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About two weeks ago, Audi trademarked a series of new names , providing a glimpse of their future lineup. One of the names trademarked was the Q8, which logically speaking, will be a new SUV placed above the current Q7 . Now, British magazine CAR is offering up the first details on the upcoming SUV.

The future Q8 will be built on the company’s new MLB platform and will benefit from all the technologies that will help the future Q7 be lighter than the current model. This means, the future Q8 will consist of 60% steel and 40% lightweight materials like aluminum.

As for the engine, the upcoming Q8 will see the same engines found in the Q7, except for the car’s new four-cylinder base engine. This means that the Audi Q8 will use two petrol V6 engines with 230 and 300 HP, a V6 TDI engine with 250 HP, and a 4.2 V8 engine with 400 HP. An S version will get a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with an impressive output of 550 HP. Audi will also be offering a hybrid version that will combine a V6 TDI engine with a pair of electric motors.

Expect to see the new Audi Q8 launched sometime in 2015.

Note: Future Audi Q7 pictured.

Source: CAR


Q8 consists of all-powerful and functional components this time; that’s why I think that despite that built, it runs speedily.

The engine is certainly something worthy because it’s able to be that dynamic despite its figure.

Audi Q8’s engine has a lot to serve in this. Its figure is like something that cannot be carried out by a weak engine only.

It still depends on the engine if it is able to carry out the weight of its built. I am not saying that the 40% is useless, but I think that the engine is more important.

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