2013 Audi Q3 S/RS

Now that Audi has released the Q3 SUV out on the market, people have started talking about a sportier version primed to deliver some 300 HP. A prototype of this model was secretly displayed at a press event in Switzerland and it was powered by the 2.5 liter TFSI engine currently found in the Audi RS3 . Now, it looks as though we’ve caught a few glimpses of this hotter model as it took its turn around the Nurburgring.

The 300 HP turbocharged five cylinder engine hidden under the hood of the hotrod Q3 produces a good 90 HP over the standard Q3 , a boost provided by the added ventilated brake discs and new aerodynamic package. This engine is mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and its power will be sent to all four wheels using Audi’s quattro system. The only thing left to uncover is the name of this new, more powerful Q3. Will it be the S, RS, or the plainly put Q3 2.5 TFSI? Only time will tell.


If you see the car in side view. The car looks like an SUV vehicle. Anyway, it really looks like a Volkswagen vehicle. BTW, this car looks great, especially if the interior part of the car can see.

Wow! I must say that it’s the first time that I see an Audi vehicle which only had a very simple exterior detailing and styles. However, I have to agree with them that it still looks so appealing on that.

It still looks so cool and impressive for me, in spite of having only a simple detailing and style. However, I hope that its interior could offer a more interesting and comfortable feature.

In spite of having a simple design, I must say that it is quite impressive for the fact that this one is so reliable on the road and very practical to use as an everyday transportation.

This one, is so unlike with the other Audi cars, it doesn’t have a luxurious appearance just like their other cars instead it looks very simple and ordinary but no worries because I still find it very appealing. smiley

It looks so simple and ordinary on its platform and other detailing, but I must say that I still find it very attractive and satisfying. I love the fact that this concept was still very reliable on the road.

This much a sportier serious look, another version of a powerful prototype car. At first glimpse this been more of simple model car, but what I like is the aerodynamic package here.

This car has 300 horse power and TFSI engine and also 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The style of this car is common on the road. Volkswagen car is the best for me.

I don’t like the concept of the car and i don’t know if this car performance is good or bad. I want to watch this in video performance someday.

I don’t know what to say on this one, sorry to say, but I think it didn’t have any special features to offer on its dealer, and I must say that 300 HP is not really impressive.

Very simple car style. The style of this car is like Volkswagen car. This car has 300 horse power and TFSI engine, and this car has a good transmission with 7 speed dual clutch.

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