The automotive industry love to distribute Awards. From the prestigious car of the year to the best door knob manufacturer. We will keep you informed on the most interesting ones.

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given its Top Pick award to 6 more SUVs after a brilliant performance in the crash test evaluations. The winning six are, the Jeep Grand Cherokee , Kia Sorento , Toyota Highlander, Toyota Venza , GMC Terrain , and theChevrolet Equinox .

In order to gain this prestigious award, the six had to be tested on their front, side, and rear impact ability, as well as a roof strength test to simulate a roll over, something SUVs can be prone to do. Despite the IIHS giving these six strong ratings, they did warn that other popular SUVs lack the proper roof strength.

The highest rating went to the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, followed closely by the Kia Sorento and the Toyota Toyota Highlander. The GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Chevrolet Equinox did well, but only models made after March of 2010 got the Top Pick award. This is due to a number of modifications made during the production run.

Some other SUVs that were tested include the Ford Edge , which had an acceptable roof test, the Honda Accord Crosstour , Honda Pilot , Mazda CX-7 , Mitsubishi Endeavor, and the Nissan Murano . All five of those vehicles showed enough flex to be rated marginal, the second lowest score.

The Jeep Liberty and the Dodge Nitro did well in the rollover test, but only received a marginal rating in the side impact category. As a result, they failed to win the Top Pick award.

The Grand Cherokee, Equinox, Terrain, Highlander and Venza join theDodge Journey , Lexus RX , Subaru Tribeca and Volvo’s XC60 , and XC90 as Top Pick winners.

The IIHS said that it has more SUVs to test so the list might get a little longer.

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In a country that produces the most vehicles in the world, being named as the brand with the ’safest car’ for the third time in four years is no small feat. However, that’s the feat Subaru somehow achieved when it’s latest offering, the 2010 Legacy sedan was named by Japan’s New Car Assessment Program.

It’s the third time in four years a Subaru vehicle was given the "Grand Prix 09/10" distinction by the JNCAP, joining the Impreza , which took home the award for Subaru back in 2007, and the Forester , which bagged it in 2008.

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We are sure we are not the only ones that resort to channel surfing when our favorite TV show becomes the victim of yet another commercial break, but we are also sure that no one was dumb enough to change the channel when the Kia Soul commercial came on the big screen. The commercial opens up in a quiet neighborhood featuring hammers commuting in their ever-revolving hamster wheels. As the run-of-the-mill hamsters truck along aimlessly on their circles of death, a bright red Kia Soul thumping to music by Marz featuring Pack and Mumiez comes rolling along. Inside, the hip, music-loving rodents are bobbing their heads and tapping their paws expressing just how cool they really are. With a quick, cool guy...umm cool hamster nod, the Soul rolls on its way to wherever the young, trendy hamsters are hanging out these days illustrating their “new way to roll”.

It is because of this hilarious commercial that Kia has won the “Automotive Ad of the Year” award from the Nielsen Automotive Advertising Awards event at the 2010 New York Auto Show . This is their fourth year doling at such awards and the winners are chosen by a panel of TV viewers who watch the programs and commercials in a non-controlled, natural environment and then answer survey questions about what they have seen.

"Truly effective advertising starts with a great creative idea," said Nielsen Automotive President Lois Miller. "When you combine that idea with a memorable and unique hook that grabs viewers’ attention, you are going to get the results that we saw from Kia this year."

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Volkswagen Polo

The 2010 World Car Awards closed today at the 2010 New York Auto Show . Taking home the prestigious award for 2010 World Car of the Year was the Volkswagen Polo beating out the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Toyota Prius . Volkswagen took the majority vote of the 59 World Car jurors after they test drove the 30 entries from July 2009-January 2010. Walter de Silva, head of design Volkswagen Group, attributes this success to the Polo’s “uncomplicated, unique and timeless design plus its high efficiency”. This is Volkswagen’s second triumph in this category with the success of the Volkswagen Golf as last year’s World Car of the Year.

