2012 Audi S8

Audi ’s top-of-the-line luxury model, the A8 , is getting a sports variant in the form of the newly-released 2012 S8. Together with the new S6 and the new S7 Sportback, the S8 encompasses Audi’s new S family, one that preaches sporty performance while also adding some subtle tweaks to the car’s overall look.

Changes to the design of the car aren’t all that extensive and you probably won’t even notice them if you don’t look hard enough. But where the car looks pretty similar to its A8 counterparts, the powertrain found under the hood of the new S8 is vastly different.

Gone is the 450-horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine and in its place, Audi has fitted the S8 with their new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces an amazing 520 horsepower and 479 lb/ft of torque. What makes this all the more impressive is that despite the 70-horsepower increase on the new S8, the fuel consumption rating was improved to 17.8 mpg.

UPDATE 09/07/12: A new commercial of the Audi S8 has just been released called "Suspect". Check it out by clicking on the photo above!

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Exterior and Interior

Audi S8

Like most of the new S family, the Audi S8 doesn’t come with a whole lot of aesthetic changes. Among the subtle modifications for the top-of-the-line Audi S8 are a new grille, a new front apron with a lip spoiler, a revised rear bumper that houses a diffuser and quad tail pipes, and a set of 20" alloy wheels wrapped around 265/40-series tires. Inside, the new S8 gets new sport seats, a new sport steering wheel, and a unique sporty trim.


Audi S8

The 2013 Audi S8 is powered by a new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged TFSI V8 engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Power is then channeled to all four wheels courtesy of the company’s new quattro all-wheel drive system with an output that reaches 520 horsepower and 479 lb/ft of torque at 1,700 to 5,500 rpm. The resulting figures translate to a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds while cutting down on fuel consumption by 23 percent, hitting a palatable 17.8 mpg.

Other features of the new V8 engine include a new cylinder deactivation system that cuts down one bank, turning the engine into a four-cylinder. There’s also a new direct-injection technology, energy recuperation, and start-stop systems.

Suspension and Brakes

Audi S8

The new S8 gets a specially tuned adaptive air suspension with variable damping, greatly improving the car’s handling capabilities. The car also comes with four internally ventilated disc brakes that measure 400mm in diameter in the front and 365mm at the rear. Just like the S7 Sportback, the S8 comes with an optional set of carbon ceramic disks that customers can choose as an upgrade.


Audi S8

Pricing for the new S8 has yet to be announced, but you can expect it to be significantly more expensive than the range of prices offered for the A8: $78,050 for the 4.2-liter NWB quattro all the way up to $84,000 for the A8L 4.2 LWB quattro.


Audi S8

With a refreshed look stemming from the just-released Audi A8, the sporty S8 gets the nod in our book over its competitors, some of which include the Mercedes S63 AMG and the Jaguar XJ .

The advantage carrying the S8 over its competition is the fact that it offers a more powerful engine that rivals that of the AMG-powered S63 while also carrying a new and refurnished sporty design.

The only question here is how much the Audi S8 is going to cost. You’re more than likely to score a Jaguar XJ for a cheaper price so that’s what it has going for it.

As far as the Mercedes S-Class is concerned, there’s no question that it needs a shake-up. Fortunately, the people from Mercedes are already hard at work in doing just that, with the new model expected to be unveiled soon.

For now though, the Audi S8 is looking like it can offer a whole lot more compared to the offerings of other brands.

Audi S8
  • More powerful engine
  • Offers blend of sporty and luxury in one package
  • No price yet
  • Stiff competition
  • Aesthetic changes were minimal


I was so impressed with the styling of the car! I think the Audi is good in making a decent vehicle. The figure performance is kind of amazing. I can’t wait for its released date!

I was so impressed with the styling of the car! I think the Audi is good in making a decent vehicle. The figure performance is kind of amazing. I can’t wait for its released date!

I was so impressed with the styling of the car! I think the Audi is good in making a decent vehicle. The figure performance is kind of amazing. I can’t wait for its released date!

Mercedes would really be its toughest competitor for they are both a good-looking vehicle and looks very attractive. Well, good thing that Audi already boosted the engine of this vehicle.

I’m so impressed with its twin-turbocharged V8 engine! Well, this S8 is surely fun to drive with because on its powerful engine! smiley Anyway, it doesn’t really need to have lots of changes for it is already looking great with its aesthetic design.

The Audi S8 is really a complete packaged for a sedan. Well, it doesn’t only have an impressive exterior and interior detailing but also an impressive and awesome speed performance which is really so perfect for it.

The design of its wheels is really looking so cool on it, and even though it still looks like their other vehicle. I as yet find this S8 are looking very attractive, and I’m glad that it had an impressive engine.

Audi S8 had already a perfect packaged for a sedan! smiley Well, this vehicle is truly having a cool exterior and a very comfortable interior and even a powerful engine output which gives me an idea that it is fun to drive with!

If I’m not mistaken, it also had a hybrid version right? Well, I’m glad that it had a diesel engine, which is more convenient in a vehicle than in an electric motor, and I must say that I’d prefer to have this R8 diesel version.

Its wheel is really looking so cool on this S8. Well, even though it is only on a simple detailing, I still would love to have it, for it looks very decent on its detailing.

I’m getting bored on Audi’s vehicles! They are all have the same platform design and detailing, which is very satiated to see. Anyway, I’m impressed on its engine specification.

In spite of having only a simple detailing, I can say that it is still looking so classy because of its sleek body paint, and I love the decency of this car. However, I don’t think that the engine of this one is more powerful than to its competitor.

Even though the car here in Audi is almost identical to each other, I can say that I’m still a big fan of them, and this Audi S8 is a very satisfying car that I would really love to have.

yes I’ve seen similar car design like this. Probably with same details that makes it familiar. From its specification guess this has more improved engine such twin-turbocharged V8 etc.

Its glossy paint gives it the looks of a sophisticated and classy car even the car lines that it has but I must say that the platform designed is not impressive at all.

The platform seems so ordinary for me, but I must say that the car lines of this S8 add more beauty on it. I’m just kind of curious on its interior features.

Most engine of all the car is V8 engine. Some other sports car use it and i think this car is like a sports car that using V8 engine.

V8 engine is quite good for it, I’m pretty sure that it will still give quite good performance on this car and the car lines emphasize the beauty that it had.

The nice thing about this German company is that they don’t stop until they have satisfied their customer. It’s great that Audi had decided to make a redo before the actual released of this vehicle. Nevertheless, its competitors like the Mercedes and Jaguar have an awesome vehicle that can match on the S8.

Ahh, Audi has announced the concept of the S-series last year. I never thought that they are going to bring out this vehicle in the Frankfurt Motor Show! Well, it’s great that they have dropped its v10 engine that produced a less power output. 

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