Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

  The Bentley Continental GT is a high end two plus two grand touring luxury coupe that was released in 2003. Powered by a 6.0 Liter W12 engine, this model is available in multiple version producing 552hp, 600hp, and 621hp. Torque comes in at 479lb-ft, 553lb-ft, and 590lb-ft. All of this power is sent to all four wheels leading the Continental GT to an acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.6 seconds and 3.7 seconds, depending on the model. Top speed goes from 197mph to 201 mph.

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The Russian tuning firm, Dartz, does have a small flair for the over-the-top styling, doesn’t it? A few months ago, Dartz presented the CA$H.CAMO, a Bentley Continental that has an exclusive wrap that feels like a banknote. The kevlar vinyl had a camouflage color with a picture of a EUR500 banknote and was being offered with a bottle of RussoBaltique vodka. As we said on ourprevious review of the vehicle, you’d need the vodka after taking a look at what you had just purchased. But if this is the type of car that you would be interested in then you will be happy to know that Dartz will be presenting it at the Top Marques Monaco. So you can have another chance to take a look at it there.

Dartz covers the Bentley Continental GT in white snake skin

Now, a few months later, Dartz has come out with another unique wrap for the Bentley Continental GT . This Continental is covered in a white snake skin wrapping. The wrap has a "special dust-mood-wateroff nanocoating" that helps keep the car clean all year round and covers every inch of the Bentley down to wrapping around the door handles. It may seem a little strange, but we would take the snake skin over the CA$H.CAMO any day of the week.

Hopefully Dartz’s wrappings will get better with age, much like wine, because we would hate for them to digress to the hideousness that is the CA$H.CAMO. Please just make them get better. We need our eyes to work and looking at horrid creations doesn’t help.

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Bentley Continental GT Preview

We have to love spy photographers. It’s great when they get in there and snap shots of cars that want to keep top secret. The latest vehicle to be uncovered is the 2012 Bentley Continental GT. From the looks of these photographs the next Continental GT will be receiving a face lift and it looks as if the designers performing the surgery think there’s not much to change. Cosmetic changes are very subtle, almost unrecognizable to the untrained eye. The new Continental will feature new headlights - similar to those of the new Mulsanne - new, revised, front air ducts, and a new set of wheels. Does anyone else see anAston Martin morphed into the side of the car or is it just us?

The 2012 Continental is also expected to go on a diet by using an aluminum space frame, comparable to that of the Audi R8 . Expect improved performance from the 6.0 liter W12 although the new Continental will most likely not receive a substantial amount of power. A redesigned interior will provide the driver with new, modern conveniences while also allowing them to customize their ride.

The 2012 Bentley Continental GT will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in October with sales beginning in 2011. Prices will start at £130,000.

We should be receiving more photos and information as the Paris Motor Show draws near and we’ll make sure and pass that along.

UPDATE 08/19/2010: Check out Bentley’s new teaser images for the Continental GT!

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The world of super luxury sedans might be a thing of the past for Bentley . The company decided to focus on performance vehicles, as well as run on an 18-month production cycle.

Bentley researchers found that owners of two-door Continentals tend to keep their cars around 12 to 18 months. After that, their desire for a new, high priced car has them shopping around, hence the new production cycle. Furthermore, the report also says that when Bentley made a coupe and a convertible of the same model, some customers bought both.

This new cycle and customer habits are part of the reason for the new 2011 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible , a variant on the Supersports, which is the fast version of the GT. The drop-top Supersports will cost around $280,000 and will come only a year after we got the base $267,000 Supersports.

All of these performance cars might be a sign of things to come for the company, as they look to get back to their fast car roots.

Bentley will look to separate themselves from Rolls-Royce, as the two have long been linked together. It’s been nearly a decade since Rolls went off to join BMW and Bentley was swooped up Volkswagen .

Bentley global director of planning, Richard Leopold believes that the change to more speed-focused models will help the company move away from luxury vehicles and closer to Maserati and Lamborghini . He says that buyers of those Italian brands might be willing to consider moving to sportier Bentleys.

Whatever Bentley decides to do, they need to hurry up. The old Continental is seven years old and sales are down due to the economic crisis. We hope to have more news soon.

We’ve seen a lot of high-priced luxury cars being treated to things that are by no means luxurious, but this one absolutely takes the cake. It’s definitely a sight for some pretty bad sore eyes.

That, dear friends, is a Bentley Continental GT , not a tractor trailer. And worst of all, it costs a quarter-of-a-million in this part of the world. We don’t know what the owner of the car was thinking - we heard he’s Russian - when he decided to ride his expensive exotic into a obscenely muddy road, but as is the case with those rich boys from Russia who don’t seem to mind getting their cars dirty, or in this case, filthy, this one had no problem doing so.

The problem came when he couldn’t get the car out of the muddy trap he led it to, leading to this extremely difficult predicament. We don’t know if that shirt-less fellow acting like an idiot is the owner, but judging from what looks to be an intoxicated state, we wouldn’t be the lease bit surprised if that indeed is him.

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Top Car is offering a new version of their Continental GT Bullet . Back in 2009, they gave us a black-matte edition , this time they came with a gray edition with carbon fiber insertions.

