Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

  The Bentley Continental GT is a high end two plus two grand touring luxury coupe that was released in 2003. Powered by a 6.0 Liter W12 engine, this model is available in multiple version producing 552hp, 600hp, and 621hp. Torque comes in at 479lb-ft, 553lb-ft, and 590lb-ft. All of this power is sent to all four wheels leading the Continental GT to an acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.6 seconds and 3.7 seconds, depending on the model. Top speed goes from 197mph to 201 mph.

The Italian specialty coach builder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera has announced that they will be bringing a very special vehicle to the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March. Initial details suggest that the Superleggera special will be based on the top of the line Bentley Continental , this would be fitting considering the design house’s statement that the Geneva show car will be a "fascinating new coach built Bentley, faithful to its long tradition of Italian coach building."

It still isn’t clear as to which version of the factory tuned Bentley Continental the Carrozzeria will be bringing to Geneva, whether it will be a simple drop top GTC or the high performance GTC Speed or even a very exclusive hand built version of the even more powerful GTC Supersports .

Whatever it may be, stay tuned to Top Speed because we will get back to you soon with new details as soon as we get them!


As if seeing this Bentley Continental GT parked on the streets of London isn’t bad enough, we have to feel bad for anyone who comes across this car while driving in broad daylight. It’s not so much that the Continental GT is a stomach-churning car. On the contrary, there aren’t a lot of luxury rides in this world that we’d prefer over this one. But to have it re-tooled in silver is just flat out wrong. The color is bad on its own, but can you just imagine how many accidents this car might cause when sunlight bounces off of it.

Source: GT Spirit

British car tuned by Americans. Is not everyday you get the chance to see this! But it happened, and to a pretty cool car! Meaning a Bentley Continental GT.

Bentley Continental GT by Vorsteiner

The American tuner has just released the BR-9 kit inspired by the new Supersports model. The kit is made out of Vorsteiner’s Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Matrix (CFHM) structure that gives the new parts superior stiffness, strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber and fiberglass materials.

The kit includes: a new front and rear bumper together with side skirts and a rear deck spoiler.

Matt black from Russia with love. Top Car is offering an updating package for both Continental GT and Continental GT Speed.

TopCar Bentley Continental GT Bullet

The exterior package consists of: bonnet with additional air intakes, radiator grille GT Speed, front bumper with set LED daytime lights, front bumper lip, tinted front and rear lights, two composite side skirts with additional air inlets, rear bumper and diffuser, rear wing, exhaust tips and black window frames and lower side moldings.

The price for the package is 25.000 euro with forged wheels (GT Speed) or 30.000 euro with carbon fiber parts and forged wheels.

Fancy a second-hand Bentley Continental Speed GT and/or a 2008 Land Rover ? Well, we have some good news for you! Someone is selling them for cheap!

But before we reveal who the seller is, we have to warn you that if you ever double-cross this dude, then prepared to get your face smashed in.

That’s right; WWE wrestler Dave Batista – or as he is more popularly called, Batista (didn’t strain any muscles thinking of a wrestling name, did he?) – is putting up his Bentley and Land Rover on eBay.
The Continental Speed GT has had a few minor tunings done on it, including custom wheels, and a grille kit while the Land Rover also has its custom rims, plus some detailed trim work and a blaster of a sound system out on the trunk.

You can buy the Bentley for $172,999 or you can go through the tedious job of having to bid for it. Meanwhile, the Land Rover sells for ‘just’ $75,000.

Like we said, we urge you to have a little more caution because you never know, Batista just might throw in a little Batista Bomb just for kicks.

Source: eBay
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If you thought the very feminine Lancia designed by ELLE that we brought you yesterday was the perfect gift for the woman of your dreams, the modification specialists at Mansory have just come up with the car of every woman’s dreams with the Vitesse Rosé based on the Bentley Continental GT and it will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

Mansory Vitesse Rosé will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show

In French the word Vitesse means velocity and Rosé is the color that covers this very feminine super car. The exterior of the Vitesse features Mansory’s signature aero package that consists of a few carbon fiber bits as well as a new front bumper with larger intakes up front and a redesigned rear unit complete with cutouts for the quad tipped over under stainless steel exhaust that gives Barbie’s Bentley an earth rumbling exhaust note. Finishing off the exterior of the highly modifiedd Bentley are a set of Mansory designed 21 inch lightweight alloy wheels wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx GT rubber for an added level of fun behind the wheel.

On the inside functionality and luxury are the themes that Mansory touches on by using premium materials like soft supple leather, highly detailed carbon fiber accents and meticulous hand stitched details that set the Vitesse Rosé apart from ordinary Bentleys. The very exclusive Vitesse Rosé will be limited to only three units starting at 269,000 euros each.

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Now, here’s a promotion that will be hard to turn down.

Pearl Motor Yachts, a British yacht company, is enticing customers with a one-of-a-kind offer that is too good to be true – if you have money, that is.
The company is selling their Pearl 60 yachts with one pretty sick add-on: a free Bentley Continental GT Coupe.

You read that right. A Bentley Continental GT Coupe. Before we start questioning the sanity of these guys, let’s first consider the situation the entire industry is in. The current recession has caused the sale of luxury items to take a hit and as a result, these businesses have tried to find alternate means on how to sell their products to a market that is increasingly drying up. The folks over at Pearl motor Yachts decided that a free Bentley, which by itself, costs around $200,000, would be the way to go.

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BMW had their Art Cars and Mini has specialty celebrity designed automobiles, but Bentley decided to take things a step further and recruit contemporary artist Romero Britto to create the centerpiece for their “Come to my world” exhibition in Germany. The English automaker provided Mr. Britto with a Continental GT as a canvas, prepared with a Bentley Blue base coat for the South Florida artist to get to work.

The car is covered in colorful, comic-like figures featuring a large multi colored flower on the hood, winged heart on the driver’s door, ladybug inspired door mirrors and a few orange and purple stars. The negative space is covered with Britto’s recognizable signature, similar to the mathematical symbol for pi; it is consists of a “T” followed by a squiggly line that sometimes goes down like a backwards “J” and other times is just a continuation of the character before it. The entire feeling of this piece of 200 MPH artwork is that it is as playful as the GT is fun to drive.

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This mysterious Bentley Continental GT was spotted recently in Spain. What is so mystifying you may be asking? If you look closely into the back window at the rear deck lid, you will notice a few bare metal items strapped down. What this looks like to us, is the control unit for an electric motor and battery pack combination. Could this be the beginning of a hybrid GT, or did this Bentley owner’s stereo shop just do a shoddy job?

If you have any idea, please let us know!

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Lately, golden cars have been popping up everywhere, especially in Dubai. Following in the tradition of the golden Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the golden Bugatti Veyron , may we present to you, the golden Bentley Continental GT.

If white has become the color of choice for Europeans and black the chosen shade for Americans, it would seem that Arabs are partial to the reflective golden surface treatment. Lets just hope that the golden GT doesn’t share the same fate as the golden Porsche .

Source: Autogespot

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