2011 Bentley Continental by MC Customs

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In recent times Bentley has found the most success through its Continental GT model. It has become an icon of wealth and prestige with everyone from musical artists to major league sports stars. The car became so popular that in some instances it doesn’t even seem that special anymore. Bentley helped to keep things fresh by introducing the Speed models, but in order to truly stand out customization is needed. One such baseball athlete has just received one of the most unique Bentleys we have ever seen thanks to a tuning shop in Miami, Florida.

The MC Customs shop in collaboration with Savini wheels has come together to make the most aggressive Bentley on the streets for MLB pitcher Carlos Silva. The first thing the company did was add a widebody kit to the car. It included a lower front fascia with revised air inlets on the wheel arches that gives the car a stance close to the ground. On the sides, lower rocker panels flow into large vents placed in front of the rear wheels. Taking a page out of Cadillac’s playbook is the central exhaust pipes finished in rectangular chrome tips. MC Customs also included a rear wing that flows with the contours on the hood of the trunk and rear fender panels. It fits in with the elegant shape of the Bentley more than most standard wings would.

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Source: Fancy Tuning
Bentley Continental by MC Customs

The wheels are one of the most eye catching pieces of the car and were provided by the designers at Savini. The SV- 31C Xtreme Concave wheels are part of the newest wave in custom wheel design. Concave wheels have been around, but more recently they have been able to increase the angle at which the spokes flow into the central hub. Furthermore, the rear wheels are set back on a very deep lip that is finished in carbon fiber. The large rear wheels in this design help make this Continental, along with its widebody kit, more aggressive looking than any other. The spokes of the wheels are also finished in the same white color that MC Customs painted the Bentley with. Keeping this white beauty clean will be paramount for making every arrival an event in this car.

We have not seen pictures, but MC Customs also completed a fully custom interior on the Continental. It is finished in several different colors and features generous uses of alcantara, leather, and diamond quilting. We’re sure that this MLB star will be quite comfortable traveling home from the game in this new ride.

Bentley Continental by MC Customs


They made this car because their Continental GT model made a perfect production for the Bentley. That is why they built another Continental model hoping for a possible big sale too. The face of this car is an awesome creation, this is going to be a big bucket for Bentley.

Not bad at all, the color of the exteriors made it more fascinating and attractive. The interiors were too perfect. What a great combination of style and performance.

Well, this one really looks good. I always imagined Bentleys to be huge blocks, but this one is totally different in every aspect. You can call it the sexiest of them all.

The platform of this car is extremely gorgeous though the exterior seems bleat loaded. However, I think that the most beautiful interior that I have seen. The figure performance is great as well.

I have seen on how the Bentley team creative made their cars and I was fascinated on their work! I’m sure that they are making the best car for their dealer.

The color looks so dull. I didn’t like how he combined the white color to the car body. It looks so inappropriate and out of style.

Oh, that was a great collaboration by Silva. I’m still checking on his works today and I’ve seen that he did a great job in painting the body with white color and the tail looks so awesome

I am not really all that familiar with MC Customs, but because of these, I am really looking forward to seeing more of their works, really nice indeed.

Yeah, you’re right, the wheels really look nice on this one. And the overall bodywork is simply fantastic. One thing that I find missing though are the engine improvements .

I really like how the front end looks on this one. It certainly fits the image of the Continental very well. And I would also agree that the wheels are definitely the best part of this ride.

@zitkathet08 well, probably not in the millions. If my estimates are correct, this one would probably fetch around four to five grand, since the car itself is not really all that new.

IMO, this is the most amazing production from an aftermarket company. I can see
that it has a big difference from the original model of Continental GT. And I would agree to Cyrus,
that this look more sporty than being a executive ride.

Yeah, that would be the bad side of being so popular you cannot see any special about it. However, I think this production has been so different from their previous model. I have noticed that they used different styling and wheels in here and I would say that it looks great!

Nice, this one is probably one of the best looking takes that I have seen of the Continental. Really makes the car look more sporty rather than being an executive ride.

Yeah, its kind of different from the previous production of this car. I just love everything about it! BTW, how much will this thing costs? I bet it would be in the million.

Wow! I like the design of this car it seems to be quite powerful and the detailing is awesome. I’m really glad to see a modern and sporty version of Bentley!

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