2011 Audi S5 Convertible by Awe Tuning

Just because a tuning kit doesn’t provide a plethora of modifications or a ton of extra horsepower tucked tightly underneath the hood doesn’t mean that a little special treatment isn’t in order. At least that is what Awe Tuning seems to think as they have just attached a small, but not insignificant detail to the Audi S5 to improve the horsepower just a tad.

The new exhaust system is available in Polished Silver or Diamond Black and consists of adjustable slash cut tips and an X-Pipe for enhanced cylinder scavenging and exhaust tone. This small addition allows for the S5 to get an extra 8hp and 9Nm of torque.

"Our S5 Cabrio Exhaust system is capped off with attractive slash cut tips featuring the AWE Tuning logo. These tips are double walled to ensure a mirror finish even under hard usage. Choose between the classic Polished Silver or the luscious Diamond Black tips to help your car stand out from the pack. Each tip is individually adjustable, so stagger and depth into bumper can be set according to personal taste."

If a small change is what is needed then this kit is definitely the way to go. Personally, we’d prefer to go all out and get the Audi S5 Typhon by SR Auto Group or the one by Sportec , but our wallets may not agree.


Yes! I agree that this car has an awesome figure performance especially under its hood! However, I’m a bit disappointed since they only modified the exterior of this car and the engine is not included.

Convertible version would be the most beautiful version. Audi’s car would be more elegant when this version would be used, but I do hope that it will not affect the performance of this car. 

Really? I don’t know that its possible to just put up a new system to boost horse power and doesn’t need any modification on the hood.

A5 and S5 would definitely the most beautiful coupe on the road today.
And it look so elegant on with that roof. Shocking!

Not feeling it. Not much of a power boost and doesn’t look radically different than stock. "White Beast" it is not.

Who lifted wheels from Puff-diddly-daddy to put on this thing? Those awful wheels with 5 mm thick tires spoil the whole car. I bet it rides like a dump truck.

The AWE Tuning gift certificate is the perfect way to say I love you. Or send this link to someone to subtly hint how you like to be shown affection. Or get it for yourself to use later, because we both know you deserve it. Happy Holidays!

This is one reason why I love cars like M3s, which manage to reward you for taking a closer look to discover that it is, in fact, a performance machine, despite not having stick-on bits and overt badging everywhere. Kind of like Arnie in a dinner suit, really.

This interior is just awesome, from the bang & Olufsen stereo, to the 2 tone seats. This cars interior is 2nd to none in its class.

Two types of front seats will be offered in the U.S., aggressive sport seats with prominent side bolsters being the standard.

The S5 cabriolet’s interior is equally stunning. Arcs of brushed aluminum trim and French-stitched leather are modern, but not so much so that you’re intimidated.

totally agree, diffuser really helps in gaining more speed and quick acceleration because it generates more smoother surface for the air to flow.

yes its clean but where is the Front and Rear diffuser? a car like this should have both to lessen the air drag from underneath.

Looks like it’s a soft top. Interesting and probably a good choice.Audi has commented in the past they prefer to use a soft top instead of a hard top, because it is lighter than a hard top top, thus keeps the center of gravity lower.

Audi has commented in the past they prefer to use a soft top instead of a hard top, because it is lighter than a hard top top, thus keeps the center of gravity lower.

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