2012 Bentley Continental GT2

The best part about drawing a line in the sand is that it can always be erased and redrawn. Case in point, new Bentley boss, Wolfgang Durheimer has revealed that an even more powerful version of the Bentley Continental is in the works. The model will be called the Continental GT2 and will be about 441 lbs lighter than the current GT (5,115 lbs) with extra ponies to boot.

Durheimer didn’t want to spill the beans about what will be found under the hood, but it will either be the current W12 engine or the new twin turbo V8. Either way, the GT2 will be pushing out 650 HP making it even more powerful than the 621 HP Supersports model (pictured above). It will also be the first Continental model to feature a four-wheel-drive system.

The Bentley Continental GT2 will be built as a limited edition only and has been described by sources as "the fastest, most spectacular and most powerful road car Bentley has ever built."

"I definitely think there is room for a car with more power than the Supersport," Durheimer said. "I also think some of what we did with the Supersport in the past wasn’t quite right. For example, it should not be a two-seater. That layout should be reserved for the top-line cars."

Source: AutoExpress


I really adore its decent and classy appeal. Seeing the interior through its window, I think it is as awesome as its exterior. Even so, I hope that they also include pictures for us to see it closely.

The classy and sophisticated image is really there. I’m probably wondering about the interior looks.

I feel so excited for the production of this vehicle! Well, I bet it would be one of their biggest successes! Moreover, I have to agree that it already looks so fabulous and glamorous on its aesthetic design.

It maybe looks so simple, but I still find it very appealing on that. Moreover, it’s a good thing that they as yet maintain it to have an impressive and awesome engine specs on it.

Bentley’s vehicle is really one of the most luxurious vehicles and has a perfect and awesome packaged, just like what this GT2 offer. Moreover, I love the decent and its glamorous appearance. It is very noticeable on that.

It looks so decent and very neat on its white body paint. Moreover, I really love the headlight of it, which truly looks cool on this Bentley. It’s a good thing as well that it has a very efficient engine.

I’m so impressed with the power train of this Bentley! That is already quite remarkable for this luxury vehicle, which only adds more admiration that I feel on this Continental GT2.

Is it really a sports car? Well, it looks more like a limousine for me. smiley Anyway, I’m so impressed and very satisfied with its 621 horsepower, which I’m sure can truly give a great speed on it.

It looks so sophisticated and classy on its white body paint, and I’m really impressed at that. However, I hope that in its next updated article, they also include the figure performance that this car had.

This is truly can get lots of attention because on its classy exterior detailing and with its powerful engine specification, which only gives me the idea that it is so fun to drive with!

As what I’ve expected on a Bentley car! Well, they really never disappoint me when its comes into a classy and luxurious good-looking car! Just like this GT2, but I am hoping to see the interior images of it soon.

So much for the look’s guys but I have to agree that it really had a striking appearance but how about its figure performance? Is it good as well? In addition, I’m quite wondering on its interior features.

I am not into white cars but this one looks neat, clean and eye-catching. It is not similar with those simple white cars I used to see on the roads. It has the sophisticated-elegant look a car must have.

This car of Bentley really looks so luxurious on its appearance and just like them, I am also so fond with the decent look of this car even on the hygienic body paint of it. I will surely wait for this.

It has an elegant look.. This kind of car doesn’t require a powerful speed performance because it is not for more on speed but on luxury type..

Yeah! I have to agree that it had the looks of a limousine car, it looks so luxurious, and I’m glad to know that it will be lighter than their current GT. Well, I can’t wait to know the other details about this one.

This Bentley Continental GT2 looks so classy and expensive for its simple design and style. I love the hygienic look of this one, and it had the looks of a limousine car! smiley I’m just quite wondering if what the interior of this one looks like.

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