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While drivers in the United States still love their larger vehicles, the rest of the world is driving around in hatchbacks and wagons. Chevrolet might be attempting to capitalize on this with the Cruze five-door in the land of vegemite and kangaroos, Australia.

The base Cruze will likely feature a few four-cylinder petrols and diesels, but there is a chance that Holden’s in-house tuning company, HSV, will kick it up a notch with a high-performance four-pot, although this has not been confirmed. This will mean that the Volkswagen GTI and the Ford Focus ST will have some competition from GM.

We don’t expect to see or hear anything from HSV for quite some time, as the company is busy making sure its V8-powered vehicles will be able to survive in the future. We hope to hear something soon on the Cruze HSV, although Americans won’t ever be able to drive it.

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Mitsubishi in Australia has announced some updates for the 2011 Lancer , including the addition of a new SX model. This model will slide between the ES and the VR. There have been other changes to the overall lineup as well.

The car will get improved sound insulation, a USB port, color LCD display and welcome lights have been fitted on every model. If you opt for the VR, VRX, or Ralliart it will now come with Bluetooth.

The new SX model will come with a standard leather steering wheel with audio controls, a rear spoiler, and 16-inch wheels. The SX, ES, and VR will get the 2.0-liter MIVEC engine that will put out 152 horsepower and 198 Nm of torque.

The VRX and the Aspire sedan will get a 2.4-liter motor with 168 horsepower and the Ralliart will feature the Evolution’s inter-cooled and turbocharged 2.0-liter MIVEC motor with 237 horsepower.

Available color choices across the range include Champagne, Cool Silver, Mystic Blue, Lightning Blue, Effect Grey, Red, Black, and White in the ES, VR, and VRX models, with the Aspire available in Champagne, White, Red, Cool silver, Effect Grey, and Black. The Lancer Ralliart models are available in Red, Black, Cool Silver, White, and Lightning Blue.

The SX, ES, VR, VRX, and Ralliart models can come in either sedan or Sportback variants, with the Aspire only being offered in a sedan.

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How can a car that’s stripped down to everything except a tube-frame carbon fiber body and a 170 horsepower Ducati 1198’s engine be something worth the $85,000 price tag attached to it?

Well, normally cars like that aren’t worth even half of what this car is worth, but there’s something uniquely intoxicating about the Spartan V. Sure, it’s got no wipers, no doors, no turn signals, and even no headlights. But what it does have is a lightweight carbon fiber body that weighs around 660 pounds. It’s got a top speed of 280 kmh and it can blast off the starting block and reach 100 kmh in just three seconds. On top of that, the Spartan V, aptly named, if you asked us, has one mean looking, albeit headlight-less, mug.

Sure, you won’t be able to show this car off to your friends because the lack of just about every road-required feature makes this car illegal to the drive on the road. But take them to a nearby track and you can show them how this Spartan takes a back seat to absolutely no one.

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Australia’s favorite sports car is getting some updates for 2011, but not much has changed aesthetically, or mechanically for that matter. What HSV has done is added a slew of technological updates to the E-series to come up with the new E-Series 3. The sports car will go on sale at the end of this month.

The most impressive technological advancement for the E-Series 3 is the new Enhanced Driver Interface. This interface allows vehicle performance data to get pushed to the car’s touch screen display, something we are sure everyone would find amazing and helpful. Adding to the technology is also HSV’s new Side Blind Alert which is optional on all models in the 3 range and the Liquid Propane Injection which comes on all of the models except the Clubsport R8 Tourer . The interior will receive a new ‘Oracle’ dash, a new model specific stainless steel ID plate on the center console, new twin-stitch seat trims on GTS and Senator Signature, as well as a new leather color in Turismo Rosso and a Piano black trim on the center console and steering wheel.

The list of standard equipment includes the Enhanced Driver Interface, reverse camera with rear park assist, satellite navigation, and touchscreen radio with iPod connectivity.

Since nothing was mentioned of the engine options, we are going to assume that the E-Series 3 will be powered by the same heart stopping V8 engine that was found on the previous model . This engine allows the Australian sports car to produce 431hp with the top of the line GTS models getting 442hp.

The Holden E-Series 3 is definitely not a bad gig for the Land Down Under. We only wish we could get our hands on one of these in the States. It looks like something that would be right up our alley.

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It seems that BMW is really into developing special editions lately. After the M3 GTS for Europe, the M3 Frozen Gray for the US market and the M3 Tiger for China, Australia is also receiving a limited edition M3. It is called M3 Pure and will be limited to only 50 units. Deliveries will begin in early 2011 with prices starting at $135,000 for the sedan and $148,300 for the coupe.

The M3 Pure will be distinguished by 19" M Double-spoke light alloy wheels finished exclusively in Black High-Gloss, bonnet air intake in Black High-Gloss, BMW Individual kidney grille in Dark Chrome, BMW Individual side gills in Dark Chrome, and BMW Individual exhaust tips in Dark Chrome. It will be offered in either Alpine White or Black.

The interior will get distinctive Anthracite cloth with Black leather combination and headrests crafted with black Novillo leather and embossed with the BMW M symbol.