The exterior package consists of bonnet with additional air intakes, radiator grille GT Speed, front bumper with set LED daytime lights, front bumper lip, tinted front and rear lights, two composite side skirts with additional air inlets, rear bumper and diffuser, rear wing, exhaust tips, black window frames, and lower side moldings.

Basically, this edition is just about the same thing as the matte black edition they presented us with last September. The only difference is the change in exterior color. Top Car is lucky that the Continental GT Bullet is already stunning or else we would have been bored with this edition before we even started writing about it.

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Back in 2008, attendees of the Geneva Motor Show were strolling around the show floor, admiring all of the beautiful vehicles on display. Then, they happened to come across the Bentley Continental GTZ by Zagato . This wasn’t your typical vehicle. This was a Bentley Continental with the unique 50 and 60’s styling from the Italian design house, Zagato Zagato . Pronounced fender lines, double-bubble roof, round tail with rear combination lamp, and the hand painted pin-stripe coordinated with the interior color are just some of the beautiful stylings created on this solid coupe. Only nine of these models were going to be made and, thanks to Jameslist, we know of one that is currently on sale in Belgium.

This particular green Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato is one of only two in existence today. It has seen only one owner and has been driven approximately 880 miles. The Bentley Continental Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato has a 6.0 liter V12 engine that produces 610 Bhp and 750 Nm of torque mated to an automatic 6 speed transmission. A true collector’s item, the only other one we have heard about is the first Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato that was sold on none other than Jameslist for a whopping $1.7 million back in 2009. That should give us some sort of clue as to how much this Bentley will run if anyone with enough money in the bank is interested in purchasing this elegant neo-classical coupe.

Source: Jameslist

The Russians are at it again and there seems to be no end in sight as to how over-the-top these guys can get when turning luxury cars into ridiculous four-door eye sores.

If you’ve the foggiest idea what we’re talking about, then we dare you to look at what they did to this Bentley Continental GT – or what used to be one. The work was done by – surprise, surprise – Russian tuners TopCar and Dartz, who collaborated on a project they have so affectionately called, the CA$H.CAMO Bentley Continental GT.

That’s no joke; they spelled ‘Cash’ with a ‘$’ sign instead of an ‘S’. Only the Russians, ladies and gentlemen!

And, by the way, we haven’t gotten to the juiciest part yet. Take a good look at the car and you’ll notice that it’s been wrapped using Kevlar vinyl that uses a camouflage color and combines it with a picture of a € 500 banknote. We wish we were joking on that last note but, unfortunately, we’re not. Wait, there’s more.

Not content with just looking like a banknote, both TopCar and Dartz even went as far as having the car’s surface feel like – wait for it – a banknote! If for nothing else, this CA$H.CAMO Bentley Continental GT will always remind you of the money you’re wasting when you but this piece of work.

But just to entice a little bit more, should you end up buying one of these cars, the tuners will throw in a bottle of RussoBaltique Vodka so you can probably drink your sorrows away after realizing you just made the worst purchase of your life.

Whatever the case may be, we certainly can’t fault the Russians for thinking so far out of the box, it was probably already thrown out to see. We just wish that they’d put their novelty thinking to good use and make something that wouldn’t make our eyes bleed.

Don’t think that’s possible? Look at that priceless ride again.

Yes, Russians are an eclectic group, to say the least. That we already know. What we still find hard to believe though, or at least hard to come to grips with is how far these Russians are going to go to become completely and legitimately off-the-rocker.

When we featured that Bentley Continental GT that was completely dressed from end to end in crocodile leather and told you that it came from the Motherland, not a lot of people were totally surprised by it. After all, this Bentley Suitcase Croco, which was designed by a Russian fashion house, is only the latest example of the abundance of eccentricity in that country.

Now, we discovered the official teaser video of the one-of-a-kind Bentley, which will make its debut somewhere in the near future. Watch the video and if you pay more attention, you’ll notice that there’s also something there that should catch your collective attention that is, if you’re a straight-on-the-cup man with a fascination for rear ends.

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After intense preparations, Bentley is finally set to unveil a facelift version for the Continental GT at the Paris Auto Show in October. The exterior design of the Continental GT is inspired by the company’s two newest models: the Mulsanne and the Supersport.

Among the modifications that will come with the facelift version of the Continental GT includes a modified front end with a more upright grille, a wider air intake, Mulsanne-inspired LED headlights with integrated headlamp washers, chrome insertions along the bottom of the doors and new seven-spoke alloy wheels.

Under its hood, the Continental GT will come with a W12 engine capable of running on E85 bioethanol, as Bentley recently announced.

Source: AutoExpress

After customizing a few high end sport utility vehicles the folks over at Onyx Concept have turned their tuning efforts over towards the finer things in life, like a high performance top of the line luxury coupe. Dubbed the Bentley Continental Platinium GTO by the ONYX crew, this 200 MPH tuner car features a reworked aero package that consists of a revised front bumper with carbon fiber inserts, strips of LED driving lights and even more of the lightweight wavy stuff for the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser. Meanwhile the wide body flared and vented fenders frame a set of staggered 22 inch matte black mesh wheels exquisitely.

Not ones to be all show and no go, ONYX has tuned the standard 550 HP twin turbocharged W12 to generate a total of 640 HP. Although they aren’t letting us in on exactly how the extra grunt is getting under the hood, we are confident that they will be able to exceed their target output without even breaking a sweat.

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