2011 Audi Urban Mobility

Next to the A3 Concept , Audi also brought the Urban Mobility to the Geneva Motor Show. The Urban Mobility is a research project that can perform maneuvers safely, even without the driver. Based on the TTS , this project has been created at the Volkswagen Group Automotive Innovation Laboratory (VAIL) in Palo Alto (California).

The computer hardware in the TTS research vehicle is not significantly more complex than that found in a standard laptop. At present, two computers, located in the trunk, are used on the vehicle. One runs safety-related algorithms using Oracle’s Real Time Java (Java RTS) and the other runs vehicle dynamics algorithms. These algorithms enable the TTS to respond superbly on a variety of surfaces, at different speeds and under varying conditions. The differential GPS system is able to keep the TTS to within around two centimeters from the center line of a normal road.

Compared to Audi’s previous TT Pikes Peak , this version uses electronics that help the driver to avoid hazardous situations encountered in the mixture of asphalt and gravel surfaces.


I’m so impressed with the graphics of this Urban. It looks very attractive on that. Moreover, I am hoping that this one is not on an electric vehicle.

Wow! What an art! smiley the graphic design of this Urban is so impressive and gives an angst on this vehicle! However, I wonder if it is an electric car? Well, I hope that it’s not.

What a nice design hahaha to those artistic people they would surely understand or appreciate the design that it has but for those who is not it will only look so nasty on it.

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