2013 Audi R8 V10 Limited Edition

If you thought the Audi R8 China Edition was rare, then you’ll be shocked to know that there’s a limited-edition model that’s even rarer than that. This is the Audi R8 V10 Limited Edition and, as its name suggests, Audi is only building a select number of these babies — 30 in all — for the Chinese market. To distinguish itself from the rest of the R8s out there, including the aforementioned China Edition, Audi decided to dress up the R8 Limited Edition in a unique Nordic Gold paint finish that, on looks alone, can make a serious case as a permanent color option for the R8.

Aesthetic modifications are also abound for this limited-run model, highlighted by front and rear air intakes and outlets, lightweight tailpipes, and a radiator grille that has been finished in matte black. The dress up continues with the front and rear slats. Additionally, the rear bumper, and the radiator grille surround and bars all sport a matte-titanium-grey finish. The front spoiler, side blades, fixed rear wing and the enlarged diffuser have been upgraded to carbon matte.

Inside, the R8 Limited Edition features sports bucket seats and headlining, both of which have been dressed with black Alcantara with contrasting stitching and piping, and the knee pad now comes in shark skin black with its own contrast stitching. Carbon matte, or at least inlays of it, was also used inside, particularly the A-pillar and the door pulls. To assert the limited-edition nature of this R8, the aluminum gear knob comes with a limited edition number, ranging from 1 to 33 with the numbers 4, 14, and 24 excluded from the list. Why, you ask? The number "4" equates to bad mojo for the Chinese.

Audi China has priced the R8 Limited Edition at 2,628,000 yuan, which is around $420,000 based on current exchange rates, an amount that affluent and passionate Chinese auto enthusiasts won’t have trouble shelling out.


with numerology obsession or without it, are they those who have part of limited editions? they are!

oh, i see... thx very much, sonique. chinese and their numerology obsession...

Number 4 in Chinese is pronounced Sse or Tse. The same word means death. So number 4 is evil.

In this pictures, the color looks beautiful but i wonder how it looks in real life?

I can’t understand why is this a limited edition and it is only for China? And why also happened with the other limited edition...

I like those two wings from the front of the car. They look very nice. And the color, the color is awesome!

this thing with bad mojo amuse me a lot ... what is wrong with number 4? cause i have no idea

mmm, this Nordic Gold finish looks pretty good in this pictures. like

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