2012 Audi A5 by Rieger

Audi has just dropped the facelift version of the A5 coupe onto the market and tuners already started to show interest for the car. One of the first is the German tuner Rieger who comes with a pretty cool aerodynamic package that wants to make the A5 looking a little bit more like the RS5 .

There’s a pretty big difference between how the A5 and the RS5 look, so filling that gap can be pretty difficult. But it seems that Rieger has found a pretty cool solution to do that. Their exterior package begins with a complete front bumper fascia, a lower carbon fiber spoiler, new side skirts and a a rear-skirt-extension that includes the original RS5 tail pipes.

The upgrade package continues with new H&R sport springs, a new brake system borrowed from the RS5 and of course a new set of 21" Corniche Challenge wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tires.


On 2013, Audi A5 Rieger, it will receive facelift and enhancement like new front bumper and carbon-fiber splitter. Side skirts, and rear-skirt extension to give more aggressive appearance.

I like everything it possesses that makes it adorable.

I like the Rain/Light Sensors on this car that automatically operates headlamps and adjusts the sweeping rate of the windshield wiper.

You can spot the differences between A5 and RS5.

Those new sets of 21” Corniche Challenge are one of its newest accessories.

Yeah it does looks like RS5, but definitely this A5 looks best for it has more aggressive and sporty stance.

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