2010 Bentley Continental GT Bullet Grey by TopCar

Top Car is offering a new version of their Continental GT Bullet . Back in 2009, they gave us a black-matte edition , this time they came with a gray edition with carbon fiber insertions.

The exterior package consists of bonnet with additional air intakes, radiator grille GT Speed, front bumper with set LED daytime lights, front bumper lip, tinted front and rear lights, two composite side skirts with additional air inlets, rear bumper and diffuser, rear wing, exhaust tips, black window frames, and lower side moldings.

Basically, this edition is just about the same thing as the matte black edition they presented us with last September. The only difference is the change in exterior color. Top Car is lucky that the Continental GT Bullet is already stunning or else we would have been bored with this edition before we even started writing about it.


Lovely, it’s side skirt does the job perfectly. It looks more aggressive and sporty with the skirts.

A discreet boot lid spoiler, new exhaust tips, tinted front and rear lights and the black window frames and lower moldings complete the package.

lovely car.. crave by many owned by few.. its performance are perfected by hand.. but the only problem with this car is it’s weight.. it weights almost 4 tons.

Increased fuel flow is achieved through a returnless fuel system, twin variable flow fuel pumps and a new closed loop fuel rail design with pressure sensor.

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