2010 Bentley Supersports by Wheelsboutique

With an incredible look and 621 HP under the hood, the Bentley Continental Supersports seems to be the car that needs no improvements. Of course, now that it has been written and spoken, you know there will always be a tuner that will kick it up a notch and take the Supersports to the next level. American tuner, Wheelsboutique, seems to be that tuner and, while they did not make any major changes to the car’s look, they have added some small details that should make a difference.

The package includes a set of 22" HRE 940R wheels painted in gloss black with a color matched lip and color matched inner. The wheels are wrapped in Pirelli PZero tires.

For the Bentley’s engine, the tuners offered up an Evo MS Tune system and Mansory Air Filter, as well as an RSC exhaust system. The whole package is finished by a Renntech lowering module.

The tuner said nothing on how the car’s performances have been improved, but for us, a 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 204 mph is more than enough. Not to mention that the white exterior looks amazing!

The overall look of the car sort of reminds us of the Supersports tuning kit provided by Wheelsandmore back in April. Not that the tuning kits are identical, but this package looks to be the classier, more upscale version of the Supersports, while the kit by Wheelsandmore was the hip, young, and trendy version. Basically, these two kits would be the perfect solution for a father/son purchase.

Source: Luxury4Play


That’s great, they’ve release a supersport version for Bentley with a magnificent 204mph topspeed.

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