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"A celebration of Italian style," Concorso Italiano embraces all cultural elements of Italian style, such as music, cuisine, fashion and travel tourism.

Concorso Italiano has celebrated Italian automobiles and style at Bayonet/Black Horse Golf Course since 2003. In 2004, Concorso saw world-record turnouts of Ferraris and other Italian marques, and looks forward to its 21th Anniversary celebration in 2006!

Concorso Italiano is a celebration of Italian style, centered around Italy’s incredible exotic and classic automobiles and motorcycles. But the event is not just about cars — it’s about people, renewing acquaintances, making new friends and sharing a common interest.

The Concorso emphasizes display and appreciation over competition. It is not an event where judges labor over and under cars looking for minor imperfections. Trophies are awarded in non-judged categories. Judged competitions are frequent within individual marque clubs, but at the sole discretion of each.

Concorso Italiano celebrates Italian style, culture and the personalities behind that "special essence." The ultimate goal of the organizers is to create an atmosphere so rich with Italian culture, you’ll be convinced you spent the day in your favorite Italian city.

Concorso Italiano 2006 will honor all Italian Marques with a special emphasis on Lancias, all marques Italian and otherwise that have competed in the Targa Florio, and the beautiful automobiles designed by or influenced by Zagato.

100 years of Targa Florio
 The Targa Florio was born in 1906, as a result of a bet Vincenzo Florio made about organizing an automobilistic Rallye in Sicily. It’s a track where the bends wind like serpents with steep grades and the roads themselves covered in dust and full of holes. A legendary sporting event which never lost its appeal, has seen the most prestigious names of the automobile industry as well as the most famous aces of the steering wheel. Of all the car races still held today, the Targa Florio is the oldest; the likewise mythical Indianapolis being still a year younger.

Concorso Italiano will feature cars that have competed in the Targa Floria and invites all collectors that own cars that have competed in this marvelous race to participate in Targa Florio Special Display.

Design by Zagato
Zagato is a modern design consultancy and engineering services company situated just outside Milan, the hub of Italy’s world-famous fashion industry. The company was established at the end of the First World War by Ugo Zagato, putting aircraft industry construction techniques to use in the expanding market for passenger vehicles. Zagato’s cars were advanced in design and immediately became synonymous with light weight and excellent aerodynamics.

100 years of Lancia Automobiles
Lancia began in 1906 when Vincenzo Lancia, 25 years old at that time, and a colleague Claudio Fogolin, set up their first factory to produce cars in Turin. He had gained a great deal of experience working for Fiat, for whom he also drove cars in competitions.

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