2011 Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet by Prior Design

Anyone taking on the task of tuning a Bentley Continental GT Convertible better know what they are doing if they want to end up making the car look even more luxurious than it already is. Thankfully, Prior Design has had a little experience in this department with tuning projects such as the BMW M5 F10 and the Mercedes E-Class Coupe . Their newest project reshapes the convertible with aerodynamic pieces and some interior modifications.

The aerodynamic kit includes a new front bumper with an integrated carbon fiber bottom lip that reduces the updraft at the front axle. It also includes two air inlets on the hood, a massive sports grille with two carbon-fiber air outlets on top, a set of traditional side sills, and a new bumper with integrated diffuser for the rear. The final touch has been provided by a stainless steel sports exhaust system cleanly integrated into the tail. For the interior, the tuner jazzed it up a bit with wooden decorations and exclusive carbon fiber insertions.

Under the hood, everything remained unchanged so the customer will still get the 6 liter W12 engine that delivers a total of 567 HP and a peak torque of 516 lbs-ft. With this setup, the car sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and can hit a top speed of 198 mph.

Updated 05/20/2011: After an initial announcement back in April, Bentley has released today the official details and images on their package for the Bentley Continental GT.


Prior Design really did a great work on this GT Cabriolet, and it is truly awesome that they maintain it to have an impressive and powerful engine. However, I still find out that Audi cabriolet is more look stunning than with this.

Bentley’s vehicle is so notorious for being such a luxurious and powerful car and this is only one of their proofs! smiley Anyway, I’ve seen lots of Cabriolet today, but so far it is the first Cabriolet car that had the most powerful engine output.

I love the white touch on its interior, and I hope that they also use a light body paint on its exterior to make it more a stunning and awesome vehicle. Anyway, its engine specification is truly so impressive.

Very dramatic car, look serious with high profile mode. Though this is note the most outstanding convertible car. So far it still look dynamic.

Yeah, the figure performance of the car is quite impressive and it seems faster in terms of 0-60 mph. However, the car will be powerful on its torque.

Wow, the styling of the car is very remarkable. The deliver power output of w12 technology on this car is not that impressive. I think the v8 can produce that amount.

I notice that Bentley is really into their Continental series. By the way, This convertible car is really amazing in terms of performance using a W12 engine. This will surely boost the speed of the car.

This one is perhaps the best cabrio take on the Continental GT that I have seen. The last one that I saw was more like the top was simply chopped off. But this guy is elegantly done.

Well, as they say you can’t have it all! This is car is more than good and I guess what you want will be on their future production.

Wow! As expected from the convertible version it really makes us drool! And the figure performance of the car is quite good as well.. but I think it would be perfect if they have removed the speed limit.

Yeah, its really a good thing that they gave the Bentley additional engine power, that will certainly help a lot in improving its track time as well as its performance.

I have hears first about this engine in the Mercedes car and I have to admit that I’m impressed with the boost in the power at least Bentley has a high performing sportscar.

Wow! It seems that Bentley wasn’t satisfy with the performance of the Continental GT that’s why they will be using the W engine! I bet the power output of this car will be around 600 hp! However, the top speed is kind of depressing!

I want it red, see its facade? It looks so cool, but I don’t like the headlights, perhaps something that looks fierce or design something new to make it more stylish, I know boys love cars, but girls also do.

I like how the front of this one looks. It has that classic Bentley feel to it, while still looking fresh and new. Prior Design really made it good this time.

hmm. Well, the power is great but I’m not satisfy with the top speed. BTW, the exterior is not that good and I have a doubt in the reliability of this car.

As far as I know, the continental GT is the most powerful model of the Bentley. Well, the engine proof it all.

Hmm. Maybe the carbon fiber material used in this car has something to do with the less weight and increase in the boost power.

haha. This is weird! I think this car has a more powerful engine compared to the XJ Jaguar. The output power is extremely good for a Bentley. 

Yeah, this one won’t likely be the final color. But I can say that I like the overall design on this one, definitely one of the best looking Bentley convertibles that I have seen.

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