont say that it’s an overkill car because it looks simple and aggressive and that makes it more attractive.

The scenario of the movie was a bit odd... but the effects were cool.

The sad part about this Audi R8 is that they didn’t implement a technology that I saw on the Nissan Juke.... a kind of stickers with light, and you can make any shape on the car... and it;s glowing/lightning in the night smiley

This way, using this technology they could of made those nice lights that you see on the characters costumes...

Interesting... but I never liked the movie!

I like the concept of the interior appearance of this car..Its just Im wearing a sunglasses at the midnight phantom,by the way its pretty cool..

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