Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental

  The British automaker Bentley has used the Continental name on a number of high end luxury coupes since 1952. The last version of the classic Continental was powered by a 6 3/4 Liter turbocharged V8 producing 420 HP and 650 lb-ft of torque and despite its large size could accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in only 6.6 seconds and reach a 170 MPH top speed.

With an incredible look and 621 HP under the hood, the Bentley Continental Supersports seems to be the car that needs no improvements. Of course, now that it has been written and spoken, you know there will always be a tuner that will kick it up a notch and take the Supersports to the next level. American tuner, Wheelsboutique, seems to be that tuner and, while they did not make any major changes to the car’s look, they have added some small details that should make a difference.

The package includes a set of 22" HRE 940R wheels painted in gloss black with a color matched lip and color matched inner. The wheels are wrapped in Pirelli PZero tires.

For the Bentley’s engine, the tuners offered up an Evo MS Tune system and Mansory Air Filter, as well as an RSC exhaust system. The whole package is finished by a Renntech lowering module.

The tuner said nothing on how the car’s performances have been improved, but for us, a 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 204 mph is more than enough. Not to mention that the white exterior looks amazing!

The overall look of the car sort of reminds us of the Supersports tuning kit provided by Wheelsandmore back in April. Not that the tuning kits are identical, but this package looks to be the classier, more upscale version of the Supersports, while the kit by Wheelsandmore was the hip, young, and trendy version. Basically, these two kits would be the perfect solution for a father/son purchase.

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The Pebble Beach Concours was the place to be this past weekend and Bentley took advantage of that fact to unveil two new special editions designed exclusively for the North American market. These new editions are similar to and come shortly after the Bentley Flying Spur that was designed specifically for the Middle East market. North America’s new models are called the GTC and the GTC Speed 80-11 and will each be limited to 80 units. Sales will begin in 2011.

The new GTC 80-11 is distinguished by new 20", 14-spoke alloy diamond wheels equipped with unique black center caps that feature Bentley’s distinctive ‘B’ emblem. The GTC Speed 80-11 gets 20" wheels darkened with a dark tint and highlighted by red brake calipers. The two new editions will be offered with a new and unique Midnight color and Bentley’s gray metallic soft top and Mulliner fuel-filler cap.

On the interior, the two models get a dark main hide color with the stitching and emblems sparkling in a contrasting white color for the GTC and red for the GTC Speed. The interior also features alloy sport foot pedals and the "80-11 Edition" signature as well as a bright finished dash trim for the GTC and darker finish for the GTC Speed.

The Bentley GTC and GTC Speed are powered by the same 6.0-liter W12 engines as their standard counterparts delivering 552hp for the GTC and 600hp for the GTC Speed. Both editions will be available for order in fall of 2010 as model-year 2011 vehicles.

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Those of you who know your cars and your TV Guides probably know that last week, Top Gear finally made its long-awaited return to the BBC with the first episode of their 15th season. Well, that should pose as great news for those who actually have access to BBC and could therefore watch the show from the confines of their own living rooms. But as for us here in America, any chance of watching the show as soon as it hits UK television is left all up to live streamings, or, if we’re lucky, downloadable torrents that are made available as soon as the episode ends in the UK.

But that’s a topic for another day because what we’d like to show you was how Top Gear kicked off their 15th season, and it’s something that should be of interest to those who have fallen head over heels for this car. ’This car’, of course, is the Bentley Continental Supersports , which Jeremy Clarkson puts to task as he reviews every nook and cranny of the new Bentley powerhouse. Clarkson takes equal turns in heaping praise for the car and just as quickly, criticizing for one reason or another. It’s a good video to watch, especially for those who have strong opinions - good or bad - on the Bentley Continental Supersports.

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The American tuner, Tecnocraft, is currently working on a tuning package for the new Bentley Continental Supersports . While this kit is still a work in progress, they were kind enough to reveal a few details on their future product. Of course, since Tecnocraft specializes in the use of dry carbon fiber production techniques, it is positively safe to assume the majority of the kit, if not all of it, will be based on adding this exotic material.

The tuner’s main concern was to make the car as light as possible. For that, Tecnocraft added the obvious dry carbon fiber front lip and trunk spoiler, a new exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes, and dry carbon interior.

We don’t know how much weight was dropped by the use of these materials, but we can’t wait to see how these changes will affect the car’s final specifications. Pricing for this model has yet to be announced.

We’ll keep you posted on any additional information we find!

