1999 Bentley Hunaudieres

Bentley Motor Cars revealed a dramatic concept car the Hunaudieres at 1999 Geneva Motor Show, one year after Volkswagen Volkswagen became the owner of Bentley company. This supercar project provides the debut of a new 16 cylinder engine developed to a specific brief to provide a technologically advanced power plant with unique Bentley characteristics.

It is powered by a W-16 engine, developed by VW, who actually combined two V-8 engines together at an angle of 72 degrees, a displacement of 8 litres and a total of 64 valves produced 623 Bhp at 6000 Rpm on all four-wheels. Each V-8 engine held two banks of 4 cylinders at 15 degrees, this way the massive engine was still quite compact considering the power output and a torque of 561 Lbs.Ft at only 4000 Rpm.

Bentley Hunaudieres


  • Wheelbase : 2650 mm
  • Length : 4430 mm
  • Width : 1980 mm
  • Height : 1190 mm
  • Track front : 1738 mm
  • Track rear : 1645 mm
  • Tires front : 265/30 ZR 20
  • Tires rear : 335/30 ZR 20
  • Engine type : DOHC W-16 mid mounted, four wheel drive
  • Displacement : 8004 cc
  • Max. power : 630 Bhp at 6000 rpm
  • Max. Torque : 561 Lbs Ft. at 4000 rpm
  • Top speed : electronically limited at 350 Km/h.


I am not truly amazed with this Bentley Hunaudieres but well, at least Bentley proved that they could develop other vehicle and not just Limousines.

As someone wise once said, they all have four wheels. (And those that don’t, don’t matter).

The Bugatti is a much more mature design. The Bentley looks like a 90s Lexus with the grey/silver side skirts.

there’s no big surprise here. Let’s just be glad that VAG never tried badge engineering a Bentley version of the Veyron to offset its cost.

The Bentley looks like a 90s.Even their 2000’s model looks the same with the 90’s model.

Bentley Hunaudières Project, as it was known, was developed to proclaim to the world that Bentley was not just a manufacturer of ultra-luxury limousines.


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