"We’re honored that the Volkswagen Polo was chosen by this distinguished group of jurors," said Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG. "After the great triumph of the Golf last year, we are delighted to repeat this success with the new Polo. These automobiles have reaped numerous awards, winning well-nigh every prize the automotive industry has to award. This shows Volkswagen is on the right track and is offering arguably the best range of products in its history."

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Ford Edge

Okay, we have to admit that when we first heard of this award, we chuckled a bit to ourselves. Pet Safe Vehicle of the Year, really? No one ever really thinks about the safety of their pets when choosing their vehicle except for maybe Bark Buckle UP’s founder Pet Safety Lady, Christina Selter.

"Most people don’t think about it, but in only a 35 mph accident with a 60-pound pet it becomes a 2,700-pound projectile. This will injure the pet, passengers, driver or the pet may escape the vehicle and cause a second accident or become agitated and bite the first responder that is on scene doing their job," stated Selter.

With this in mind, Selter announced this year’s Pet Safe Vehicle of the Year, the Ford Edge . The award was accepted by Brett Burin, Ford Edge Marketing Manager.

"We look ahead with excitement this summer to the arrival of the new 2011 Edge, which adds even more revolutionary technology and class-leading performance. And with a suite of safety features, flexible seating and nearly 70 cubic feet of cargo space, the Ford Edge is perfect for those traveling with pets," said Brett Burin, Ford Edge Marketing Manager.

We still think it is a little silly, but, hey, if it is grand enough to be done at the 2010 New York Auto Show then it has our attention and little Fido’s attention too.

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Mercedes E-Class Convertible Prime Edition

Everyone has different priorities when purchasing a new car. Some focus on ruggedness, performance, or comfort while others focus more on design, prestige, or, simply put, the “cool” factor. If you are any one of those people and are in the market for a new car then you are in luck. Kelley Blue Book,, has announced the winners of the 2010 Brand Image Awards.
Winners of these awards were chosen from the results of the Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence’s Brand Watch study. This study tracks the perceptions and deciding factors for car purchases of over 12,000 in-market new-vehicle shoppers annually.

"If you believe the marketing credo ’perception is reality,’ then you cannot help but be encouraged about the prospects of the winners of Kelley Blue Book’s 2010 Brand Image Awards," said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book and "The brands included on this elite list have convinced the car-buying public at large of the considerable virtues of their vehicles, and that correlates well with success in the crowded automotive marketplace."

Make sure you check out the winner of the Best Prestige Brand. It has been awarded this choice award three years in a row.

But enough chitchat, follow the jump for this year’s winners.

The last three cars left standing to duke it out for the prestigious World Car of the Year Award has been announced. From a list of 30 cars around the world, the field for the WCOTY title was whittled down to three vehicles – the Volkswagen Polo , the Toyota Prius , and the Mercedes- Benz E-Class .

The awarding ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 1st of April in New York City in time for the opening of the 2010 New York Auto Show.

In addition to the announcement of the last three cars vying for the World Car of the Year Award, the other finalists from different categories, including one for performance vehicle and another for design, were also announced.

The Audi R8 V10 , the Porsche 911 GT3 , and the Ferrari California will compete for the performance vehicle category while the Citroen C3 Picasso , the Kia Soul , and the Chevrolet Camaro will vie for the design category.

Rounding out the list of finalists are the ones left standing in the green category with the aforementioned Prius, the Honda Insight and Volkswagen`s BlueMotion diesel offerings jostling for eco-friendly supremacy.

Be sure to check back here when the winners for all the categories are announced on April 1.

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Potential Panamera buyers in the US to get free luggage

While most readers don’t peruse the pages of Playboy for insight into the latest car models, the premier Entertainment for Men magazine does happen to have quite a bit of insight into a world of style and elegance beyond most of our wildest imaginations. And it just so happens that we agree with their unique look at everything on four wheels. Taking the top spot was Porsche’s Panamera Turbo , thanks to the German sports car maker devotion to innovation and sophistication along with insane amounts of power. The Best Convertible award went to the Ferrari California with its unique styling and retractable metal roof.

