2007 Barabus TKR

Designed, engineered, certified and marketed by Barabus Sportscars Limited, TKR was conceived to combine more power than a Formula one racecar with the driving pleasure of a road car. Working with some of the world’s most respected and technologically advanced automotive suppliers, the TKR has put power and looks to the front of the motor industry.

Barabus Sportscars, a specialty engine and vehicle manufacturer has created the most powerful supercar. with the launch of the Barabus TKR Barabus TKR . The TKR is designed to compete with the worlds fastest, quickest, best handling, most luxurious grand touring cars in the world, whilst providing a distinctly European driving experience for the fortunate few who will own one.

A true supercar, the TKR is capable of over 200 miles per hour. Zero-to-60 time is under two seconds. When designing the TKR, Barabus put drivability on a wide variety of road conditions high on the list of on the list of objectives. And, while the TKR would be at home on any racetrack, it is also a car that can be driven with pleasure on motorways, autobahns and back roads.

The car is to be made in Italy and the power plant is built in the United Kingdom. While the TKR is a true Italian supercar, the vehicle itself reflects a "best-in-practice" philosophy, where Barabus has incorporated superior components from around the globe in order to manufacture the best vehicle possible. The TKR utilizes ceramic brakes as well as numerous high technology pieces from companies located in Italy.

The Barabus TKR architecture begins with a full carbon fibre body and chassis. Suspension is fully independent unequal length "A" arms. The TKR chassis and suspension are straight from the race track; Adonis Alanagan was enlisted to assist with the design and building of the supercar and packaging of the TKR.

The TKR engine is designed and built by Barabus and incorporates modern racing motor technology and engineering. Based on a V8 all aluminium block re-engineered by Barabus, the twin turbo dual intercooler motor generates 1005 horsepower at 6800 rpm; redlining at 7500 rpm. Space age materials and engineering are used throughout:

  • A Barabus Electromech control system computer handles engine management.
  • The ignition system is integrated coil-on-plug.
  • A longitudinally mounted transaxle, with unique Barabus bell housing, transfers power to the wheels.

The gill-like ducting is fully functional, venting air into the engine. The autoclave carbon fibre body panels beautifully incorporate the advanced aerodynamics and including full underside air management, advanced front tray and side skirt designs.


Upholstery is covered with finest leathers and suedes. Accents are brushed aluminium or carbon fibre and painted body-colour highlights. Air conditioning, adjustable pedals.

The Barabus has a unique interior feature: the rear view "mirror". There is a small video camera mounted in the rear of the car, with the display is shown normally where the rear mirror is situated.

The Barabus TKR is for sale worldwide. Built in Colonella, Italy, the TKR will be sold through select Barabus certified dealers specializing in exotic automobiles. Worldwide volume is projected to be 300-400 cars over the estimated three-year production run.

The Barabus TKR is on sale at its introduction at the famed British Motorshow, with the first vehicles to be delivered to customers in four months. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is £360,000 (668000$).

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I refrain my comment until I get some proof.

It’s all about power/weight ratio. Basically how much horsepower/torque each tire is making. The better that is, the quicker you can get off the line. That’s exacty why a sportbike, or even a highly modified go-kart can get off the line quicker than many supercars. I will have to see some videos of this thing in action to believe this claimed 0-60 time of 1.67 secs.


The c6 corvette can do 60 in 1st. gear.

Check out barabus’s website, its soo unprofessional looking

Bull this car doesnt even Exist... no videos available anywhere. Bull - just words.

its possible!!!!! a very light car with a very big engine! i havnt checked yet but its hp to lb is probably 2-1 and a ver big first gear. it has the areodynamics of a saleen s7, allowing it to drive upside down and still maintain road contact.

Care to prove me wrong?

What a crock of

Fellas! Please, we all know that it’s quite possible. It not only depends on conditions such as weather climent temps and the like, but chassis construction, weight, suspension setup, tires, gearing(rearend & Trans) and track conditions. Since the TKR’s Engine sits in over the rear tires, I would say with everything in play under ther right conditions that it’s very believable the TKR can hit 0-60 in 1.67 seconds.

just actually count to yourself- one one thousand- and this car is already at 60mph? i doubt it

no car can do 60 mph in 1st gear....

You obviously don’t know a thing about cars.

big dragsters can’t even achieve that an they go hell of alot faster than this piece of tin metal sorry whoever posted this article u fooled everyone else but u ain foolin me

nope sorry wrong again for all thos turbos the veyron has a big inter cooler an air vents to let into the engine an to let some of the hot air out....and o-60 is too damn impossible to achieve in jus 1.67 secs are you out of ur mind?!! the only thing that can do sumtin like that are them dragsters that aren’t street legal n the jet car which isn’t a car at all more like a land jet

ok it can be done if the tires stick and there are pretty much slicks on the back of the thin.... and yes a manual can hit 60mph plus in 1st gear...... and this is for ash, wow the veyron is wiegh heavier than the tkr and it should be going alot faster than 2.5 seconds 0-60 but with all those four turbo’s it produces wiegh to much heat and therefore loses power.... the tkr 0-60 is possible and i would love to see it

this is bull mussy 3secs they meanin ya’ll need to get your facts strait

60 is very possible in first gear. Just go watch the Ultima GTR’s video.()(0-100-0) It’s going 70 before it shifts. As for the rwd,it makes it pretty impossible. you would need AWD, and provably slicks. even then i dont know.

hold on, it has British electrics.....that should subtract some points.
There needs to be a race, TVR vs, Veyron vs Hennessey Viper. On top gear with the stig at the wheel. Or maybe a road and track comparo at Laguna seca......with that kind of power it comes down to how much the wheels can handle.

i think that it’s impossible for a car to reach 60mph in 1.67. I need proof so i can believe.

This High performance car is relentively fast. Built for high equiped technology for the race to come. My opinion who built this should be recommended the highest award of engineering available. I congradulate the company that built it. Maybe one day i will beable to afford one.

the car looks like a saleen s7 n frm the back it lookz lika zonda but damn this car iz sick i love 2 see it race a bugatti veryon so i can see if the facts r true

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