Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

  The Bentley Continental GT is a high end two plus two grand touring luxury coupe that was released in 2003. Powered by a 6.0 Liter W12 engine, this model is available in multiple version producing 552hp, 600hp, and 621hp. Torque comes in at 479lb-ft, 553lb-ft, and 590lb-ft. All of this power is sent to all four wheels leading the Continental GT to an acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.6 seconds and 3.7 seconds, depending on the model. Top speed goes from 197mph to 201 mph.

Anyone taking on the task of tuning a Bentley Continental GT Convertible better know what they are doing if they want to end up making the car look even more luxurious than it already is. Thankfully, Prior Design has had a little experience in this department with tuning projects such as the BMW M5 F10 and the Mercedes E-Class Coupe . Their newest project reshapes the convertible with aerodynamic pieces and some interior modifications.

The aerodynamic kit includes a new front bumper with an integrated carbon fiber bottom lip that reduces the updraft at the front axle. It also includes two air inlets on the hood, a massive sports grille with two carbon-fiber air outlets on top, a set of traditional side sills, and a new bumper with integrated diffuser for the rear. The final touch has been provided by a stainless steel sports exhaust system cleanly integrated into the tail. For the interior, the tuner jazzed it up a bit with wooden decorations and exclusive carbon fiber insertions.

Under the hood, everything remained unchanged so the customer will still get the 6 liter W12 engine that delivers a total of 567 HP and a peak torque of 516 lbs-ft. With this setup, the car sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and can hit a top speed of 198 mph.

Updated 05/20/2011: After an initial announcement back in April, Bentley has released today the official details and images on their package for the Bentley Continental GT.

Now that Bentley has unveiled the Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible to celebrate theirworld speed record on ice , it seemed only natural to see a chronograph celebrating the same event. In fact, there are two watches designed by Breitling, the same company who revealed the Supersport Light Body Watch earlier this month.

The two watches are called GT Ice and GT Racing Ice and they come with an Ice White dial – an exclusive Bentley livery color. Both of them feature an all-polished finish, and the GT Racing Ice version features a special finish that alternates between satin-brushed upper surfaces and polished sides. On the case back is a medallion with the outline of the famous Bentley Continental GT.

Both of the Bentley timepieces feature the Breitling Calibre 13B chronograph movement - chronometer-certified by the COSC and equipped with a calendar displaying the day and date through a large twin aperture at 3 o’clock.

The GT Ice and GT Racing Ice will be built in limited numbers with prices starting from $7,165.

We’ve only reached the middle of March, but we’re already beginning to think that if there ever were an award for “Breakthrough Tuner of the Year”, the British tuning company, Amari Design, would run away with it. In the six weeks that they’ve come to our attention, Amari Design has already released three strong tuning programs: the Lamborghini Gallardo Invidia Edition , the Range Rover Windsor Edition , and now, the Bentley Continental GT Evolution.

The last of these projects is their latest offering, which is made all the more impressive considering that we didn’t even know these guys existed when the calendar struck 2011. For theContinental GT , Amari Design gave the car’s exterior a number of modifications, including a new front bumper, lip spoiler, a new hood, fenders, side skirts, panel extensions, a new rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and exhaust. All these components were made from high-quality plastic and carbon fiber. Inside the car, you’ll find plenty more improvements, including re-upholstered seats using Alcantara and Nappa leather and carbon fiber trimmings on the dash paneling.

Not much was divulged on the engine improvements, although the tuning firm did say that they were installing a hybrid supercharger to the Bentley’s 6.0L W12 engine to go with an ECU upgrade and in the process, bump up the Bentley ’s output up to 750 horsepower.

The next step for these guys is to actually show one of their products – maybe all three at the same time – so we can ogle over them and see whether these guys are as good as we think they are.

When Bentley unveiled the Continental Supersports last year at the Geneva motor Show, everyone believed it would be the most powerful Continental ever built. Now we are hearing rumors that suggest the company will bring an even more powerful model to this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It is believed to be something along the lines of a Supersports GT model and it will be limited to only 100 units.

The new model will feature more carbon fiber elements to make the car even lighter. It will also have a few more ponies bucking underneath the hood - even more than the current 621 HP found in the Supersports, making it faster than ever. A bigger spoiler at the rear will further distinguish it from the rest of the models in the line-up.

But, alas, these are just rumors at the moment, but some spy photographers did catch the 2012 Bentley Continental a few months ago, so maybe these rumors will end up holding some water. Guess we’ll just have to wait until March 1st, 2011 to be sure. Stay with us to hear all of the details if and when the Bentley debuts!

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The Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond may be all fun and jokes in front of the camera, but despite their cunning wit and silly banter, these three all share a unique similarity: they know everything and anything there is to know about cars.

When they say a car is good or bad, their opinions carry more clout than the standard human because they’ve done their homework through countless hours of testing, free drives, and taped segments on the show. And now that we’re nearing the end of an amazingly eventful year, the trio have decided to finally release their choice of vehicles that will be included in the 11th Top Gear Awards.

