2011 Auto Union Type C e-tron study

Audi has announced a very interesting project for the 62nd International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. If until now we have only seen E-tron concepts that actually preview a future production model, this time they will reveal a 1:2 scale “Auto Union Type C e-tron study” with electric drive.

The study is 2.32 meters (7.61 feet) long and 97 centimeters (38.19 inches) wide and is powered by an electric motor drives the rear wheels. The engine is is charged by a lithium-ion battery and delivers an output of 1.5 hp and a peak torque of 29.50 lb-ft. This will help the "car" to reach a top speed of 18.64 mp). The study is also equipped with a reverse gear.

Depending on how it is driven, the little Audi e-tron has a range of around 15.53 miles. It can then be charged at a standard 230 volt household socket. Depending on the battery charge status, this takes about two hours.


hmm. Talking about fuel-efficient, Well, I don’t think that this car would be the best option. When it comes to the look and styling..Smart ForTwo would be my bet.

Yeah! Agreed with that, but I don’t think that Audi had any plan to put it on production, maybe we can only see this one on its debut. Anyway, this concept vehicle is really so impressive with its platform.

Well, I guess this car is the best choice if you are looking for a better fuel economy car! However, I think it would be better if they enhance the look of this car.

hmm. Audi will make a production for this car exclusive only for the 62nd International Toy Fair. I wonder what’s the weight for this car and is it safe to let the children drive this car since it was for Toy Fair?

Well, i think this is the solution for the problem in the fuel crisis but the bad side is that its one seater only.

it seems that there is new fad on car industry. If I’m not mistaken, Audi is not the first manufacturer that comes up with this kind of concept. But despite of it look, I think this car would be fuel efficient plus modern technology was put it on the engine.

I think its more valuable if the mpg number don’t include the initial electric mileage. And as is hybrid is at their maximum efficiency.

An extraordinary car,Its like im flying while driving,a kind of image similar to a jet plane flying in the sky.

so ridiculous! who would buy a car like this and proudly drive it on the road?

Oh no!Incredibly cool and way better than a golf cart.smiley

lool I guess they need to bring 5 stars from the factory in order to get 0 stars on the test! Or probably they should put inside a Q7 to score better! smiley

I wonder how this does on the euroNcap smiley

Probably this is the new start of the electric era, symbolized with a new/old car smiley

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