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The Bentley Continental Supersports already had a mean look with some serious bite to its bark, but Wheelsandmore have decided that there was still room for speed. They have taken the most powerful Bentley ever and added some pitbull power to increase this car’s intensity. Just looking at it sends chills up and down our spines which is definitely a good thing. With a few ECU tricks, a handmade, stainless steel exhaust system, and a remote controlled valve flap system the tuner managed to squeeze a total of 702 HP and 650 lb-ft of torque (up from a total of 630 HP). Top speed goes up to 209 mph.

Next to the engine upgrade the tuner is also offering a 3-piece set of lightweight wheels outfitted with "C-Sport" model sizing 10.5x21" with Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres for the front and rear, wearing an enormous 4.5" outside snarled lip in the rear. The wheels are painted in a mysterious matte black with a blood-red racestripe that adds just the right amount of aggressiveness.

The result of this upgrade is a sexy Bentley that oozes some serious killer instincts.

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On one side you have the visually influenced Bentley and, on the other, you have the mechanically influenced Bentley. The second special edition unveiled today by Bentley at 2010 Auto China Motor Show, Beijing is the Continental Flying SpurSpeed China. This special edition comes with a range of engineering upgrades developed for the Chinese market.

It gets a bespoke ’comfort’ suspension which emphasizes the car’s superior ride quality for both driver and passengers, whilst ensuring the class-leading performance of the W12 6-liter engine is in no way diminished. The car is capable of achieving a potential top speed of 200mph and a 0-60mph sprint time of just 4.5 seconds.

The Continental Flying SpurSpeed China is distinguished by sporty 20-inch multi-spoke Speed wheels, a range of design features that accentuate its special edition status, ’Speed China’ treadplates and wing badges and a special display case for the ignition key.

It probably would have been a good idea just to combine the Flying SpurSpeed China’s engineering upgrades with the Bentley Continental GT Design Series China ’s bold color choices to make one helluva sedan or coupe.

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Bentley’s creativity has run wild! The special edition Continental GT Design Series China made its debut today at the 2010 Auto China Motor Show, Beijing. This will be the first Bentley to feature Orange and Magenta as exterior colors and Orange Flame and Magenta Metallic (as an option). The bold color choices are a new thing Bentley is trying out and they have decided China would be the ideal market to test these choices. This special edition will also be distinguished by an exterior wing badge, treadplate, and name badge positioned on the center console – all bearing the Design Series China signature.

The interior will get a three-tone combination color: a main leather hide color with accent and insert colors. Accent colors will be used on the seat belts, floor mats, seat piping, or the hand-stitching applied to the steering wheel. Wood veneers will be provided in black and dark-stained Burr Walnut. Bold colors will also be used in the interior to add a certain amount of visual impact.

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The new Bentley Continental Supersports is priced at $272,000. But for the price you will only get the front seats. Now, if you plan to bring someone else with you, you might need an extra two seats in the rear. And you can get them for an extra $5000.

The only problem is that the Comfort Seat option will drop the Supersports-specific carbon-fiber–backed seats in favor of regular Continental chairs with power adjustment, heat, and massage.

The Continental Supersports is powered by a turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 engine that delivers a total of 621HP. With this amount of power the Supersports makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.7 seconds, the 0 -100 mph in 8.9 seconds and can hit a top speed of 204 mph.

As usual, when it comes to cars that looks to have been the work of a mad scientist - or designer, for that matter - we immediately think assume that it came from the Motherland that is Russia. And to prove our point, we present you with this Bentley Continental Bentley Continental GT that has been dressed from end to end in crocodile leather. The work of a Russian fashion house, the Bentley Suitcase Croco, as its come to be known, is just the latest example as to why Russia seems to have no shortage of eccentricity with this Bentley becoming living proof that in that part of the world, there’s no such thing as a crazy idea.

Do you like it?

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If you have some spare time - really, who can’t spare a few minutes on this - Bentley is offering you the chance to configure the new Mulsanne or the new Continental Supersports (both coupe and convertible models). Who know, maybe you’ll find the right color you want and end up buying either one of these two luxury cars!

As a refresher, the 2011 Mulsanne luxury limousine will go on sale in the U.S. market this fall for a princely sum of $285,000 whereas the the Continental Supersports coupe, which will go on sale sometime in June, is priced at $267,000 and the convertible version going for around $300,000.

We’re not fully expecting anyone to actually buy any of these three cars after playing mix-and-match on this configurator, but at the very least, it should be a good way to spend some of your idle time on.

After all, whoever said that configurating your imaginary Bentley is a waste of time.

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