2015 Audi A4

Audi A4

Audi will launch the next generation A4 in mid-2014 and it will be offered with a more dynamic design and improved technology. The body will remain pretty much unchanged, with updates that include a more prominent single-frame grille, new headlights and taillights, flared wheel arches and a more pronounced spoiler.

The interior will also be improved to offer more interior room and will offer new technology features, like a heads-up display and an MMI Touch infotainment system also used in models like the recently announced A3.

Under the hood, the next A4 will be offered with a wide choice of engines, including a new 1.4-liter TSI engine with an output of either 122 horsepower or 180 horsepower. This new engine will come with cylinder-deactivation technology that will reduce fuel consumption by about 0.5 liter/100km.

The next Audi A4 could also be offered in a plug-in hybrid variant that will combine a 211 horsepower 2.0 TFSI engine with a 95-horsepower electric motor. This new version will deliver autonomy of 50 kilometers (31 miles) on pure electric mode.

Update 12/28/12: This review has been updated with more specific information on the upcoming refreshed A4.

Source: WCF


mercedes will have their new C class out by 2014. it would be nice if audi will do the same!

until the new model comes out, we will have to deal with the face lift. and it’s not a bad car to live with!

i wonder what will they make to the car’s interior. but i am sure they won’t dissapoint us. they never did!

the promises of audi’s design chief sound good. it should make the car look a little more aggressive, but still elegant. looking forward to it!

it’s not as sporty as the bmw 3 series, not as elegant smug as the mercedes C, it is just perfectly balanced.

if audi will have a quattro version of this car, they will have only to win!

the engine line looks good. the 148 HP diesel engine is just enough. good enough for what an everyday car should be like!

it has clear simple lines. simple and less is, sometimes, more. and this is the case here.

as opposed to the C class, it looks good, elegant, but it is not as smug.

i like the look of the new audi. it is elegant, it has nice lines.

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