2011 Bentley Continental GTO by Onyx

In the past, Onyx Cars has typically stayed glued to the SUV lineup of a number of brands, but last year, something funny happened; the luxury tuner revealed a tuning package for the Bentley Continental . Now back to prove that that package was not a mere fluke, Onyx Cars has developed yet another tuning package for the luxury coupe, working off of the previous package they created. The new package includes exterior and interior updates, as well as a 20 HP boost over the original.

The exterior was spruced up with a modified front bumper with carbon fiber inserts and a lower front splitter. Brightening up the front of the car are new LED daytime running lights. Moving to the side of the Bentley , Onyx added some new side skirts and then widened the wheel arches a bit. The back of the car received a revised bumper, a rear carbon diffuser, and a carbon fiber boot lid spoiler. Finishing off the package is a new set of 22-inch black forged wheels.

The interior wasn’t exactly the focus of the tuning firm so all they added was their typical bespoke buffalo leather and carbon fiber paneling.

As for the engine updates, Onyx Cars took the Bentley Continental GT’s standard 6.0 liter W12 and bumped it up from the standard 567 HP all the way to 660 HP. That final outcome is 20 HP up from their last tuning project for the same car.


I like the name of that aftermarket company that tuned this car. However, I don’t think that the cost power of this car is impressive, though I like its luxurious look!

It looks more so expensive now! smiley Anyway, the enhancement of its body paint is really cool with this one, and I’m still glad that they maintain it to have an impressive and efficient engine.

Very strong and stunning car. What I like most here is the enhanced exterior and interior of the car.

The front looks like a mad luxurious car, well I’m not really into this car, the fronts seems so long and they are right that it looks lame.

Yeah, the car seems so elegant after the modification of Onyx. However, I don’t think that the full black paint of the car is quite lame for it doesn’t show the details of the car.

The platform is great and it seems powerful! The boost of 20 hp in the car is quite impressive! The car look so elegant.

Onyx is really one good in tuning cars. I like the pure black color of the car but the package they mixed with the car is not good. I think those packages are not that important for this car.

Pretty good work on the car. I really like the black color that they have used on this one. It really makes the car look more aggressive, and the interior is impressive too.

hmm. I thought with the use of w12 engine the performance of this car would be around 600 hp that’s why I’m a bit disappointed with 567 hp. However, the boost power isnot bad at all!

this car is something that the MIB should have, but they should increase the engine power level since MIB men are always on the run

Well, its a good thing that Bentley has made an aftermarket version for this car!
We couldn’t deny that the performance of this car is extremely good though the boost power output is not that impressive.

Well, Bentley is not you just ordinary its the trademark of luxury and richness! Well , I guess you can;’t understand that since you can’t afford to have one!

Boring! Just like other Bentley car! You know what, the only car that I like in their model was the Muslanne. Wow! that car was great.

I really love how the black color scheme fits perfectly on this car. Definitely makes the Bentley stand out and make it look more aggressive.

Well, contrary to what you might think, I actually love this one.. I especially liked the upgrades tha they have included in he whole package.

Well, the whole body work on this one looks rather good. Though I find the minimal engine boost rather a bit disappointing.

Wow, this one actually looks good. I must admit that I am not that much of a fan of Bentley, but this one definitely caught my eye, especially that black paint job.

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