With categories ranging from Hypercar of the Year, Grand Tourer of the Year, Coupe of the Year, and even Engine of the Year, the three hosts took everything they’ve seen, heard, and driven in 2010 to come up with a winner for each respective category.

In addition to these categories, Clarkson, May, and Hammond also picked their favorite cars of the year regardless of make, model, and type. Care to find out the award winners?

Check them out after the jump.

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We may not have heard much about Anderson Germany before this year, but we are definitely getting to know them well now with all of the tuning kits just rolling off of their capable hands. So far we’ve seen kits for the Ferrari California , Bentley Continental GT Supersport , a Ferrari Scuderia Edition
, and even an Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition . Now, the German tuner is at it again with another Bentley model: the GT Speed .

The GT Speed Elegance edition features an exterior package consisting of a carbon fiber bonnet, air intakes and the deck lid, a front apron, a set of side skirts, and a rear skirt. The interior gets decor strips, while the front and rear center console get some carbon fiber treatment. Black leather seats with white logo stitching make for a nice comfortable ride, too.

Under the hood, the tuner has increases the horsepower from 610hp to 695hp with the use of software optimization and the addition of a modified air filter and exhaust system. The new exhaust system not only helps with the number of ponies, but it also saves the GT Speed about 17 kg (34lbs) in weight.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed will be limited to only 150 pieces worldwide.

Press release after the jump.

A Bentley Continental GT is a car that doesn’t need any fine-tuning because, by itself, it’s already good enough to be considered a prized vehicle. But every so often, a tuning house tries to up the ante by giving a car the stature of the Continental GT even more reason to be beloved.

That’s what Platinum Collision Center did with this particular Bentley , a Continental GT Mulliner. Calling it the Widebody GT Premier4509 Platinum Edition, PCC gave the car a complete widebody overhaul, complete with a new front bumper, a rear bumper with a new diffuser, side skirts, a new hood, a rear wing, and a set of of new wheels. The interior was also given doses of carbon fiber, including on the entire center console.

For now, the boys at PCC only gave the Continental GT a GT Haus-sourced MEISTERSCHAFT full exhaust system, although they did say that they’re going to upgrade the car with turbos and re-program the ECU in time for the car’s appearance at the LA Auto Show .

We’ll give you more details about this car as soon as information becomes available.

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It seems that there are people out there who will do their very best to ensure that car thieves will make off with at least part of their car. Sound ridiculous? Well, it is, but it also seems to be true. Take this Bentley Continental GT , for example. The Bentley is already a tasty treat for car thieves everywhere, but this owner has sweetened the pot by adding Swarovski crystals to his luxury vehicle making this a deadly combination for the naive and insane car owner.

And if the crystals were not enough, the owner of this Continental GT also added a very unique exterior: white with orange flowers and flames. The crystals are "hidden" in the flames, but it is still impossible to miss the sparkly additions when you take a glance at the vehicle.

This Bentley was spotted on the streets of the Ukraine, but we’re just wondering how long the car will actually be cruising the streets before we get news of its abduction.

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Bentley’s footballer vehicle, the Continental GT , might be getting a few upgrades from its new sister company. The company might equip the new V8 with Audi’s dual-clutch S Tronic transmission. Testing is currently underway to see how well the transmission works in the V8 GT.

The biggest challenger facing engineers is the underbody of the vehicle. The six-speed ZF gearbox is a different shape than the S Tronic, meaning the underbody of the GT will need to be reworked. Still, the benefits of having such a transmission are numerous, such as a better driving experience that could help Bentley market the GT to a more sporting audience.

“The V8 will find a new audience for us. There are sports car enthusiasts out there, particularly in the US, who won’t buy a sports car unless it’s powered by a V8,” says Bentley’s new sales and marketing boss Alasdair Stewart to Autocar.

The price of the V8 is likely to be set below the W12 and it will go on sale in early 2012.

Source: Autocar

One of the most important vehicles to come out of the Paris Motor Show is Bentley’s newly released 2011 Continental GT .

While not everybody was afforded with the opportunity to see the launch of the 2011 Continental GT in Paris, Bentley’s giving you the opportunity to do it from the comforts of your own couch, provided you have an iPad, of course.

The British luxury car maker is launching a new iPad app dedicated solely to the 2011 Continental GT. In it, you can get access to a slew of features including an extensive and exclusive selection of ‘on location’ photography, a range of zoomable super-high quality studio shots, a variety of Continental GT driving footage, behind-the-scenes multimedia movies from Bentley’s styling studios, and test track and special ‘insider’ views straight from the factory floor.

The app also gives you access to a run around the history of Bentley, complete with the brand’s long and illustrious history in Le Mans, an introduction to the men and women behind the brand, and classic photos from Bentley’s treasure chest of archives.

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