Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne

  The Bentley Mulsanne is a high end luxury limousine named after the back straight at LeMans. It was introduced as a 2011 model to replace the Bentley Brooklands and the Bentley Azure. The top of the line Mulsanne is powered by a 6.8 Liter twin turbo-charged V8 that is mated to an eight-speed automatic. This duo develops a maximum output of 506 HP and 752 lb-ft of torque. Coupe and cabrio versions of the Bentley Mulsanne are also in the works.

There’s no doubt that the Bentley Mulsanne has one of the most luxurious interiors in the world. High tech material is used, all the latest technologies are utilized, and, to top it off, it’s handmade. We are not talking fake hand-made, but honest-to-goodness handmade. You can actually watch the guy sew the leather onto the steering wheel in the video. Something this spectacular would have be shown only to confirm the intricate details that go into making something of this class caliber. The video is only a little over five minutes long, but you get to watch the high class craftmanship and the dedication provided by the Bentley employees. Check out the video to see how it is done.

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Apparently, we are going to be able to see the full production of the Bentley Flagship Mulsanne . Last month, they brought us a video illustrating how a Mulsanne gets its color and this month we get to see the luxury car get fitted for a new, powerful, and re-engineered 6¾ liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This engine has over 300 new or re-engineered parts created just for the Bentley Mulsanne engine including two new control systems: cam phasing and variable displacement. These two new systems allow for a reduction in fuel consumption (you save money!) and a reduction in CO2 emissions (go green!). The V8 engine can produce 505bhp with a torque of 1020Nm/752lb.-ft. at 1750rpm. The sprint from 0-60 can be made in 5.1 seconds. The complete engine build takes a total of 26 hours.

The video is three minutes and fifteen seconds long and you will feel every second tick by as the non-animated narrator explains the process. I would recommend watching this video without volume, but then you might not be able to follow what they are doing. It is a cool thing to witness if you can get over Mr. Personality’s lack of excitement while narrating the build of “the pinnacle of luxury British motoring that mixes hand-crafted refinement with engineering excellence”.

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If you have some spare time - really, who can’t spare a few minutes on this - Bentley is offering you the chance to configure the new Mulsanne or the new Continental Supersports (both coupe and convertible models). Who know, maybe you’ll find the right color you want and end up buying either one of these two luxury cars!

As a refresher, the 2011 Mulsanne luxury limousine will go on sale in the U.S. market this fall for a princely sum of $285,000 whereas the the Continental Supersports coupe, which will go on sale sometime in June, is priced at $267,000 and the convertible version going for around $300,000.

We’re not fully expecting anyone to actually buy any of these three cars after playing mix-and-match on this configurator, but at the very least, it should be a good way to spend some of your idle time on.

After all, whoever said that configurating your imaginary Bentley is a waste of time.

Bentley has a long-standing reputation for building some of the world’s most luxurious cars and that reputation has been carefully preserved by the company. After all, with the atmospheric prices of their cars, you would hope that they are doing all they can to justify the price tag.

Well if you’re curious to know the production process going on in Bentley , the company was kind enough to give us a glimpse of one of the stages behind the production of their latest flagship sedan, the Mulsanne .
This video takes us on an unprecedented look at how a Bentley Mulsanne is transformed from a plain-looking white body to a glittering and fully-painted vehicle. Fascinating stuff.

The Mulsanne gets six different layers of paint - three for the top coat, and two coats of lacquer – and will be available in both Satin and two-tone versions will be possible.

Bentley also announced that prospective customers can choose from over 115 different colors, 28 of which were created just for the Mulsanne. We didn’t know that you could create new colors, but apparently you can.

Check out the video to see part of the process of how the Mulsanne is what it is – a luxury car of the highest order.

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It’s no secret that the new 2011 Bentley Mulsanne is a lot more expensive than most cars being released these days. And by a lot more, we mean a lot more. Regarded as a luxury car unlike any other, the Mulsanne was created by Bentley with an objective of infusing old-school coach-building techniques with state-of-the-art technology and build a one-of-a-kind luxury car that would be the envy of its competitors.

In this video detailing the construction of the Mulsanne’s body at the company’s production facility in Crewe, England, Bentley’s project director, Ashley Wickman explains the fundamental design for the Mulsanne project from the car’s fundamental designs based on their concepts all the way to the production of each individual panel that will eventually comprise the Mulsanne’s body. According to Wickman, the whole process of building the body of the Mulsanne takes about 170 man-hours of painstaking labor.

It goes without saying that when building a car with the stature of the Mulsanne, even the minutest of details matter, which is precisely why the Bentley Mulsanne is what it is: a super-duper luxury car that a lot of us can only dream of riding – let alone, owning.

