2011 Audi TT-RS Limited Edition S Tronic

Audi has just unveiled the special edition TT-RS S-Tronic on the Australian market. This model is equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which is usually priced at $8,460, but is being offered at no extra charge for the limited edition. So, basically, if you were thinking of buying the upgrade and you live in Australia, better make that purchase fast and save yourself the money because there will only be 45 units produced.

For some extra bang to your buck, Audi is also offering the TT-RS S-Tronic with a variety of add-ons, including a black exterior styling package, metallic paint, and 19-inch 5-arm Rotor design wheels in titanium finish. Other additions include a sports exhaust system, adaptive headlights, a BOSE sound system, an extended leather interior package, and an LED interior lighting package.

Under the hood, Audi has placed the usual 2.5-liter five-cylinder equipped with turbocharging and FSI direct injection. This engine will dish out 335 HP between 5,400 and 6,500 rpm and a peak torque of 331 lbs-ft between 1,600 and 5,300 rpm. The engine will be combined with Audi’s quattro permanent all-wheel drive and a high-performance chassis.

The S-Tronic transmission will also allow the driver to choose between two fully automatic shift modes, and a manual mode in which gears are changed using either the shift paddles on the steering wheel or with the selector lever.


It looks very luscious with its body paint! Moreover, I have to agree with them, that this one is oozing with aggressiveness and appeal. Well, it doesn’t really need to have lots of styles and design to catch lots of attention.

Lovely indeed on its exterior design but too bad that it is only a limited edition! I bet lots of car lovers now are so excited about this edition, well this car has the simplicity yet it also has a striking look.

Wow! Another TT-RS model, great! smiley Well, just like them, I’m also impressed on its engine specification even though it is not so powerful unlike what its competitor had.

Well, I think that the engine of this one is only quite good enough and just impressive on this one. I can say also that it is already looking great and very striking on its sleek body paint.

Exactly the true definition of luxury and sensual car. The red color scheme gives this attractive look. The headlights and mouthed style also exceptional car.

Lovely indeed! but too bad that it is only limited edition! I bet lots of car buyers now are so excited about this edition, well this car had the simplicity yet it is also had a striking look.

Lovely, this is definitely a rather nice take on the TT-RS. I really like how the whole thing looks, especially the read color, which is a perfect match. And the performance is really good too.

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