The Best Horsepower Value was deemed to be the Nismo 370Z while the front wheel drive Mazdaspeed3 was named the Best Bang for your Buck and Audi’s diesel sipping A3 TDI became the best alternatively fueled vehicle. Bold styling and a twin turbocharged 365 HP ECOBoost six cylinder helped the Ford Taurus SHO to win the Best Reborn Beauty award. An unlikely candidate for the crossover segment, but BMW’s 5-Series GT was Playboy’s look good while carrying a lot of stuff was the best CUV. Not only is the Ford Fusion Hybrid the most fuel efficient mid size sedan on the market, but it also won Mr. Hefner’s Mean and Green award while the Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG took home the award for best sports sedan with its wide fenders and hand built V8. Now that Playboy has announced the winners, we can’t wait to see the spread.

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Quite a few shiny new cars have rolled through the Top Speed garage over the last 365 days, we have logged countless miles and spent enough time in drive thrus to thoroughly evaluate the ins and outs of everything from a stripped down fuel efficient Chevy Cobalt XFE that we thought would make a great racecar all the way up to a fully loaded ginormous GL 550 from Mercedes , everything from the gas/electric hybrid king of the road Toyota Prius to just about every iteration of Subaru’s all new Legacy . But it wasn’t until recently when Santa brought us the best early Christmas gift of all time, a Victory Red Chevrolet Camaro SS .

Top Speed 2009 Car of the Year

Ever since spending an afternoon with the man who drew the car , Luciano Nakamura , we have grown fond of the 2010 Camaro’s sinister grin, broad shoulders and classic Coke bottle shape. However when we received the keys to the more economical V6 equipped RS model earlier this year and we found it to be lacking in a few areas, mainly performance. At the heart of the the 21st century Super Sport pony car is a 426 HP LS3 V8 that breathes new life into the Camaro. The rumble of fuel injected Detroit iron miraculously made the interior much larger and while most journalists have complained about the extra cylinders adding too much weight over the front axle, but we felt the Camaro SS was more then well equipped to hang the tail out or handle a hard turn in.

Top Speed 2009 Car of the Year

It didn’t matter if we were banging gears or just cruising, we loved the way the retro steering wheel made you drive the Camaro with your fingertips, not to mention staring at those broad shoulders every time you look back at someone who isn’t having as fun as you are in the side mirror. Combine that kind of performance with a mid $35,000 price tag and you have just opened up an entire new audience to a beautifully styled high performance muscle car, and for that we must name the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS as the 2009 Top Speed Car of the Year.

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The boys at Top Gear have already announced the Ferrari 458 Italia to be both their "Super car of the year" and "Car of the year" , but there is another sports car being recognized by the automotive journal for one of their annual awards. The all new Lotus Evora is poised to take the sports car market by storm as the world’s only mid engine 2+2, powered by a Lotus tuned 3.5 Liter Toyota Toyota V6 that produces a very potent 276 HP and weighing in at just 2,976 lbs. the Evora is guaranteed to shake things up a bit.

Even if it’s not on sale yet, the 2010 Lotus Evora has just been announced as the Top Gear Magazine’s best Sports Car over the last 12 months. According to the English magazine’s Editor, Conor McNicholas, "[The Evora] is pretty quintessentially British, fast and handles like a dream. Evora takes Lotus to a new place in terms of quality, but more importantly delivers a sports car rush that puts other marques to shame" not to mention at a fraction of the price. The Lotus CEO, Dany Bahar, continued by saying that "I am particularly pleased that the Top Gear team commented on the huge improvements in quality at Lotus, confirming that the Evora is an exciting supercar that can also be used for every day driving." This is only the latest award in what is becoming a long list of automotive accolades.

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