2005 AWE Carrera GT Exhaust Options

The results of our Carrera GT exhaust development were significant, given the high level of engineering that went into the factory system. Our comprehensive testing included dyno testing of the vehicle with the stock exhaust in place and removed, so that we knew exactly what we were up against with our design challenges.

The factory muffler is an impressive piece, consisting of several chambers and vacuum actuated flaps to give a very high pitched street legal sound without impacting power output tremendously. However, the results of this type of sound control results in a muffler weighing in at over 75 lbs, which is the heaviest muffler we have ever weighed for a mid or rear engine vehicle.

By eliminating the flap mechanisms, as well as using a straighter path for the exhaust gasses, we were able to gain quite a bit of power in the low end of the rpm range, while virtually matching the stock muffler high rpm power output. And in the process, we were able to shave off 26lbs from the assembly, resulting in a 49 lbs muffler weight. The sound is just slightly louder than stock as measured in the cabin, and with a tone that is a mix between the high pitch of the stock muffler and the low pitch of the open exhaust with no muffler.

Our system is also modular, meaning that straight pipes can be installed to delete the muffler, resulting in a very aggressive sound and even more power gains. Installation of the straight pipes means another 24 lbs of weight savings over stock.

Considerable time was taken to document critical interface issues of the exhaust and the rest of the vehicle. The factory design uses a hemispherical gasket shape where the muffler inlet tubes mate to the over-axle pipes. Through careful digitizing of this gasket’s profile, we were able to duplicate the tubing shape that it is clamped against, ensuring a leak-free seal. We also use a stainless steel lined braided flex joint on each inlet tube, just like the factory. A lined flex joint allows for proper heat expansion/contraction of the system while permitting an uninterrupted smooth bore for ultimate gas flow. Special high temperature tubing wrap is used on the inlet tubes and tailpipes, just like factory, to ensure proper heat shielding to carbon fiber structural and trim pieces. We also increased tubing diameter from 2.75" to 3.00". All adjustments for fitment are retained, just like factory.

Like all our exhaust products, fitment, performance, sound tone and volume are all carefully documented, verified, and field tested by our engineers and designers.


Transmission Part#Price
ALLRWD6 speed manualCarrera GT Muffler$8995
ALLRWD6 speed manualCarrera GT Straight Pipe add on option to Muffler$1495
ALLRWD6 speed manualCarrera GT Straight Pipe Kit alone$2495


That’s a lot of bucks. I can’t imagine that an exhaust like this can costs such price.

Just for the hell of it.. can we know how much this little thing costs smiley

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