2013 Audi R8 E-Tron

After the E-tron concept and the E-tron Detroit Show car , Audi has brought us the e-tron technology platform based on the R8 from the 24 Hours of Le Mans race . This has turned out to be more than just a publicity stunt or science experiment. Audi is serious about bringing this car to market and has taken the time to develop a completely new ideology behind this electric R8 and the normal gasoline version.

Having the exterior design of the car already completed and in supercar form it was an easier job for the Audi engineers to develop an electric version than if they would have had to start from scratch. The mid-engine design of the R8 provides the perfect location to store heavy batteries without distorting the weight balance that Audi wanted to achieve. In essence, this electric version should be able to compete on the same levels as its V8 and V10 brothers, but will it be as exhilarating?

That all depends on what the driver sees as excitement – The V10 version will provide an unbridled amount of power and harmonious soundtrack to go along with it, but the electric version will incorporate some of the most innovative technology available today. Being able to reach high top speeds in the least amount of time is the most important thing that a sports car can deliver, if it can do it by using batteries than we don’t really see a problem. If Audi can truly create an exciting Quattro experience with its new E-Tron R8 than they will have accomplished something truly special in this emerging market.

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Update History

UPDATE 06/29/2012: Even though the Audi R8 e-tron hasn’t officially been launched yet, it is already a world record breaker. With a lap time of 8:09.099 minutes, the R8 e-tron has just become the fastest production vehicle with an electric drive system around the Nurburgring. The car was driven to success by racing driver Markus Winkelhock.

"The R8 e-tron has given a magnificent demonstration of its potential on the toughest race track in the world," said Michael Dick, Audi AG Board Member for Technical Development. Dick, who completed a fast lap himself in the R8 e-tron, added: "The record-setting drive confirmed that we are on the right track. To us, electric mobility has never been about sacrifice, but rather is about emotion, sportiness and driving pleasure."

UPDATE 08/07/2012: It’s been a little over a month since the Audi R8 e-Tron lapped the Nurburgring in record time (see previous update), but Audi has just released the video of the epic achievement. Check out Markus Winkelhock and the Audi R8 e-Tron as the record is created by clicking on the image above.


Length4,431 mm (14.54 ft)
Width2,029 mm (6.66 ft)
Height1,252 mm (4.11 ft)
Wheelbase2,650 mm (8.69 ft)



Output2 x 140 kW
Maximum torque2 x 410 Nm (2 x 302.40 lb-ft)
Battery capacity48.6 kWh
0 – 100 km/h (62.14 mph)4.2 s
Operating range in NEDC cycle215 km (133.59 mph)
Top speed200 km/h (124.27 mph)






Audi R8 E-Tron

The idea behind the E-Tron R8 was not to change the look and feel of the vehicle, but how it performed. That being said, Audi has done very little in the way of exterior or interior changes to the car except for the wild paint job shown on the car at Le Mans. All of the right supercar parts are still apparent and it looks like the E-Tron means business on the track. Out front the large grill and air intakes on the front bumper will still help to cool the brakes. Signature Audi LED daytime-running lights flow beautifully around the teardrop headlights. This form of lighting has made its way from humble beginnings into nearly every manufacturers tool bag, but Audi still does it best. As your eyes move towards the rear of the car it is hard to miss the large air intakes behind the doors that were mainly for cooling a very hot engine. The engine is missing, but the batteries produce plenty of heat on their own. Nothing in the rear has really changed except for the delete on the exhaust exits.


Audi R8 E-Tron

The R8 E-tron is powered by four motors – two on the front and two in the rear axles that each connect to their respective wheel by the use of a small shaft. By using the four motor setup this R8 delivers 313 hp and 4,500 Nm (3,319 lb-ft) of torque. It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds. The true four-wheel drive system allows the Audi to become a full fledged Quattro car. The system is capable of delivering balanced power to the front and rear wheels, but prefers to give 70% to the rear and 30% to the front wheels when conditions are right. By having four completely separate motors the onboard computer is also able to make the smallest adjustments to power outputs so that understeer and oversteer can be corrected.

