2012 Audi Q3

With just a few days before its official debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, Audi ’s has unveiled the official details on their smallest SUV in the line-up, the Q3 . At least the smallest at the moment, as it will be followed by the Q1 in the future years.

The Audi Q3 weights 3,307 lbs and measures 4.39 meters in 14.4 ft, 6.0 ft in width, and 5.25 ft in height, while the luggage compartment offers 16.24 to 48.2 cu ft of capacity. The Q3 will be available with all the latest technologies, including the MMI navigation plus – a hard drive navigation system – and the Bose surround sound system, with handsomely illuminated woofers up front.

Customers will have the chance to choose from three engines: one TDI and two TFSI units, with power ranging from 140 HP to 211 HP. A new diesel engine will be offered at a later date and will deliver an impressive fuel economy of 45.23 US mpg.

In Germany sales will begin in June at a price of 29,900 euro, or about $43,000 at the current exchange rates.

Updated 04/13/2011: This review has been updated with the official details and images on the car. Hit the jump to read more about the Q3.

The Exterior

Audi Q3

The new Audi Q3 comes with a sportier and a more progressive design. The single-frame grille features tapered upper corners and continues with a dynamic curve of the engine hood. The front is dominated by wedge-shaped headlights available as a xenon plus version including LED daytime running lights and large air inlets. On the side the Q3 gets dynamic lines and muscular wheels, while the D-posts resemble those of a coupe.

Customers will have the possibility to choose from twelve different colors, including a full paint finish or color-contrasting add-on parts in anthracite gray for the underbody guard and wheel arches. Customers who want a more sportier look will have the possibility to opt for the S-Line package. The entry level models will be offered with 16-inch lightweight alloy wheels fitted with 215/65 tires;while the top-of-the-line engines are available with 17-inch wheels.

The interior

Audi Q3

The interior is defined by the same sporty lines as the exterior, but is also all about luxury. The driver and the front-seat passenger are encapsulates by the now famous brand’s large curve, while the dashboard with its horizontal layout comes with an optional color display (as large as seven inches diagonally) on the instrument panel is a first in the Q series.

Customers will have the possibility to choose from five interior colors: black, gray, beige, and two shades of brown. With regard to upholstery, there are three fabric designs and three leather designs. For the inlays, there are four optional versions – including open-pored larch inlays and new silvery aluminum inlays with supplementary wire mesh and a 3D look. The S line sports package offers an additional inlay and bathes the entire interior in a cool black color.

The list of standard equipments includes an on-board computer with efficiency program, an ambient lighting package with a great many LEDs, a panoramic glass roof, a storage package, sports seats, electrically adjustable and heated seats, a convenience key for entering the vehicle and starting the engine at the touch of a button, two-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning, tinted rear windows, and a three-spoke leather steering wheel in a new Q-specific look.

Engine and performance

Audi Q3

At its launch the Q3 will be offered with three engines: two gasoline engines and one TDI engine will be offered; a second TDI engine will appear a little later. All of them will be four-cylinder engines, with a displacement of 2 liters, and all combined with direct fuel injection, turbocharging, the start-stop system, and the energy recovery system.

The 2.0 TFSI will be offered in either 170 HP or 211 HP versions and will sprint the Q3 from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, while top speed will be 142 mph. The first diesel version will deliver 177 HP, and it will be followed by a 140 HP one, with an average fuel economy of 45.23 US mpg, when paired with a front-wheel drive system.


The new Audi Q3 will go on sale in Europe this June, with prices starting from 29,900 euro, or about $43,000 at the current exchange rates. No words just yet if the US market will also get it.


Audi Q3

The new Q3 it’s going to have its hands full against a number of competitors, including the BMW X1 , the Land Rover Evoque , and ironically enough, the upcoming Mercedes-Benz BLK-Class . But of course the company’s main target will be to hit the same sales numbers as the X1, a model that is on sale for about a year now. In Europe customers will have to choose from four different engines - one gasoline and three diesels - and comes in both rear-wheel drive and xDrive all-wheel drive configurations. For the X1, power ranges from 143 to 258 HP, almost similar to the Q3. However, despite the fact that the X1 is offering a more powerful version, we believe that the Q3 has the advantage of offering a more fresh design that will also attract younger buyers.

