2008 Bentley Continental DC

A Bentley Motors apprentice team has won a special “Spirit of Greenpower” award for its performance in the Greenpower Corporate Challenge which took place at Goodwood race circuit yesterday. The Bentley apprentice team designed, engineered and built the electric powered car which they entered into the Greenpower Challenge as well as a season of “F24+” racing.

Bentley Continental DC

The Bentley Greenpower car is called Continental DC (Direct Current) and runs off a 24-volt motor supplied by two 12-volt batteries. Designed for lightness and maximum power efficiency the one-seater Continental DC has a carbon fibre chassis and low resistance tyres.

The Continental DC is powered by a 24v Motor that delivers 0.5bhp and 5.1 lb ft. It is capable of hitting a top speed of 40 mph and has Zero CO2 emissions.

Technical specifications after the jump.


MODEL TYPE Single Seater

Type 24v Wheelchair motor (Regulation)
Installation Transversely mounted, One-wheel drive
Power 240 Watt
Torque 7 Nm
Fuel Source 2 x 12 v Lead Acid Batterys

Type Continuous one-wheel drive
Gearbox Nuvinci CVP
Ratios Infinitely variable between 0.5 under and 1.75 overdrive

Top speed 40mph (64km/h).

Front Single wishbone rigid suspension
Rear Single wishbone rigid suspension

Type Rack & pinion,
Turns lock to lock 1
Turning circle (kerb to kerb) 19.2m

Rear 160mm ventilated disc (to single wheel)
Anti lock In development!

Construction Carbon Fibre monocoque
Length 1420mm
Width (inc. mirrors) 1000mm (82.76in)
Weight 120 Kg
Height 500mm
Wheelbase 1300mm
Front track 1000mm
Rear track 1000mm
Wheels Custom made 16” carbon fibre

Tyres Michelin Eco-Marathon specials

Fuel consumption 2 hours per battery set
Carbon dioxide emissions 0g/km

EXTERIOR FEATURES Bright chromed grille
 Bentley Wheel Badge

INTERIOR FEATURES Trimmed Steering wheel, Seat and dashboard, Touch screen driver information panel in development


we’re not going back in time if it were 0.5bhp petrol engine, THEN it would be going back in time

Using that idea, unless you’re walking naked no mode of transport is completely emission free

Nice effort but the completely raised head will make for quite some wind resistance. Why not a more sloping backwards seat?

great.. now all Bentley needs to do is make it 15 times bigger and sell it to the public.

why? just why?
40mph? i can get to that speed on my bike and it take less effort to do that than get into that so just why bentley?
make something useful like maybe a conti gt speed convertible

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