Dub Auto Show and Concert

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach FL 33139
Hall A&D
home page: http://www.dubmagazine.com/dubshow


Car roll in is on SATURDAY between 2pm and 6pm. You must be preregistered
and paid, or you will be turned away. This roll in time is
firm. NO SUNDAY load-in. Failure to load in on SATURDAY will
constitute the elimination of your car from the show without refund.
When you check in you will receive to wristband for you and your
passenger. You will be allowed back in to the building on SUNDAY with
your wristband at 8am.


Cars going in an exhibitor booth, must roll in between 12pm and 4pm.
Please keep in mind that all display cars must fit entirely inside
exhibitor booth.
All vehicles must have the gas cap taped off and the batteries must be
disconnected. We will be strict on this due to fire codes. Please have
hoods up and batteries disconnected by 6pm on Saturday For
inspection. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and
removal from show.


Your vehicle must stay inside the designated taped areas. You can’t
have sponsor banners or displays around your vehicle. You can’t bring
in outside food and beverage into halls. Any such items brought in will
be confiscated and destroyed.


All vehicles must have less than 1/4 of a tank of gas - the gas cap
must be taped up or locked.
Battery cables must be disconnected. Cars are not to be started on
any show day at any time, under any circumstances.


The event is scheduled to end at 6pm. No cars will be admitted leave
prior to 6pm. Once the public safely clears the venue, cars will be
allowed to exit.


i was wondering if you can give me some trucks because i don’t have any cars SO PLEASE and some minivans too SO PLEASE and suvs too from:benwebb 444 county route 23

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