As for the upcoming Mercedes BLK things are a bit uncertain. It is known that it will be placed under the GLK and that it will be offered with four-cylinder direct-injection gas and diesel engines, sized between 1.6-liters and 2.2-liters. We expect to see the new model in the next two years.

  • Both petrol and diesel engine
  • Fresh design
  • Looks great when equipped with S-Line package
  • Not available on the US market just yet


This version would definitely much bigger compare to the regular size of compact cars!Oh, I heard that they are going to use the platform of the VW Tiguan! The competition in the market would be tough for sure!

I think this production is somewhat different from the usual car produced by Audi. Since they are making a compact car over the years. However,I’m looking forward to Crossover version of Q3.

You’re right, the X1 really tops it in the mini-SUV category. I hope this one goes at par with that though, it would really be a good alternative.

This one actually looks good, but I would still probably pick up the BMW X1 over this. That one is actually more to my liking and is a bit more spacious.

For those who do not know Crossover is the modern word for SUV. When it comes to the performance i think v6 technology is so outdated. Well, even V8 is not modern at all. However this car is supposedly a family car, I will not expect for a powerful engine.

Their current production is the Audi R8, which quite successful. And I bet, Audi Q3 comes up with newer technology and design that everyone is looking forward to.

If you have tried to drive the Gold and Audi you will distinguished the difference between them. Even if they have the same platforms they are difference cars actually.

i wish the RS5 had more torque...though i think Audi would be smart enough to put the new turbo 4.0L V8 in the RS5since it will probably make over 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. the S5’s move to the supercharged V6 makes this even more of a possibility, since that already makes approx. 330 hp.

i also can’t wait to see the turbo V8 in the A8, since early tests of the A8 by Car and Driver already have it going from 0-60 with times that nearly match the 750i and S550. 400 hp and 400 lb-ft would make this car even quicker and more fuel efficient as well.

We actually dumped our mini cooper because our dog wouldn’t fit and doubt we will buy a smaller car again just to avoid and unseen problems with size.

Maybe its my age, but most people I know like to carry people and stuff with them in their vehicles. Judging by what I see on the road, people want them .

Crossovers serve a great purpose whereas the smaller micro cars that are coming just are what they are; cheap transportation for 1 or 2 people. Maybe its my age, but most people I know like to carry people and stuff with them in their vehicles. Judging by what I see on the road, people want them.

We actually dumped our mini cooper because our dog wouldn’t fit and doubt we will buy a smaller car again just to avoid and unseen problems with size. I liked driving that too, but it is what it is.

Having noticed some inaccuracies that you ’ve mentioned in the article and the lack of further interesting information I am afraid I cannot be so sure about the care given in your writing.

I’m all for the new non-big-SUV! It just helps with the demise of the mini-van and I’m certainly all for that! Can’t wait to see that new Audi on the

Unusable offroad, likely compromised room for cargo and passengers, expensive, and from these shots quite possibly ugly... Why would you have this over an A4 avant, Q5, or A3?

totally agree they are almost looks the same... you will only notice the difference is when you hear them and drove them one by one.

How many more cars can imitate the Infiniti FX, whether the 1st or 2nd generation? I just went to look at the new Cayenne, parked my 2nd gen FX next to it, and said, "Thanks for copying the FX, but you’re 2 years late to the party.

the Audi Q3 may seem the smallest SUV under the Q5, but apparently Audi is working on an even smaller Audi Q1 to slot in as the smallest off-road vehicle the company offers.

Audi has announced it will build a small Q3 crossover at a SEAT plant in Martorell, Spain, part of which is being retooled for the 2011 launch of the new model.

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