2012 Audi Q3 by MTM

German tuning company, MTM , is prepared to make quite an impression at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and they’re doing so in a very colorful and patriotic manner.

One of the vehicle’s that are set to be on-hand in Geneva is a modified version of the Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI quattro . The obvious take-away from this particular Q3 is the vinyl body wrap which harkens to the colors of the German national flag. In addition to the visual homage to their motherland, MTM also put in a slew of new components, including a new rear diffuser, a lowered suspension, and a new set of 20" Bimoto alloy wheels wrapped in ZR rubber tires with a Brembo brake system that comes with 380 X 34 mm discs gripped by 8-piston calipers.

Under the hood of the Q3, MTM installed a new turbocharger kit that saw the output of the Audi crossover’s 2.0-liter TFSI engine spike from 170 horsepower all the way up to an impressive 310 horsepower. The significant bump in output - almost double! - allows the MTM-tuned Q3 to hit 0-62 mph in just 6.1 seconds with a increased top speed of 155 mph.


I’ve noticed that MTM really has a good taste on putting up the Q3 on the next level.

MTM surely is a good nationalist; they’ve perfectly caught how this Q3 should be done.

I’m sorry, but to me, the yellow part looks cheap. I can’t say that it depends on the paint finish because the black part seems actually classy.

The changes have a minimal contribution to its appearance, but it’s apparent on its stated specifications and performance. MTM perfectly reproduced such a patriotic car!

The lowered suspension is obvious. But isn’t a lowered suspension prone to road humps bumping?

Ah, what nationalism could do. smiley The customized paint job is exquisite. And it may look simple, but the modifications on its chassis have contributed to a better performance.

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