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The illustrious English automaker Bentley has just announced that the 2010 Mulsanne luxury limousine will go on sale in the U.S. Market next Fall for the mere sum of $285,000. Bentley’s new luxury car, which it is proclaiming as the “pinnacle” of luxury cars, made a resounding world debut earlier this year at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours , an event that drew the attention of the most prominent automotive enthusiasts from around the world.

Names after the notorious 250 MPH back straight at the Circuit de la Sarthe, the Mulsanne is powered by a hand built fuel sipping V8, the 2011 Mulsanne will be offered with an assortment of options aimed at tailoring the new luxury sedan to even the pickiest of car consumers starting off with over 114 paint options, 21 shades for the carpeting, nine different wood veneers and as many as 24 kinds of leather hides to choose from for the interior. If those aren’t enough factory options Bentley’s bespoke service department will bend over backwards to exactly match a customer’s taste. With more standard leather and wood veneer than any other Bentley built in recent years, each example of the Mulsanne will take a minimum of nine weeks to put together. So send in your order early, because otherwise you might get stuck with someone else’s second hand dream car.

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Back in August Bentley unveiled the their new flagship luxury sedan, the Mulsanne at the world’s greatest classic car show, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Now the high end English coach builder caters to a group of clientele where even excess is never enough. So in an attempt to one up the fixed roof Mulsanne, rumors are flying around that W.O.’s car company is working on a drop head version that will offer the same level of luxury as the hardtop coupe except with a much more glamorous open air driving experience.

Bentley Mulsanne Cabriolet rendered

The new Bentley Mulsane is powered by a 6¾ Liter V8 that develops a maximum output of 505 HP while at the same time producing a very broad torque curve that peaks at 752 lb-ft of thrusting force. According to Bentley, the new coupe and cabrio versions of the Mulsanne will replace the outdated Bentley Brookland coupe and Azure convertible, two models that have long exceeded their respective life spans. Not to mention that a Bentley Mulsanne convertible would be the perfect vehicle to take on the other drop top super duper luxury coupe, the Rolls Royce Phantom drophead coupe .

It seems that everything Rolls Royce does these days, Bentley has an answer. Rolls Royce introduces the new Ghost and Bentley comes out with the Mulsanne . Now, the rivalry between the two super duper luxury brands figures to get even hotter after Bentley confirmed that the Mulsanne will spawn its own coupe and cabrio models.

According to Bentley, the new coupe and cabrio versions of the Mulsanne will replace the outdated Brookland coupe and Azure convertible – two cars that have long exceeded their respective life spans.

It’s a solid move for Bentley, not just because of its rivalry with Rolls but the worldwide acclaim the Mulsanne generated gives Bentley a chance to milk it to their advantage. And, naturally, what better way to do it than to release a lower-end coupe and a dashing and sexy cabrio. The two cars are expected to carry with them the same technologically-advanced chassis of the Mulsanne and more importantly, bring Bentley closer and closer to super duper luxury car supremacy.

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The British coach builder Bentley has stirred up quite a bit of excitement with their latest object of desire, the Bentley Mulsanne . After debuting at the world’s greatest car show in Pebble Beach, and more recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Bentley has made a few more images of the luxury limousine in action. Not only is the automaker showing off the Bentley Mulsanne Bentley Mulsanne a thing of grace and beauty on the road, but also as a work of creative art and engineering excellence.

As you can see from the videos after the jump, there is a real sense of craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each and every Bentley model, and the Mulsanne is no different. The car is significant for being Bentley’s first all-new originally designed car since the 1930’s, the Mulsanne was created using its predecessor, company founder W.O. Bentley’s 1930 Bentley 8-liter model, as the inspiration. Then again, the Mulsanne is more than just beauty on wheels. While most of its technical details are being withheld until its official unveiling at Frankfurt, Bentley did give a glimpse of what’s sitting under the Mulsanne’s polished hood: an all-new 6.75 Liter V8 engine.

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Before the 2011 Mulsanne hits Frankfurt for the year’s biggest motor show next week, Bentley’s new flagship sedan has been making a few pit stops along the way. The latest place the Mulsanne was spotted was at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where Bentley COO Christophe Georges invited a number of auto journalists for a quick meet and greet with the Mulsanne.

The Bentley Mulsanne makes an appearance at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

While Georges may have disclosed a number of details – including the mystery of what lies under the hood - regarding the Mulsanne to the attending journalists, such details can’t be unveiled to the public just yet. That’s going to happen at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

But just to satisfy a few of your caveats, Georges’ did spend some time promoting – as if it needed added hype – the Mulsanne. “"The Mulsanne is the purest Bentley ever,” he said. “It is, unequivocally, the best of British motoring."

A few words, but a whole lot of meaning, indeed.

And while we feel your pain and anxiety, we believe that it’s best to have the people who know the car best be the ones to let the cat out of the bag.

Take our word for it; it’s worth the wait.

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