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Here in the US, we know this car as the Honda Fit , but in other parts of the world, it goes by another moniker; ‘the Honda Jazz’.

In Australia, the Jazz is currently in the middle of a hilarious promotional campaign called ‘Jazz Packing’. It’ hilarious because we watched the set of videos the campaign has released and we couldn’t stop our eyes from getting teary-eyed from all the hysterical laughing.

Basically, the ads were made to show exactly how versatile the Jazz really is. It’s got loads of room on the interior, it’s got 10 cup holders – that’s right, 10! – and it’s a practical ride for just about anybody, even if you’re a bodybuilder, a rapper, a hipster, and, of course, a ninja.

Check out these four hilarious ads and be sure to adhere our warnings that there will be massive loads of skimpy Speedos, “mystical” windows, tied-up pirates, and a reference to Haruki Murakami. We’re not making this stuff up.

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After 14 years of history, Holden Commodore is entering the 2011 model year with new smart multimedia technology, improved fuel economy, and the capacity to run on environmentally friendly bio-ethanol.

The new Commodore Series II is powered by a choice of three engines: a 3.0-liter SIDI V6 engine, 3.6 liter SIDI V6, and Holden’s Gen IV V8 for the luxury and performance models. All engines offer the flex-fuel technology which is what allows them to be powered by bio-ethanol.

The biggest technology upgrade for the Commodore Series 2 is the Holden iQ. This system is comprised of music, telephone, and satellite navigation in the form of a fully integrated, 6.5-inch full color multifunction LCD touch screen, a touch screen keyboard and supports CDDA, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, and WMA playback. Take music right from your iPod, memory stick, CD, or your phone ti listen to all of your favorite jams in your car. Not the music type? The new system also provides the driver with live traffic alerts, speed advisory, and point of interest functions.

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When we think of the production of a supercar, we usually don’t think of the Land Down Under as being any part of it. In 2004, all of that changed as Australia-based Joss began working on their first exclusive supercar, the Joss supercar. Apparently, they are saving all of their originality for the actual vehicle and not the name.

Earlier this year we were able to get a few pictures of the prototype for the Joss supercar, but now the company has revealed its first teaser photo. Shaped using physics and not aesthetics, the Joss supercar should have superior aerodynamics and heat dissipation when it finally goes on sale, hopefully in 2011 as originally projected.

Power for the Australian supercar will come from an all aluminum engine provided by a European automaker. This engine is said to produce more than 500hp and will be mated to a five-speed manual transmission with a reverse via linkage system. Stopping power will come from six piston brake calipers in the front and four piston system in the rear with ventilated dics all around. The Joss supercar brags of carbon fiber construction causing it to weigh less than 2,200lbs. It runs the 0-60mph sprint in under three seconds, the quarter mile in 11 seconds, and the estimated top speed is 186mph.

Pricing for the Australian supercar is expected to be around $500,000. Ouch.

It seems there’s been a trend lately that every continent is to have its own developed supercar and Australia is no exception. Joss Development announced that the work on the JP1 supercar is almost completed and sales will begin in 2011.

Work on the supercar started back in 2004, but development was then put on hold. Now the car is back on track as Joss found a gearbox supplier and they are working on a European engine installation.

"We’re aiming to be on sale in the middle or end of 2011. We’re factoring-in an 18-month development program," says Matt Thomas, technical director of Joss Devel Devel opments. We are well into the engineering test of the chassis. The aim is to have two production prototypes by the early months of next year. They will be call the JP1, for the Joss Prototype 1."

Until Joss decides on an engine for the supercar (the best choice was supposed to be a Chevrolet V8 but Thomas says Joss is aiming for something better from Europe), you will have the chance to drive the supercar in the 2010 edition of Microsoft’s Forza 3 .

Jaguar Australia has unveiled a special edition XK Coupe that celebrates not only Jaguar ’s 75th Anniversary, but also Jaguar’s historic return toLe Mans next weekend. Sales will begin at the end of June and there will only be 10 units produced, each priced at $193,500 plus on-road costs.

The Jaguar XK Coupe 75th Anniversary Edition is available in three colors only - Indigo Blue, Ultimate Black, and Liquid Silver. It will be distinguished by 20" Kalimnos alloy wheels, chrome finish to the side power vents, and chrome tailpipe finishers.

For the interior the XK gets bright finish pedals and an exclusive "75 Years" badge. The Jaguar will also feature a soft grain leather interior with contrast stitch and 16-way heated and cooled seats with memory. The sound coming out of the XK will be thanks to the superb Bowers & Wilkins 525-watt system with Dolby® ProLogic®II Surround Sound, three-channel stereo and unique amplifier, Kevlar mid-range speakers with high output and low distortion, and specially designed aluminum tweeters.

The Jaguar XK will get a new 5.0 Liter AJ-V8 engine without the supercharger that produces 385 bhp and 515 Nm of torque. This leave the XK doing the 0-6mph sprint in 5.5 seconds.

Pricing for the Jaguar XK starts at 193,500 AUD (158,500 USD).

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