Even though the batteries weigh 1,212.54 lbs, this new Audi is able to come up with a final curb weight of 3,527.40 lb. This is thanks in large part to the aluminum body and Audi space frame technology. The special package of the Audi E-Tron technology platform provides a 42:58 weight distribution between the front and rear axles and therefore ensures perfect balance and driving dynamics. There is a triangular double wishbone suspension positioned in the front while the back gets a trapezoidal-link rear suspension. This is balanced on 19" wheels.

Audi R8 E-Tron

The power for the electric motors will be supplied by liquid-cooled, lithium ion batteries which can be powered by your household current of 230 volts/16 amperes. Charging time is about 6-8 hours when the battery has been completely depleted and goes down to about 2.5 hours when high voltage is used. These charged up motors offer an autonomy of 155 miles. During braking the car is able to convert the energy provided into a useful source for the electronic systems helping to extend the range.

Pricing and Availability

Audi has announced the R8 E-Tron will be brought to the United States market in 2013 and should be releasing more details and pricing in the coming months.


Audi R8 E-Tron

Several manufacturers have been toying around with the notion of a high-end sports car powered solely by electric batteries, but few have made a commitment to act. Audi will most likely introduce the first mainstream product in this category with the likes of Mercedes in its rearview mirror. The Mercedes E-cell SLS is as far along in the development stage as Audi, but Mercedes is reluctant to make the car available to the consumer. On the smaller end of the spectrum Fisker and Tesla have been developing this technology for years and are finally getting production models on the road. The larger Fisker Karma which will be introduced this year is poised to take over the luxury electric car segment, but will not invade the Audi E-Tron market too much.

Audi R8 E-Tron

- High Performance Maintained
- Four Motors
- Short Charge Time

- High Price
- Weight could be an issue
- Still want a V10


i think that this market: high end electric cars will be very interesting. and we - regular users - will have lots to win, because it will aid and influence street cars very much.

john, you do realize i was joking, right? even a plane can fly with only one engine out of 4 working, i imagine a car can do the same.

although i heard fisker has got some financial problems, i still think it’s a good competitor. and so is tesla. remember that zonda was a no-name until it started kicking ass. and high-class especially.

midocar, that might or might not be true. although sony is a bigger company, i would still buy a nikon photo camera. because that’s what they do: cameras. same with tesla.

i don’t think the audi is a real competition for tesla. actually, this is true the other way around. audi is a far better established manufacturer. it inspires more confidence.

otto, you do realize that it will drain the power from the other 3 engines. but what happens when your petrol car has a problem with its ONLY engine.

there are lots of petrol cars that can’t go that fast around the ’Ring. way to go, audi!

my only question is: what happens if one of the 4 electric engines fails? will it limp?

I’m not really fond with the style and platform of this E-tron. It seems not a sports car, but I love the angst on the front headlights of this car.

It would certainly be a good competitor to the Tesla. And I think that it will probably have an edge over that roadster, since this one will incorporate a lot of new tech.

Well, it’s a good thing that Audi is indeed moving with the E-Tron concept. I am really looking forward to it since it would usher in a lot of developments.

I would agree; it would certainly be a good competitor to the Tesla. And I think that it will probably have an edge over that roadster, since this one will incorporate a lot of new tech.

I must say that e-tron is so cool on its exterior appearance. However, I would truly hope that its electric motor could absolutely give on it, a better and a great speed performance and I will be looking forward to seeing that.

Yeah! I have to agree with that. It will only be too hassle for a sports car if it is on an electric motor. However, I hope that they could really prove that this will still have a nice figure performance even though it is a hybrid vehicle.

Even though it only has a short time to charge this vehicle, it will still be hassled on it for the fact that it is a sports car. Well, I would as yet prefer the gas engine for a race car.

I just really don’t like the fact that this sports vehicle is an electric motor, very unreliable! It will surely a hassle for this sports car when it is on the race road.

I have to agree with that, but to be honest it really amazed me with its figure performance! Well, for an electric vehicle, that specification has been already quite impressive.

Yeah! I don’t think either that electric motor would really work for a sports car. However, I’m still impressed with its specification, and I hope that they would release a video of this e-tron.

Well, I don’t think that electric motor would really work for a sports car like this one. We know for a fact that it needed to be fully charged first, before we could drive it, which only consumed more time.

E-Tron is absolutely a good-looking car, and it is truly very appealing on its aesthetic design and to its other detailing but the fact that it is a sports car, I don’t think that its electric motor could be good enough for it.

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