2013 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro

Next to the facelift versions of the A4 and the S4 , Audi has also unveiled the A4 Allroad Quattro version. Just like with the two other models the Allroad version has been improved in all its aspects and we have to admit it looks better than ever!

Just like with the standard models the A4 Allroad Quattro will receive a revised grille, restyled headlights and a modified hood, but it will be distinguished by its grille’s horizontal chrome applications and by the round fog lights. The car is 15.49 ft long and has a luggage compartment capacity of 50.50 cubic ft. The car will come with standard 18" wheels with four independent designs.

The A4 Allroad will generally be offered with the same engines as the standard A4, except with the entry level four-cylinder diesel (the 120 HP version) and the the 3.0 TDI engine. The model comes with standard quattro permanent all-wheel drive system and with either a manual transmission or a S tronic with all engine versions.

And now the best part: the A4 Allroad Quattro will once again be offered on the US market. The model will go on sale in 2012 as a 2013 model.

UPDATE 10/27/2011: This review has been updated with official images and details.


I don’t think that it is only looking like their typical designed. Well, I just noticed that the elegant and fabulous look of this Quattro is very different from their other vehicle. Anyway, what’s the engine specification of it?

Its still looked like their typical headlight, but I’m still impressed with it, so cool! Anyway, I must say that I really love the elegant appearance of this coupe. I just only hope that it had also an impressive engine output.

I love the restyled headlights of this Quattro. It looks splashy on that! smiley Well, this Allroad of Audi is totally a complete packaged if they also use an impressive engine output on it.

Its cute headlights, is the first thing I noticed on this vehicle, and I have to agree that this Quattro is really so striking and looking great on its aesthetic design, but I wonder if it can also offer an impressive and comfortable interior?

Allroad Quattro is truly looks great on its official outlook and the fog lights on it, is absolutely oozing with angst! I just only hope that it can also offer an efficient power output.

This coupe is truly looks so cool on its styling, even though it only had the same detailing just like what their other cars had. smiley I also wonder if what will be interior of it, will look like?

I love the headlamps of this Quattro. It is so cool! Anyway, I must say that this one is truly a good-looking car, and it looks very decent on its hygienic body paint, which only adds more appeal for it.

It was so nice that they already revealed the final and original outlook of this Audi A4. Well, I can say that I love the outlook of it, most especially its decent body paint, which is very striking on it.

Maybe it is its permanent design, if ever, I can say that I will still be impressed with it, and besides it looks so aggressive and oozing with angst on that abstract design.

Wow!! Audi is one of many sports car to boom these years, right? Many Audi has been launched and car lovers has never been disappointed with the newer version. As of this one, the design is not that unique and having a printed car is such a no-no to me.

I think they should focus more on its engine and not only on its looks. Anyway, they are right that this Audi A4 is already very captivating on its initial outlook, well, I was really hoping to see this soon.

Nice spy shot! This new prototype of Audi is already impressed me on its initial outlook, and I’m glad that it had a re-sculptured lights on its front, and with its LED headlamps but I hope that they also include some enhancement on its engine.

Is that already the design of this A4 Allroad? Well, it looks so exotic and aggressive on that design, and I noticed its engine. I don’t think that it can give a better performance on this one.

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