2013 Audi AS6 by ABT Sportsline

Leave it to ABT Sportsline to come up with a tuning program for the Audi A6 that fans of the four rings will appreciate.

The German tuner always brings their game when it comes to programs for Audi and this one is no different. It features a slew of aerodynamic and performance improvements that not only add vibrancy to the elegance of the new A6 , but also provide added power that’s bound to get noticed.

Looking at the components, ABT Sportsline gave the now rechristened AS6 with a number of new parts, including a new front spoiler, side skirts, a rear spoiler, and a rear skirt set that comes with tailpipe exhaust tips. The program also comes with a new set of 19" to 21" ABT light alloy wheels

On its own, the A6 carries a number of engines under its hood, each of which ABT Sportsline has performance modifications for. Talk about thorough, right? The flagship 3.0-liter TDI model was given ABT Power to the tune of 270 horsepower, an increase from the standard 204-horsepower output of the regular model. If that isn’t enough, ABT also has what it calls "New Generation" enhancement, which increases the output from either 245 or 313 horsepower to 300 or 360 horsepower, respectively.

Meanwhile, the most powerful engine version of the line-up, the 3.0-liter TFSI, sees its output bump from 300 horsepower to 420 horsepower. Finally, the entry level 2.0-liter TDI wasn’t left out in the cold, getting 205 horsepower from the standard model’s 170-horsepower output.


This is the first time I saw car that was design by ABT Sportsline and I think they really impress we with this.

The details are very fews and also the interior is not seen. The engine itself also.

Great car! I really love the exterior design. Sometimes I’m wondering if the interior is gorgeous as the exterior.

I think the thickness is too much. Look at the car, it became low because of the thickness of this car.

Finally! A better version of AS6. The previous versions are not that great unlike this one.

I love the thickness and the silver-white look of this car. Really impressive.

I guess the interior design of this car is as gorgeous as it’s exterior, right ?.

Good to know that Mercedes is finally showed their AS6. It’s somehow convincing the engine under the hood of this Sportsline.

I think that they should revised the image of this Audi because it’s still the same from the previous one. They should make the head gear more thinner.

I really like this new version than the Audi A6. Silver color really fit in this kind of car.

Wow this Audi have a polish exterior design. But I just hope they put more details on this car because I’m really curious about it.

This is another great luxury car from Audi. Though I still haven’t seen its interior, I know it will bring your great excitement.

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