2013 Audi R8 "Project Phantom" by SR Auto Group

For the past three years, Canadian based tuner SR Auto Group has established its Project Phantom program for the Audi R8 as one of its most recognizable projects. And for three years, the aftermarket specialist has taken the task of adding modifications and improvements to the program.

Now that the clock has struck 2013, SR Auto Group’s Project Phantom is making another comeback, only this time it returns with more changes, beginning with a black exterior that takes the place of the phantom black cloak it previously carried. In addition, the program now carries a set of 20-inch PUR 4OUR Black Diamond Monoblock wheels, providing suitable refreshment from the components the program previously carried.

It goes without saying that the Audi R8 is one of those supercars that carries an aura of sporty aggression. The addition to these wheels and subsequent other styling details to the tuning firm’s Project Phantom program gives credence to why the latter has lasted the test of three years’ worth of time.


I want to test it.Please let me know if there’s such opportunity

@snow.castle: Ibet it’s quite expensive, but good luck in getting one smiley

I would like so much to have one of these!I can’t figure out what to price of it might be..

I’d like to see a test video of this jewelry..

I like most the white version, it looks much more clean. Although , even a red version might be even better

Absolutely one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen!Great job, guys!

OMG! Those Black Diamond Monoblock wheels make me shiver!

If those pictures are for good, it means it’s a hell of a beauty!

No matter the price, I would give my life for such a car

What the price of this car would be, with all these improvements?

That black exterior is so classy!I’m totally in love with it

Can someone tell me if those pictures in the gallery are for real, or made-up in a digital program or something?

Was this designed used in a movie, recently?
It seems familiar to me

I want those wheels for the next Christmas!oh no, I want those now!!

That’s a jewelry of a car.One of my biggest dreams!!

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