2010 Bentley Continental Series 51

In 1961 Bentley’s first official styling department was established in Crewe by the gifted John Blatchley. It was the place where the 1950s Bentley Continental Bentley Continental s models were designed. To honor the year, Bentley will unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show a special edition Continental GT and GTC.

Bentley Continental Series 51

The new Continental Series 51 model will feature a highly-distinctive interior color palette and unique exterior design cues. The GTC version displayed in Frankfurt will feature a Imperial Blue as a main and secondary hide, Linen seat and door inserts and Newmarket Tan as the accent color.

Both GT and GTC version will feature 20” 14-spoke polished Diamond wheel with a dark centre cap provides Series 51 cars with a purposeful and stylish appearance. The cars will be further distinguished by a signature ‘51’ badge on the front wings.

UPDATE 01/14/10
The British coach builder Bentley Motors had a few surprises in store for the crowd at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit when they presented the all new Bentley Mulsanne and ’Series 51’ designer edition Continental GTC convertible. The first new car show of the season marks the North American car show debut for the 51 that was previewed in Frankfurt and is still wowing audiences on this side of the pond with its unique persona due to the infinite configuration combination that are available through Bentley’s extensive color and trim catalog that promises to make owners feel unique. Form the looks of things both new cars are sure to be hit here in the U.S.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Bentley Motors will preview an exciting new design direction for the company’s Continental GT and GTC models at the 2009 Frankfurt Show. The Series 51 Continental models represent Bentley exterior and interior styling at its most vibrant and will enable customers to order ‘off the peg’ from an exclusive range created by Dirk van Braeckel’s renowned team of Crewe-based designers.

Bentley Continental Series 51

Series 51 is named after the year that the first official styling department was established in Crewe by the gifted John Blatchley, who shaped the original and iconic 1950s Bentley Continentals. Every Series 51 car will feature a highly-distinctive interior colour palette and unique exterior design cues.

Bentley’s Colour and Trim team, managed by Melinda - June Jenkins, have designed some bespoke three-tone interiors which demonstrate the full potential of leather hide colours and showcase the creative application of contrast stitching and piping. The first example of their work will be the Continental GTC displayed at Frankfurt which features Imperial Blue as a main and secondary hide, Linen seat and door inserts and Newmarket Tan as the accent colour.

Series 51 cars will also feature several unique interior details including the use of non-indented hide for diamond quilting, contrast piping for the seats and doors as well as bespoke Series 51 treadplates.

Bentley Continental Series 51

Bentley’s designers have also selected a range of premium-quality materials for the dashboard and centre console to complement the three-tone interiors. The Dark and Bright ‘Engine Spin’ aluminium options provide a striking contrast with darker and lighter hide colour choices and a special, limited-edition Amboyna veneer reserved for Series 51.

A belief that even the smallest detail presents an opportunity to delight and surprise customers has always be a key element of the Bentley design story. Series 51 follows this principle, where even the overmats and boot carpets are now colour matched and given contrast binding.

Both the Continental GT and GTC offer a powerful road presence and the Series 51 cars further accentuate these sporting credentials with some eye-catching exterior styling. A 20” 14-spoke polished Diamond wheel with a dark centre cap provides Series 51 cars with a purposeful and stylish appearance. The cars will be further distinguished by a signature ‘51’ badge on the front wings.

Bentley Continental Series 51

To further enhance and personalise the Continental GT a new two-tone paint can be commissioned which complements the contrasting interior configuration. This highly distinctive colour split (with one colour running over the bonnet, roof and flowing down to the boot) is a classic design used on many sporting Bentleys of the past.


crap presentation - car looks like an overgrown Scirocco - but then Scirocco is brilliant and this looks good

2011 Honda Civic is suppose to be an all new car, yet there are no spy shots no nothing, we don’t know the size, MPG or anything about it, and it will go on sale in Sept of 2010. We know that Cruze and new Fusion will get 40 MPG on a highway, i would hope Civic would top that number.

Super gorgeous. More exclusive than a regular Continental also.

Bentley don’t need any modifications. It has got elegant shapes of all its models.

I fail to see how weight is an issue for a car that already weighs almost 6,000 lbs.

This is so strange that some would have to insist that a hard top despite its added weight would take its appearance as a modern cue and considers rag top as old and outdated. Somebody has to get a lesson 101 on this one.

That is realy the point...some missed that this comemorative car which is yet to roll on production is still on its way...add the fact that the rag top or the hard top is not really an issue here...it minimal conpared to what this car have under its hood.

That is quite true. We can only assume that this model will bring pride to the Bentley boys as we all know this model was unfunded before some few dacades ago and now we are getting the chance to have in out time the way it is

I guess, some just want to make an issue regarding that convertible top as they have nothing more to say about this Bentley 51 luxurious interior and stylish features.

That is right. Rag top does not mean old...it is classic and stylish. Hard top is an option, which of course is a little hevier. What I think must be taken here in consideration is to ask if the Bentley 51 could live to the standards of being a continental and that is not limited to its convertible top.

I don’t see issue here. Except one would insist that getting a hard top would be better. I don’t see big difference the fact that it would only add weight. The Camaro 2010 convertible is coming with a rag top...but still stylish and great looking

As far as I’m concerned, the fact that this is a commemorative vehicle would have been all the more reason for Bentley to make its first hardtop convertible. Not only would it celebrate some classic design cues, but would also show how the company has evolved.

That is right..its not really about the issue on rag top or hard top..its their choice as they want to be true to their revival...so I would take it as a compliment rather than a loss on the part of the Bentley boys

I guess the issue is not about, how expensive ,how stunning, how hard top is better than rag top...this are just little things that may not be very important...what is they want to keep the rag top with this classic, is that a big issue? would that make a big difference in terms of function with the hard top...i guess it is matter of simply deciding on what we want...and if this one does not fit your taste then this is not for you...now if you think you like it this way...then this car is special to you. Besides it a commemorative car...no need to freet about it...right?

Contrary to majority’s opinion, i think that there is nothing "astounding" about the Series 51. Plus, Uncia is right. I won’t invest a huge amount of fortune in car that can be easily stolen. Hard top convertibles are so much better and more secure too!

Well, I guess it is a matter of appreciating something significant in the past now being revived. What is important here is we see how Bentley’s expensive luxury car is now revived after how many decades.

Nice wheels. I thought they are pushing this production? Well, they better should because it looks astounding!

With or without the rich history, I think that the Continental Series 51 is superb in design. Will this remain as a concept car or would push for production after the Frankfurt motorshow?

Well, of course we are also talking about a history so rich that you can hide a company’s real identity. This was after Rolls Royce bought the company under a bogus car firm. Thanks to ethics, I hope we won’t get that kind of news in the present.

It’s not that bad for Bentley to be sentimental. They have a very rich history to be proud of. Who would have thought that this expensive and luxury car was once underfunded? In fact, it was one of those companies who did not survive the Great Depression. But thanks to Bentley Boys, they made it back to the scene.

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